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Meant - Signified

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  • Meant - Letter on M
  • 1 - st. word M
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word T

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Meant - Signified Meant - Destined Meant - Intended Meant - Fated (for) Meant - Implied Meant - Had in mind Meant - Should have said Meant - Stood for Meant - 'that's not what i ___!' Meant - Foreordained Meant - Wasn't kidding Meant - Wasn't kidding about Meant - Not inadvertent Meant - Not accidental Meant - Was serious, with 'it' Meant - Had in view Meant - Planned Meant - Connoted Meant - Designated Meant - Necessitated Meant - "i never ___ to hurt you" Meant - That's intended for myself over the insect Meant - It's not by accident it follows six feet after me Meant - How the insect followed me within tent? Meant - Had as purpose or design Meant - Stingy with a little tea, and not by mistake Meant - Had as intention or purpose Meant - Had a purpose in mind Meant - It's myself within tent to get over the insect (5) Meant - In 10 dead? Meant - An average sort of shirt is indicated Meant - Intentional Meant - 'i ___ what i said' Meant - Destined (for) Meant - "that's not what i ___" Meant - Was trying to say Meant - Aimed at men on the move Meant - Satisfied about article proposed Meant - Grasping finally what's intimated Meant - Intended to have great time Meant - This writer wants a set of books designed Meant - Intended having fantastic time Meant - Intended to provide me with sacred book Meant - In general there's some antagonism implied Meant - Being, myself, anti tail docking, planned to Meant - Planned, when one came face to face with an intruder Meant - Pork perhaps stuffed with nuts first, as intended Meant - Met outside 'the headless man', as planned Meant - Proposed to me at about midmorning Meant - Deliberate Meant - Indicated and no mistake! Meant - Denoted Meant - Planned to get to centre point on time Meant - Was driving at - it was no accident Meant - Intended to be heard at the closing of parliament Meant - Proposed to - was destined for Meant - A felon finally caught by london police on purpose Meant - Regularly meet at noon -- on time as intended Meant - Indicated average temperature Meant - Intended to make new investment in animal product Meant - London police arresting a knight on purpose Meant - Deliberate, putting nag's head in beef, say? Meant - __ to be: destined Meant - Intended social worker to follow me Meant - Note to social worker's intended Meant - Symbolized Meant - Men at work should have genuinely said it Meant - Was serious about Meant - 'i ___ every word i said' Meant - Tried to indicate average temperature Meant - Sch. with the george w. bush presidential library