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Cram - Pack in

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Cram - Pack in Cram - Stuff Cram - Jam Cram - Study for finals Cram - Pull an all-nighter Cram - Study late Cram - Pack Cram - Stuff (in) Cram - Hit the books hard Cram - Study feverishly Cram - Stuff to the brim Cram - Study, study, study Cram - Do a term's worth of studying in one night Cram - Stay up late studying Cram - Study hard Cram - Pack to capacity Cram - Burn the midnight oil studying Cram - Study in a hurry Cram - Overstuff Cram - Jam-pack Cram - Stuff full Cram - Make final preparations? Cram - Hit the books Cram - Burn the midnight oil Cram - Prep for finals Cram - Prepare for exams Cram - Prepare for an exam Cram - Study, and then some Cram - Stuff it Cram - Pack to the max Cram - Study for an exam Cram - Pack in tightly Cram - Burn the midnight oil, student-style Cram - Jampack Cram - Study all night Cram - Burn the midnight oil, perhaps Cram - Squeeze Cram - Study at the last minute Cram - Prepare at the last minute, in a way Cram - Push together Cram - Study fast Cram - Study all night, say Cram - Last-minute academic activity Cram - Pull an all-nighter, e.g Cram - Study hard for exams Cram - Pack tightly Cram - Study hard and fast Cram - Bone up Cram - Prepare for exams, maybe Cram - Do some last-minute learning Cram - Learn a lot, say Cram - Squeeze (in) Cram - Study just before a test Cram - Learn a lot quickly Cram - Fill by force Cram - Study all at once Cram - Stuff with stuff Cram - Study a lot in a short time Cram - Study hard at the last minute Cram - Pre-exam session Cram - Prepare the night before Cram - Study fast and furiously Cram - Learn fast, maybe Cram - Stuff (into) Cram - Study strenuously Cram - Pack tight Cram - Study intensely Cram - Pack full Cram - Pack tight Cram - Stuff the mutton after a century Cram - Crowd or pack in Cram - Pack in or study hard Cram - Bone up at the last minute Cram - Crowd or pack to capacity Cram - Prepare for finals Cram - Study like mad Cram - Do a semester's worth of studying in one night, say Cram - Muscular contraction curtailed runner Cram - Stuff to study for an exam Cram - Runner has to prepare for examination Cram - Quickly learn - stuff Cram - Study for exams Cram - Pull an all-nighter, maybe Cram - Panic-study Cram - Test procedure with copyright for sheep Cram - Overcrowd Cram - Hit the books late Cram - Study at the 11th hour Cram - Learn fast, say Cram - Stuff for starters cooked with butter Cram - Do some fast data processing Cram - Pull an all-nighter, perhaps Cram - Study fast and hard Cram - Swot Cram - Study intently Cram - Overpack Cram - Be a very fast learner? Cram - Pack (in) Cram - Stuff to swot up Cram - Stuff used in macrame Cram - Feed greedily getting energy out of fatty food Cram - Stuff (facts for exam) Cram - Three track world records fell to him in 19 days in 1985 Cram - Study hard for exam Cram - He was the jarrow arrow Cram - Former world mile record holder who was the jarrow arrow Cram - Swot (for exam) Cram - Study intensively Cram - Greedily eat cold butter on the farm Cram - Stuff one river into another Cram - A crush needs unending restraint Cram - Cold butter and jam Cram - Stuff to prepare hastily for the paper Cram - Eccentric protecting right to study intensively Cram - Make up for a semester of partying, perhaps Cram - Stuff about sheep Cram - Stuff made with cold butter? Cram - Former athlete's endless muscle pain Cram - Knock back brandy and stuff Cram - Revise hard Cram - Press together Cram - Eat too much cold stuff Cram - Study hard for an exam Cram - Top set lacks energy to prepare for exam Cram - Overfill Cram - Make up for not having gone to lecture the whole semester on the night before the final, say Cram - Wedge Cram - Prepare frantically for finals Cram - Knocks back french drink in all-night study Cram - Fill to excess Cram - Study all weekend Cram - Stuff tightly Cram - Eat greedily from hamper, but not quietly Cram - Bone up quickly Cram - Compensate for prior laziness, perhaps Cram - Pull an all-nighter, say Cram - Study like crazy Cram - Make up for skipping classes, perhaps Cram - Stuff, as into a suitcase Cram - Revolutionary hurt by constant press Cram - Make up for a semester of slacking off