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Duet - Music for two

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Duet - Music for two Duet - Piece for two Duet - Piano-violin piece Duet - Puccini's 'flower ___' Duet - 'up where we belong,' for one Duet - Tuneful twosome Duet - Love song, perhaps Duet - Verdi's 'un di felice,' for one Duet - 'you don't bring me flowers,' e.g Duet - Donizetti's 'tornami a dir che m'ami,' e.g Duet - Collaborative work Duet - Trio minus one Duet - Song for two Duet - Tune for two Duet - It may call for four hands Duet - Irving berlin's 'you're just in love,' e.g Duet - "say, say, say" say Duet - "you don't bring me flowers," e.g Duet - Everly brothers performance Duet - One can't do this Duet - The everly brothers, e.g Duet - Composition for two Duet - "up where we belong," for one Duet - The smothers brothers, for one Duet - A two-piece? Duet - Shared air Duet - Harmonized number Duet - "tea for two," e.g Duet - "say, say, say," say Duet - Tune for two Duet - "say say say," say Duet - Operatic love scene, usually Duet - Two-player activity Duet - Song for simon and garfunkel, e.g Duet - Two-star performance? Duet - 'don't you want me, baby?' e.g Duet - Air for a pair Duet - 'say say say,' say Duet - Love song, at times Duet - Any sonny and cher song Duet - Performance that takes a second Duet - "dueling banjos," for one Duet - Four-handed piano tune Duet - The human league's 'don't you want me,' e.g Duet - Something one can never do Duet - Performance that takes a second? Duet - "baby, it's cold outside," e.g Duet - Number one can’t do Duet - Piece marked "piano, four hands," obviously Duet - Carpenters' work? Duet - "up where we belong," e.g Duet - "tea for two," for one Duet - Sonny and cher, e.g Duet - It takes two Duet - Sonny and cher song, e.g Duet - "tea for two" for two, e.g Duet - Love song, often Duet - Performing pair Duet - Musical composition for two Duet - Pair Duet - Piano piece with "primo" and "secondo" parts, e.g Duet - Number divided by two? Duet - Something one can never do? Duet - Four-hand piano piece Duet - Something one singer can never do Duet - 'beauty and the beast,' e.g Duet - Puccini's 'o mimi, tu più non torni' e.g Duet - "i got you babe," e.g Duet - "cinque, dieci, venti, trenta" in "the marriage of figaro," e.g Duet - Air by a pair Duet - Pair's air Duet - Pair with an air Duet - Air from a pair Duet - Twosome Duet - Tune for four hands Duet - Piece for a pair Duet - A song sung by two Duet - Musical piece by two performers Duet - Piece marked "one piano, four hands" Duet - Indigo girls song, e.g Duet - Piece played by a pair Duet - Musical piece for two Duet - Work that can't be done alone Duet - Tune two croon Duet - An act of duplicity? Duet - Musical piece for two performers Duet - 'i got you babe,' e.g Duet - 1967 #1 hit "somethin' stupid," e.g Duet - 'it takes two' is one, appropriately Duet - Offenbach's 'belle nuit, ô nuit d'amour,' e.g Duet - Musical composition expected before tea Duet - Certain recital piece Duet - What a couple of people can play Duet - "happy trails," e.g Duet - Song sung by two Duet - Pair of performers Duet - Operatic love song Duet - Operatic love scene Duet - Composition for two performers Duet - 1965's 'i got you babe,' e.g Duet - 1982's 'ebony and ivory,' e.g Duet - Two-piece bedcover, very defective Duet - Work for two performers Duet - Bedcover very defective - two share it Duet - Work for a couple expected to have little time Duet - Paired performance Duet - Performance by company, perhaps, expected ahead of time Duet - Piece for brace fitting top of tooth Duet - Work for two Duet - Work for two players Duet - You can't do it alone Duet - Righteous brothers hit, e.g Duet - Performance by two Duet - Two performers Duet - Two performing together Duet - Sort of performance expected to take time Duet - Singers expected first in theatre Duet - On account of losing ball, play with another Duet - Tory leader expected to lead twosome Duet - Owing to cut, one can't peform this piece of music Duet - Number for two Duet - Couple about to give birth stay without influence Duet - Karaoke option Duet - Song performed by two Duet - 'do you love me?' from 'fiddler on the roof,' e.g Duet - Piano piece for four hands Duet - 'light my candle' from 'rent,' e.g Duet - Pas de deux Duet - Work with a partner Duet - "mrs. robinson," e.g Duet - Outstanding first bit of tart -- a piece for two Duet - "the confrontation," in "les miz" Duet - Two piece? Duet - It's for two only Duet - A pair's air Duet - Owed tenor for music Duet - "ebony and ivory" or "i got you babe" Duet - "ain't no mountain high enough" is one Duet - Sondheim's 'it takes two,' e.g Duet - Something no one can sing? Duet - Something not done alone, and a hint to the starts of the starred answers Duet - "islands in the stream," e.g Duet - Number for a pair Duet - Piece for four hands Duet - Soprano + tenor, maybe Duet - 1983-'84 #1 hit 'say say say,' say Duet - 1983-'84 #1 hit "say say say," say Duet - Dueling pianos song, e.g Duet - Dueling pianos tune Duet - Song one can't perform? Duet - Choral program piece Duet - 'tonight, i celebrate my love,' e.g Duet - Proper time to perform together Duet - "tonight, i celebrate my love," e.g Duet - Two-part tune