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Costar - Tracy to hepburn, often

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Costar - Tracy to hepburn, often Costar - Diane keaton, to woody allen, often Costar - One with equal billing Costar - One sharing the billboard Costar - Second in the credits, often Costar - Top-billing sharer Costar - Lead splitter Costar - Share top billing Costar - Marquee name, often Costar - Bill sharer Costar - Playbill sharer Costar - Spotlight sharer Costar - Norway's capital Costar - Fellow player Costar - Laurel, to hardy Costar - Actor's arrangement? Costar - Actors upset one of the leads Costar - One of two leading actors in play or film Costar - Second-billed performer Costar - The sun follows the company on stage Costar - Marquee sharer Costar - One sharing top billing Costar - Bill splitter? Costar - Share the bill Costar - Share the lights Costar - Curtain-call participant Costar - Actor who shares the lead Costar - Share the marquee Costar - Credit sharer Costar - Actors desperate to appear with top performers Costar - Performer meriting joint billing Costar - One with joint billing Costar - Actor's playing with fellow principal Costar - One with joint top billing Costar - Be joint lead (in film, play, etc) Costar - Actor's performing with me? Costar - One of joint leads Costar - One of the top players brought by sailor to greek island Costar - Performer of equal importance Costar - Joint main actor Costar - Actor's funny in film with 18 down Costar - Actors performing share lead Costar - One about to leave country to top the bill with others Costar - Marquee partner Costar - Fellow performer Costar - Joint equal performer Costar - One about to leave central american country to top the bill with someone else Costar - One who shares the bill Costar - One with equal role upset actors Costar - Before a run, damage the other lead Costar - Lead-sharing actor Costar - Fellow leading actor Costar - Top performer with equal billing to another Costar - One sharing the lead Costar - South american, but not picaroon, can get a top billing Costar - Person sharing the lead Costar - One not acting alone Costar - Actors possibly do this to share the limelight