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Raw - Cold and blustery

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Raw - Crude Raw - Cold and blustery Raw - Unvarnished Raw - Vulgar Raw - Green Raw - Inexperienced Raw - Cold and wet Raw - Like new recruits Raw - Wet behind the ears Raw - Rarer than rare Raw - Rarer than rare? Raw - Headed for the refinery Raw - Kind of deal Raw - Like sashimi Raw - Unprocessed Raw - Before adjustments, as in statistics Raw - Like sushi Raw - Untreated Raw - Fresh, as recruits Raw - Unrefined Raw - Not yet processed Raw - Unpolished Raw - Cold and windy Raw - Uncurved, as test scores Raw - Cold and damp Raw - Straight off the butcher block Raw - Unpurified Raw - Untrained Raw - Sushi-like Raw - Word with recruit or deal Raw - Like some deals Raw - Lacking refinement Raw - Wintry Raw - Less than underdone Raw - Blustery Raw - Uncooked Raw - Like crunchy carrots Raw - Like steak tartare Raw - Like carrots that crunch Raw - Data description Raw - Unseasoned Raw - Like meat thrown to a lion Raw - Unedited Raw - Undisguised Raw - Wwe show on mondays Raw - Like some data Raw - Damp and chilly Raw - Like bad deals Raw - Not refined Raw - Unedited, as data Raw - Like the seafood in sushi, often Raw - Part 5 of stepquote Raw - Sashimilike Raw - Not cooked Raw - Lacking training Raw - Like most recruits Raw - Inflamed Raw - Coarse, as a comic Raw - Like a cold, damp day Raw - Coarse Raw - Like a greenhorn Raw - Bitterly cold Raw - Unpleasantly wintry Raw - Like vegetables in salads Raw - Untried Raw - Like sushi and sashimi Raw - Kind of terror Raw - Like a new recruit Raw - Like some crunchy vegetables Raw - Like a vegan's 'live food' Raw - Undeveloped Raw - How rocky liked his eggs Raw - Au naturel Raw - Bitter cold Raw - Not yet cooked Raw - Data descriptor Raw - Unpleasantly damp and chilly Raw - Unanalyzed, as data Raw - Not even rare Raw - Like the fish in sashimi Raw - Like a steak on a black eye Raw - Disagreeably cold Raw - Untested Raw - Unprepared Raw - How vegetables may be eaten Raw - Brutally harsh Raw - Like some emotions Raw - Grittily realistic Raw - Uncensored Raw - With 55-down, where to get oysters Raw - One way to eat veggies Raw - Not trained Raw - Rarer than rare, steakwise Raw - Like cruditã©s Raw - Au naturel (with "in the") Raw - Unprocessed, as data Raw - Risky way to serve meat Raw - Bleak Raw - Word with deal or nerves Raw - Cold and wet out Raw - Un-processed Raw - Uncivilized Raw - Uncultured Raw - Uncivi-lized Raw - Like 6-down Raw - Uncultivated Raw - Like 54-across Raw - Uncouth Raw - Windburned Raw - With 56-down, crummy breaks Raw - There's nothing cooking in the way of fighting back there Raw - It's very rare to get back to the end of 2 down Raw - If one has not been fired, fight back Raw - Inexperienced in war (3) Raw - If it's too rare you'll have to fight to get it back Raw - Uncooked or crude Raw - Uncooked or unsophisticated Raw - Uncooked or unsavoury Raw - Uncooked or sore Raw - Crude or uncooked Raw - Not been near rthe firing for the fighting up there Raw - It's offensive so to get up in the nude Raw - Completely untrained Raw - Like sushi fish Raw - ___ food movement Raw - Some kind of nerve? Raw - Not seasoned Raw - Like some sugar Raw - Way to serve vegetables Raw - Rainy and cold Raw - One way to eat carrots Raw - Untried (of recruit) - uncooked (of meat) Raw - Cold and wet, as weather Raw - How crudités are served Raw - Word with "recruit" or "deal" Raw - Uncensored, as it were Raw - Inexperienced, as recruits Raw - Served like sushi Raw - Still green, or still red Raw - Off-color Raw - Like uncooked meat Raw - Needing training Raw - Naked Raw - Needing hand cream, maybe Raw - Unbridled Raw - Like eggs in eggnog Raw - Very sensitive Raw - Real, as talk Raw - Like veggies on a veggie platter Raw - Like the seafood in sushi Raw - Inflamed, as an injury Raw - Like most sushi Raw - Lacking polish Raw - Like veggies served with dip Raw - Inexperienced when hostilities may be taken up Raw - Like sushi for neneh cherry? Raw - Naked, in this nasty cold sort of weather? Raw - Abraded Raw - Callow Raw - Huge cheer some heard, not manufactured Raw - Like a recruit with supporting soldiers Raw - Not prepared for cold and damp Raw - Chilly Raw - Tier Raw - How half-shell clams are eaten Raw - Peeled crustacean not yet ready to eat Raw - Like crudités Raw - Like some talent and emotions Raw - Like unprocessed data Raw - Not yet refined Raw - - - deal, harsh inequitable treatment Raw - Uncooked; immature Raw - Crude conflict over Raw - Not all of the crawfish had been left uncooked Raw - Immature Raw - Not altered from its natural state Raw - Of computer data, not yet checked or sorted Raw - Word before data or deal Raw - Not t-shirt weather Raw - Bleeding as conflict cranks up Raw - Like some food and footage Raw - Red and inflamed Raw - Makeshift Raw - How steak tartare is served Raw - Not even half-baked Raw - Bitingly cold Raw - Just recruited Raw - With 23-down, numbers not yet analyzed Raw - Unedited, as footage Raw - Like much sushi Raw - __ data Raw - Unedited, as text Raw - Like carpaccio or crudités Raw - Totally untrained Raw - Disagreeably damp Raw - Unembellished Raw - Unfiltered Raw - Served like sashimi Raw - Warren zevon: "rub me ___" Raw - Uncooked alarm song? Raw - Staind song about sushi? Raw - Rarer than rare staind song? Raw - Like inexperienced player Raw - Like green player Raw - Just not done? Raw - Naked (with "in the") Raw - Bone-chilling Raw - Like an untested rookie Raw - Not yet analyzed Raw - Like clams on the half shell Raw - Like crudites Raw - How oysters are often served Raw - Uncooked, as meat Raw - To be refined Raw - Risky way to eat pork Raw - Unadulterated Raw - Unprepared, fighting back Raw - Like rocky balboa's eggs Raw - Like ore Raw - How sashimi is eaten Raw - Kind of food or footage Raw - Yet to be cooked Raw - Yet to be cooked