Spit - It turns at a pig roast

Word by letter:
  • Spit - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word T

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Spit - Tiny isthmus Spit - Polish companion Spit - It turns on the fire Spit - Kind of curl Spit - Polish's partner Spit - Roasting rod Spit - Restaurant bar? Spit - Barbecue item Spit - Barbecue rod Spit - Barbecue part Spit - Type of curl Spit - Barbecue accessory Spit - Polish partner? Spit - Fast-moving card game Spit - Fall in scattered drops, as rain Spit - Narrow peninsula Spit - Rotisserie rotator Spit - Rain, but just barely Spit - Roaster's rod Spit - Polish partner Spit - Fast-paced card game Spit - Narrow strip of land Spit - It turns at a pig roast Spit - Kebab need Spit - Meat skewer Spit - Rod at a pig roast Spit - Rotisserie rod Spit - Barbecuer's rod Spit - Expectorate Spit - Roast rod Spit - Hot rod? Spit - Skewer Spit - Bbq aid Spit - It turns on the cooker Spit - Bar in a bar and grill Spit - Rotisserie part Spit - Rod in a roast Spit - Barbecue bar Spit - Roasting skewer Spit - Barbecue sticker Spit - Shish kebab holder Spit - Pitchers do it after chewing Spit - Polish companion? Spit - Rod for roasting Spit - Dentist's command Spit - Cape cod, essentially Spit - Illegal thing to put on a baseball Spit - Barbecuer's skewer Spit - Rod at a roast Spit - Rotating cooking rod Spit - Hot rod Spit - Bar in a grill Spit - Barbecue feature Spit - "you don't ___ into the wind" (jim croce) Spit - Stick in the fire Spit - Barbecue gadget Spit - Rotisserie accessory Spit - Obey the dentist, perhaps Spit - Aids for police detectives Spit - Barbecue tool Spit - Make like an angry cat Spit - Barbecue skewer Spit - "you don't ___ into the wind" (jim croce line) Spit - Place where a person may be bitten Spit - One might go around on the patio Spit - Narrow body of land Spit - Rotisserie Spit - Imitate a llama Spit - Point of land Spit - Barbecue need Spit - Narrow point of land Spit - Cookout bar Spit - Broiling bar Spit - Cookout rod Spit - Command from a dentist, after gargling Spit - Expectorate on the tongue of land Spit - It's rude to turn them up at the end Spit - Do the ends come back from the mouth just like this? Spit - It's its turn for the roast to come out of your mouth Spit - How one upsets it back out of the mouth Spit - Get back to the ends, straight from the horse's mouth, perhaps Spit - It's rude to turn the ends up Spit - Might this get turned out of the mouth? Spit - Sounds as if one might expect this and orate afterwards Spit - Turns it out upside down with saliva Spit - The sand that comes out of the mouth over the fire Spit - Expect oration from this, being up with the ends Spit - Expectorate into pits Spit - Thin metal spike to hold roasting meat Spit - Skewer on which meat is roasted Spit - .thin rod for impaling meat to be roasted Spit - Expectorate, or a long thin metal spike Spit - Thin metal spike for roasting meat Spit - Expectorate on the tongue of sand Spit - Metal rod for roasting meat Spit - Meat may be roasted on it Spit - It's rude to make the ends turn up like this Spit - One may get to expect oration from this Spit - One might expect oration with ejection thus Spit - Expect oration orally from this Spit - Out of your mouth a living likeness is so dead Spit - Narrow point of land projecting into the sea Spit - Cape cod's provincetown ___ Spit - Cookout accessory Spit - Gratuities may be used up for a rotisserie Spit - Spearhead Spit - Show contempt for turner Spit - Heartlessly betrayed lookalike Spit - Small stone from coastal feature Spit - Hole produced by spades - amount of soil shifted? Spit - Skewer the likeness Spit - Gentle rain where land goes out to sea Spit - As a basic alehouse sad, wasn't stupid to get drunk Spit - Show contempt for doppelganger Spit - Channel's essence in water close to england Spit - Eject from mouth Spit - Eject saliva - roasting rod Spit - Cooking device - strong likeness Spit - Large skewer - expel saliva Spit - Cooker - likeness Spit - Show contempt Spit - Rod used for roasting meat Spit - Rotating cooker Spit - Cookout aid Spit - Add fire to see it fly, as it is it's due a turn Spit - Bbq skewer Spit - Hiss flying with fire Spit - Narrow strip of land projecting into the sea Spit - Back ends for roasting over the fire Spit - Rotating roasting rod Spit - Meat sticker Spit - Slender roasting rod Spit - Campfire rod Spit - ___ and polish Spit - What tobacco chewers do Spit - Jutting shoreline formation Spit - Tip of cape cod Spit - Turner in a barbecue Spit - Cooking rod Spit - Rain in scattered drops Spit - Cheerleader's asset Spit - React like a cornered cat Spit - Eject with violence Spit - Saliva Spit - Get-rid-of-your-cards game Spit - Patio cooking aid Spit - Say something angrily to son of one of the stones Spit - Narrow projection of land into the sea Spit - Shoe-shiner's application Spit - Put on skewer Spit - Hints about doing the double, perhaps Spit - Spade-depth; rain very lightly Spit - Rod in a foot of earth Spit - A spade's depth, in earth Spit - Ungentlemanly and uncouth act that can get a footballer a roasting Spit - Narrow point of land, utter hostilely Spit - Turner to show contempt Spit - Headland, saliva Spit - Show disdain that's just a bit short of malice Spit - Meat roasting on one may do it Spit - Skewer; headland Spit - Double cooker Spit - Narrow strip of land needs a little light rain Spit - Roast turner Spit - Narrow point of land; saliva Spit - Slaver heads westward Spit - Skewer points the wrong way Spit - Skewer; saliva Spit - Thin rod; saliva Spit - Light rain ends up nearly a foot deep Spit - Double issue with some violence Spit - Ancient mount parnassus city Spit - Double Spit - Endlessly annoy hawk Spit - Hawk is upset when losing tail Spit - Barbecue utensil Spit - Roasting rod; saliva Spit - Long narrow tongue of land running into the sea Spit - Leans over to cook a roast? Spit - Back end's roasting in front of the fire Spit - 23-ing implement Spit - Rear end's for roasting in front of the fire! Spit - Ends up in front of the old range Spit - A skewer Spit - Rain very lightly in salt mine Spit - Rod giving hints the wrong way Spit - & 23d nanny's quickly turned over viz feature about foremost of sexists Spit - Roasting spear Spit - Large skewer-like rod Spit - Topples over, seeing double Spit - Small hole for capturing animals -- this might be released from the trap Spit - Ends up in bird's place in front of the fire? Spit - Long, narrow point or points turned round Spit - British w.w. ii plane Spit - Patio turner Spit - Rod in a rotisserie Spit - Rain slightly Spit - Kebab skewer Spit - Roasting stick Spit - Turner in cooking Spit - Dentist's directive Spit - Food skewer Spit - Rotisserie component Spit - Hints about depth that may be dug in garden Spit - Barbecue stick Spit - React angrily, feline-style Spit - Kebab holder Spit - Show disdain with clues written the wrong way Spit - Roasting device Spit - Narrow shore point Spit - Rod in a grill Spit - Bbq stick Spit - Card-shedding game Spit - An angry cat may do it Spit - Roasting aid Spit - Light fall of rain Spit - Bit of land jutting into the sea Spit - Balls or fire preceder Spit - Rotisserie item Spit - Obey a dentist, at times Spit - Narrow shoal Spit - Double points for turning round Spit - Slipknot: "___ it out" Spit - Uncouth kiss song off "revenge" Spit - Slipknot "___ it out" Spit - Kittie song about phlegm? Spit - Gross sepultura song off "roots"? Spit - Gross sepultura song? Spit - Might come out when belting Spit - Dental directive Spit - Narrow strip of land jutting into the ocean Spit - Card game requiring quick reflexes Spit - Bar at a roast Spit - Partner of polish Spit - Croatian port is empty - don't swallow it when tasting Spit - Culprits thrown out, lock flat? Spit - Reviews pointers for holding kebab Spit - Rotating rod Spit - Show disrespect, in a way Spit - Small cape Spit - Fast-paced two-player card game Spit - 22 down's leans skyward Spit - Pig turner Spit - Raise suggestions for means to roast meat Spit - Raise suggestions for means to roast meat
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It turns at a pig roast (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - it turns at a pig roast. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter T.

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