Khaki - Desert uniform color

Word by letter:
  • Khaki - Letter on K
  • 1 - st. word K
  • 2 - st. word H
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word K
  • 5 - st. word I

All questions by word:
Khaki - 'colour, often used for military uniforms (5)' Khaki - (army) uniform colour Khaki - Alternative to denim Khaki - Army colour Khaki - Army dress material Khaki - Army fabric Khaki - Army uniform Khaki - Army uniform cloth Khaki - Army uniform color Khaki - Army uniform colour Khaki - Army uniform material Khaki - Army-uniform color Khaki - Base shade? Khaki - Broadcast means to enter vehicle with military associations Khaki - Brown shade Khaki - Brownish-yellow Khaki - Brownish-yellow starter's much talked about Khaki - By the sound of it you need this to get the car open just a shade Khaki - Camouflage colour Khaki - Can't start the army vehicle without it, by the sound of it Khaki - Chinos shade Khaki - Cloth that's uniformly used Khaki - Cocoa relative Khaki - Color whose name comes from urdu Khaki - Colour of driver's accessory, as you might say? Khaki - Colour of ignition pin, it's said Khaki - Colour of military uniform Khaki - Colour of military uniforms Khaki - Colour of vehicle crucial, according to reports Khaki - Colour used for military uniforms Khaki - Denim alternative Khaki - Desert uniform color Khaki - Drab colour Khaki - Drab military colour Khaki - Drably coloured security device for motorist, say Khaki - Dull brown Khaki - Dull brown colour Khaki - Dull brownish Khaki - Dull colour is something motorists want to go, some say? Khaki - Dull uniform color Khaki - Dull yellowish brown Khaki - Dull yellowish-brown Khaki - Dullish brown colour Khaki - Dust-coloured Khaki - Fabric Khaki - Finishes off work (with tea break) on one's material Khaki - Gives sikh a kitbag holding military-type clothing Khaki - Gurkha kit includes uniform of this colour Khaki - Habit tommy got into Khaki - Just a shade like what you need to start the car, by the sound of it Khaki - Kathleen henry finds half the characters from 24 across in shade Khaki - Kings cover up surprise for one in shade Khaki - Leaders in kabul, herat and kandahar imported military material Khaki - Material for a military uniform Khaki - Material name derived from a persian word for "dust" Khaki - Material used in making sheikh a kilt Khaki - Military cloth Khaki - Military clothes Khaki - Military clothing Khaki - Military clothing colour Khaki - Military colour Khaki - Military dress helping to make a sheikh a king Khaki - Military fabric Khaki - Military fabric/colour Khaki - Military hue Khaki - Military material Khaki - Military shade Khaki - Military uniform Khaki - Military uniform cloth Khaki - Military uniform cloth - colour Khaki - Military uniform material Khaki - Military uniform's cloth Khaki - Military wear Khaki - Monarchs having a bit of a laugh at one's colour Khaki - Olive brown Khaki - Olive drab Khaki - Olive-drab colour Khaki - Outer surfaces of knee-length anorak, one in strong fabric Khaki - Pants fabric Khaki - Pants material Khaki - Park ranger's uniform color Khaki - Park-ranger garb material, often Khaki - Private cover? Khaki - Sand-coloured Khaki - Shade giving cover for the troops Khaki - Shade giving cover for troops Khaki - Shade said to facilitate vehicular access Khaki - Slacks shade Khaki - Soldier material? Khaki - Sounds as if one can't start the car without one for the army Khaki - Sounds as if you need this to get 1 across to start for the army Khaki - Start-up facilitator reportedly in the buff? Khaki - The army may have it to get into its vehicle, by the sound of it Khaki - The british might need just a shade of this to get into army transport, by the sound of it Khaki - They say it's necessary to secure motor of uniform colour Khaki - This, we hear, could give access to vehicles of uniform colour Khaki - Trouser material Khaki - Type of casual pants Khaki - Uniform choice Khaki - Uniform choice, as in 1900 or with the falklands factor Khaki - Uniform cloth Khaki - Uniform color Khaki - Uniform coloring Khaki - Uniform colour of gurkha kit Khaki - Uniform fabric Khaki - Uniform hue Khaki - Uniform hue? Khaki - Uniform material Khaki - Uniform material, sometimes Khaki - Uniform shade Khaki - Uniform shade? Khaki - Yellow-brown shade Khaki - Yellowish brown Khaki - Yellowish brown (used by military) Khaki - Yellowish brown colour Khaki - Yellowish brown colour
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Desert uniform color (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - desert uniform color. word on "K". 1 - st. letter K. 2 - st. letter H. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter K. 5 - st. letter I.

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