Rosa - Civil-rights activist parks

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Rosa - Parks awarded the presidential medal of freedom Rosa - Parks for rights Rosa - Parks in '50s news Rosa - Parks in 1955 headlines Rosa - Parks in 1955 news Rosa - Parks in a bus Rosa - Parks in a bus? Rosa - Parks in alabama Rosa - Parks in american history Rosa - Parks in front of a bus? Rosa - Parks in front of the bus? Rosa - Parks in history books Rosa - Parks in the front of the bus Rosa - Parks of 1955 headlines Rosa - Parks of 1955 news Rosa - Parks of alabama Rosa - Parks of civil disobedience fame Rosa - Parks of civil rights Rosa - Parks of civil rights fame Rosa - Parks of civil-rights fame Rosa - Parks of civil-rights history Rosa - Parks of history Rosa - Parks of history books Rosa - Parks of montgomery Rosa - Parks of the civil rights movement Rosa - Parks on a bus Rosa - Parks on a bus? Rosa - Parks or bonheur Rosa - Parks staying put Rosa - Parks that made history Rosa - Parks who didn't stand for injustice Rosa - Parks who died in october 2005 Rosa - Parks who pioneered in civil rights Rosa - Parks who received the presidential medal of freedom Rosa - Parks who sparked a boycott Rosa - Parks who stood up for the right to sit down Rosa - Parks who wouldn't sit still for injustice Rosa - Parks who wouldn't take discrimination sitting down Rosa - Parks whose actions inspired a bus boycott Rosa - Parks whose famous bus is in the henry ford museum Rosa - Parks with a historic seat Rosa - Parks with no intention of moving Rosa - Passen-ger parks Rosa - Passenger parks Rosa - Pink-colored, to pedro Rosa - Santa , calif Rosa - Santa -- Rosa - Santa --, ca Rosa - Santa --, calif Rosa - Santa --, california Rosa - Santa __ Rosa - Santa __ plum Rosa - Santa __, ca Rosa - Santa __, california Rosa - Santa __: sonoma county seat Rosa - Santa ___ Rosa - Santa ___ (sonoma county seat) Rosa - Santa ___ ca Rosa - Santa ___, calif Rosa - Santa ___, california Rosa - Santa ____ Rosa - See 23 down Rosa - See 45-across Rosa - See 53-down Rosa - She sat still for civil rights Rosa - Singer ponselle Rosa - Sonoma county seat santa __ Rosa - Sonoma county's santa ___ Rosa - Soprano ponselle Rosa - Spanish flower Rosa - Spingarn medal winner parks Rosa - Stephanie beatriz's 'brooklyn nine-nine' role Rosa - Sub .... - in confidence Rosa - Sub follower Rosa - Sub follower? Rosa - Sub or santa chaser Rosa - Sub __ Rosa - Sub __ (secretly) Rosa - Sub __: confidentially Rosa - Sub ___ Rosa - Sub ___ (behind closed doors) Rosa - Sub ___ (clandestine) Rosa - Sub ___ (confidentially) Rosa - Sub ___ (furtively) Rosa - Sub ___ (in confidence) Rosa - Sub ___ (in secret) Rosa - Sub ___ (secretively) Rosa - Sub ___ (secretly) Rosa - Sub ____ (secretly) Rosa - Sub _____ Rosa - With a sub in front, it's cloak-and-dagger Rosa - __ luxemburg, revolutionary Rosa - __ parks, us civil rights pioneer Rosa - ___ bud, schoolgirl in 'the mystery of edwin drood' Rosa - ___ coldfield, first narrator in “absalom, absalom!” Rosa - ___ dartle, woman in 'david copperfield' Rosa - ____ parks (us civil rights heroine)
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Civil-rights activist parks (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - civil-rights activist parks. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter A.

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