Reefer - Certain cigarette, slangily

Word by letter:
  • Reefer - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word F
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word R

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Reefer - High provider Reefer - Close-fitting coat Reefer - Illicit cigarette Reefer - Joint Reefer - Pot, in the past Reefer - “___ madness” (1936 antidrug film) Reefer - Certain cigarette, slangily Reefer - Short coat Reefer - "madness" of a film Reefer - Ganja Reefer - Illegal smoke Reefer - Jacket Reefer - Mary jane Reefer - Chilly freight car Reefer - Illicit smoke Reefer - One getting hit on? Reefer - Illicit smoke, slangily Reefer - "___ madness" (1936 anti-marijuana film) Reefer - One getting hit on at a party? Reefer - Close-fitting jacket Reefer - Short jacket Reefer - Cold-storage train car Reefer - Double-breasted jacket Reefer - 'e is in here to make mention of his jacket Reefer - This might have reference to a jacket about the east Reefer - With 'er the hazard to shipping may get worn Reefer - Smoking jacket and cigarette Reefer - By the sound of it, it's plain that it's a big dropper Reefer - Does the whistler ever turn up with this sort of jacket? Reefer - Is the jacket about to get the start of 31 across in a mess? Reefer - The one, perhaps, that ties the knot for the jacket Reefer - A jacket that might get 'er free Reefer - The sort of jacket that makes free with 'er Reefer - In slang, a marijuana cigarette Reefer - A sailor's jacket or marijuana cigarette Reefer - Sailor's jacket or marijuana cigarette Reefer - Marijuana cigarette Reefer - Nautical jacket Reefer - Jacket and joint Reefer - Sailor's jacket Reefer - Jacket for a sailor Reefer - By the sound of it, jack it in a more knotty way Reefer - Free with about turn from the jacket Reefer - "___ madness" (anti-marijuana film) Reefer - Smoking jacket? Reefer - Allude to taking drug in joint Reefer - Hemp's used in this kind of jacket Reefer - Joint may be worn out Reefer - Oriental wearing guide's jacket Reefer - About to order free jacket Reefer - Hemp is used in making this jacket Reefer - Make allusion about drug joint Reefer - A smoking jacket? Reefer - Cigarette containing cannabis - jacket Reefer - Jacket - cannabis cigarette Reefer - Warm jacket - cannabis cigarette Reefer - Jacket - joint - cargo vehicle Reefer - Kind of jacket - joint Reefer - Type of jacket - smoke Reefer - Chill room informally for an illicit smoke Reefer - Cold room for forbidden smoke Reefer - Jacket and marijuana cigarette Reefer - Kind of jacket Reefer - Overcoat Reefer - Pea jacket relative Reefer - Rolled smoke, in slang Reefer - Illegal smoke, quaintly Reefer - Jacket for a smoker Reefer - Pot, old-school Reefer - Mention hiding earl's jacket Reefer - Kind of coat Reefer - A wool jacket; a spliff Reefer - Spliff is in jacket Reefer - Midshipman's hesitation on coral bank Reefer - Cannabis cigarette Reefer - Unofficial smoking jacket? Reefer - Referee shortly will change into jacket Reefer - Canvas trimmer producing a roll of hemp Reefer - Smoke coming from cold vehicle Reefer - Hand-rolled cigarette Reefer - Sailor's home finally featuring in advert Reefer - What sailor's found in pot holder? Reefer - Midshipman Reefer - Judge always done up in close-fitting garment Reefer - Smoking habit? Reefer - Jacket from east featuring in advert Reefer - Umpire always returned jacket Reefer - Cannabis cigarette to pass on, inhaling drug Reefer - Spliff regularly ordered with backing of judge Reefer - Advert seen around spain for refrigerated transport Reefer - Something designed for smoking jacket Reefer - Advert covering oriental joint Reefer - Jacket rejected by match official, always Reefer - Metal lining on monarch's jacket Reefer - Heavy jacket Reefer - Whistle-blower always rolling drug-filled cigarette Reefer - Therefore drops hot joint Reefer - Referee almost dopey from drugged cigarette Reefer - Drugged cigarette Reefer - Jacket an arbiter always returned Reefer - Jacket suitable for disreputable joint Reefer - Easy perhaps to get a cigarette with marijuana? Reefer - Midshipman (sl.) Reefer - Jacket; joint Reefer - J is for jacket Reefer - Pass on ecstasy in joint Reefer - It's used for dodgy smoking jacket! Reefer - Joint; spliff Reefer - 10 to pass back and forth across spain Reefer - Jacket that one may pull on and get ripped Reefer - Apply to acquire eastern joint Reefer - Therefore gets rid of hot joint Reefer - Type of jacket Reefer - Spliff Reefer - Therefore has to get rid of hot joint Reefer - Seaman's double-breasted jacket Reefer - "___ madness" (1936 antidrug movie) Reefer - One tying knot in jacket Reefer - It's hand-crafted for smoking jacket Reefer - Joint where jacket's suitable Reefer - Jacket; cannabis cigarette Reefer - Therefore, has to get rid of hot joint Reefer - Criminal free in hospital of drugs Reefer - Counterfeiters discount unit cost of the joint Reefer - Jacket — dope in it? Reefer - Right price for taking up the queen's jacket
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Certain cigarette, slangily (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - certain cigarette, slangily. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter F. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter R.

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