Dance - Some fancy footwork

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  • 5 - st. word E

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Dance - Monkey or pony Dance - Prom, say Dance - Twist or stomp Dance - Ballet Dance - Pony or monkey Dance - End zone celebration Dance - Do a do-si-do Dance - What people do in a 9-across Dance - Charleston, e.g Dance - Take steps? Dance - Cut a rug Dance - Samba or mambo Dance - What flames may do Dance - Trip the light fantastic Dance - Social event Dance - Hint to the start of 17-, 31-, 46- and 61-across Dance - Hop Dance - Macarena, e.g Dance - Hustle, for one Dance - Some fancy footwork Dance - 1-down, e.g Dance - Word with folk or tap Dance - Terpsichore's forte Dance - Fandango, for one Dance - Reel or twist, e.g Dance - Emulate a rockette Dance - The macarena, e.g Dance - School function Dance - Bob fosse forte Dance - Twist, e.g Dance - Aerobic activity Dance - Twist or tango Dance - A kind of one begins 17- and 63-across and 10- and 36-down Dance - Fosse forte Dance - Domain of one of the muses Dance - Specialty of 17-across Dance - Do the watusi Dance - High school event Dance - Jive, e.g Dance - Tap or break, e.g Dance - Do the tango Dance - Terpsichore's domain Dance - School event Dance - Evade, with "around" Dance - Jason hawke hit, "you can't ______ " Dance - Flicker Dance - Bolero, e.g Dance - Twist or frug Dance - Rumba or samba Dance - Gigue or gavotte Dance - Word that may follow either word in 17-, 30-, 46-, and 62-across Dance - Social occasion Dance - Juilliard student's major, perhaps Dance - Reel example Dance - Do the watusi, e.g Dance - Prom, e.g Dance - Prom, for one Dance - Line __ Dance - Monkey or pony, e.g Dance - Monkey, pony or alligator Dance - Cotillion, for example Dance - Do a quickstep Dance - Word that can follow the ends of 17-, 21-, 36-, 44-, 54- and 64-across Dance - Moonwalk, e.g Dance - After-hours school event Dance - Waltz, for example Dance - Waltz, for one Dance - Tango or twist Dance - High-school event Dance - Pony or alligator Dance - Word with tap or lap Dance - "back to the future" event Dance - Do the cabbage patch Dance - School social Dance - Ball, e.g Dance - Arts-page topic Dance - Ball Dance - Ball, for one Dance - Polka or waltz Dance - Terp sichore's realm- Dance - Take to the floor Dance - Choreography Dance - Take a bun to this - that will be plenty Dance - It would be more than enough to take a bun to this entertainment Dance - Take a bun to the entertainment and that will be more than enough Dance - The disc or this might sound so ugly Dance - Take a bun to the entertainment; that's plenty Dance - At ten one may be there for good measure Dance - The way the ball could have got caned Dance - Have a bun with it and that's more than enough Dance - To have a bun before a ball like this is more than enough Dance - What one might do to 8 down Dance - Have a bun with it - that's more than enough Dance - How one can have a ball with a bun and plenty of it Dance - Take a bun to the hop - that's plenty Dance - It could be said to be good to get rid of this ball Dance - It'll be plenty if you get a bun at this entertainment Dance - Sounds as if walt's had more than enough of this with a bun Dance - Take a bun to the hop - that will do well enough Dance - At ten you'd be there for the hop Dance - At ten, one might be there to have a ball with this Dance - If it were to start at ten, they would all be there Dance - At ten one will be all there at this Dance - If you take a bun to this, that'll be more than enough Dance - Express yourself physically Dance - A bun on the ball would be more than enough Dance - Move to music Dance - Mazurka, e.g Dance - Artistic, nonverbal communication Dance - The bump, for one Dance - Chicken ______ Dance - At ten those would be the prople at the dance Dance - At ten they would be all there at the ball Dance - You'd have a ball there Dance - A bun could get one on the ball with plenty to spare Dance - Might a tan go for this from america? Dance - Take a bun to this ball - quite enough Dance - At tea be there for the start of the hop Dance - Walt's sounds as if on the ball Dance - A bun would be plenty to have to eat at the hop Dance - Rid one of the measure - that's good Dance - Have this hop with a bun, that's plenty Dance - A bun would be plenty with such entertainment Dance - With a bun that's plenty for a ball Dance - It's more than enough for a bun to get this ball Dance - To get rid of this may be said to be good Dance - With a bun you may have a ball with this Dance - Would be at the ball at ten Dance - At ten with this you'd be there to have a ball Dance - Song's partner Dance - A bun would be more than enough for a ball Dance - Event with a band Dance - Do a two-step, say Dance - Say 'fling about' in scandinavia Dance - Ball, possibly square Dance - Old tribe seen at church function Dance - Maybe disco gate's sealed off at ten Dance - See 1 Dance - Move rhythmically Dance - Fling Dance - Move(ment) to music Dance - Bop Dance - See 4 Dance - Move to the music Dance - Twist, for one Dance - High school social event Dance - Tango or cha-cha Dance - Coordinated movement Dance - Performing art Dance - Movement to music Dance - Prom, for example Dance - Emulate astaire Dance - Hula or hora Dance - The harlem shake or the dougie Dance - Gym event Dance - Ionian leaves indian ocean disco Dance - About to play a part in hamlet, perhaps, had a ball Dance - Beatles hit, yeah, yeah, yeah! Dance - Measure bolero, for example Dance - Eg, waltz, foxtrot Dance - Neutron, bat, moon or safety maybe Dance - Eg, tango, waltz Dance - European holding cold tap, say Dance - Eg, waltz Dance - Eg, foxtrot Dance - Old invader grasps top of cannon ball Dance - Ball; hop Dance - Leader of conservatives in european spin? Dance - Terpsichorean activity Dance - Social gathering Dance - Household dwarfs performed it Dance - Name adopted by fish - paul jones, maybe Dance - Eg, tango Dance - Revered ancestor holds social event Dance - Eg, rumba Dance - Caught by country dweller going round the twist, perhaps? Dance - Tango or rumba Dance - Hamlet, say, hosting castle ball Dance - Move in time to music Dance - Social european touring clubs Dance - Eg tango Dance - Caned (anag.) Dance - Step to music Dance - Fellow attending church's social function Dance - Charles --, actor appointed obe in 2006 Dance - One who's desperate in front of church steps Dance - Trip over the floor perhaps Dance - Dean twisted round cold tap, maybe Dance - Flamenco, perhaps Dance - Overseas party in germany for molly? Dance - Juilliard major Dance - See 6 Dance - Jig, caper Dance - Reel or jig Dance - Twyla tharp forte Dance - Maybe reel in fish, indefinite number caught Dance - Waltz, say Dance - Play hamlet, perhaps taking claudius's lead Dance - Quickstep, e.g Dance - Song partner Dance - Whip or nae nae, e.g Dance - Do more than tap one's toe Dance - Waltz maybe Dance - Eg, perform ballet Dance - Judo exponent on church steps Dance - Ball -- it could be a square one Dance - Ball, hop Dance - Boogie, e.g Dance - Do the running man Dance - With 52-across, impetus to get down, and. Dance - Hundred joining in european meeting in which steps will be taken Dance - Wang chung "___ hall days" Dance - What ratt will do "undercover" Dance - Lead track off ratt's "dancing undercover" Dance - Social Dance - Hustle or shuffle Dance - Play english actor Dance - Steps idiot takes in answer for university Dance - Tap or tango Dance - Tango or waltz Dance - Tarantella or tango Dance - Two-step, e.g Dance - Watusi or dap, e.g Dance - Reel, for one Dance - Hustle or hornpipe Dance - Social ritual embraced by weird ancestors Dance - You do this when the music moves you Dance - Foreigner outside caught ball Dance - Bunch of steps Dance - Jig, say Dance - Fish swallowing new reel, for example Dance - Mambo or moonwalk Dance - E.g. waltz Dance - Martial arts expert going to church ball Dance - Get down
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Some fancy footwork (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - some fancy footwork. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter C. 5 - st. letter E.

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