Drab - Ho-hum

Word by letter:
  • Drab - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word B

All questions by word:
Drab - Hardly colorful Drab - Cheerless Drab - Colorless Drab - Hardly exciting Drab - Brown family member Drab - Grayish Drab - Unexciting Drab - Humdrum Drab - Lacking life Drab - Certainly not colorful Drab - Dull-colored Drab - Far from festive Drab - Lacking in liveliness Drab - Lackluster Drab - Frumpy Drab - Uninspiring Drab - Lacking brightness or color Drab - Lusterless Drab - Ho-hum Drab - Blah Drab - Dull as dishwater Drab - Hardly glitzy Drab - Evoking an 'eh' Drab - Not very bright Drab - Washed out Drab - Like khaki Drab - Dull Drab - Hardly vibrant Drab - Visually dull Drab - Unlikely to catch the eye Drab - Dreary Drab - Dingy Drab - Not colorful Drab - Olive __: uniform color Drab - Dull brown Drab - Boring, colorwise Drab - Lacking color Drab - Somber Drab - Far from colorful Drab - Not at all bright Drab - Like soviet architecture Drab - Faded and dull Drab - Far from flashy Drab - Dull, as a color Drab - Dull-colored, or just plain dull Drab - Olive shade Drab - Not so colorful Drab - Nondescript Drab - Void of any va-va-voom Drab - Not bright at all Drab - Far from gaudy Drab - Dull and monotonous Drab - Uninteresting Drab - Hardly fascinating Drab - Dull in color Drab - Might even shakespeare turn dreary like this? Drab - Lacking brightness or colour Drab - Dull, uninteresting Drab - Dull and uninteresting Drab - Colourless like bard Drab - Colourless kind of bard Drab - Dull kind of bard Drab - Dull and colourless Drab - Dull sort of bard Drab - Dull, dreary Drab - Dull and dreary Drab - Flipping poet is none too bright Drab - Shakespeare turned round in this flat Drab - Lacklustre send-up of shakespeare Drab - Old baggage for poet to go over Drab - Lifeless king eaten by fish Drab - Dingy fish crossing river Drab - Dingy - shabby Drab - Dreary and colourless Drab - Drearily dull Drab - Dull and boring Drab - Not at all colorful Drab - Evoking a 'ho-hum' Drab - Hardly eye-catching Drab - Olive ___ (military color) Drab - Dull - dreary Drab - Lacking brightness Drab - Looking back, pub closed in the end as very dingy Drab - Cheerless, colourless Drab - Shabby; a slattern (arch.) Drab - Cheerless, shabby Drab - Sombre Drab - Drearily dull; slattern Drab - Colourless Drab - Swan-upping? it's so dull Drab - Dowdy Drab - Dreary woman with slatternly habits Drab - Not cheering return of poet Drab - Grey or light brown cloth Drab - Dull light brown colour Drab - Dismal slattern poet's written about Drab - In need of some color Drab - Yellowish gray Drab - Sailor under the doctor gets gloomy Drab - Catching river fish is dull Drab - Flat for retired poet Drab - Dreary old slut Drab - Flipping shakespeare's boring! Drab - Tedious Drab - Lacklustre Drab - Grey lady? not her! Drab - Dull poet returned Drab - Gloomy linesman on the way up Drab - Dull poet brought up Drab - Making a comeback, ex-pm's seen oddly with date lacking sparkle Drab - Lacking lustre, sailor is after doctor Drab - Dingy, dull Drab - Monotonous Drab - Gloomy Drab - Gloomy, except for returning by day Drab - Dull brown flatfish swimming across river Drab - Verse-writer turned dull Drab - Far from splashy Drab - Poet rejected as colourless Drab - Boring Drab - It?s not bright of poet backtracking Drab - Like khakis Drab - Totally blah Drab - Not very exciting Drab - Dull poet makes a comeback Drab - Not exciting at all Drab - Meh Drab - *see 61-across Drab - Rather dull sailor put under the doctor Drab - Uncolorful Drab - Poet turned dull Drab - Dull gray Drab - Read rabelaisian extract that's dull Drab - Dull poet making a comeback Drab - Dreary poet sent up Drab - Lacking pizazz
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Ho-hum (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - ho-hum. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter B.

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