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Berle - Tuesday night fixture on early nbc

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Berle - Tuesday night fixture on early nbc Berle - Old texaco star Berle - Funnyman milton Berle - Uncle miltie Berle - Uncle milty Berle - Pioneer tv personality Berle - Roosevelt brain truster adolf Berle - Mr. television Berle - Actor/comic milton Berle - 'texaco star theater' star Berle - 'texaco star theater' headliner Berle - The thief of bad gags Berle - 'mr. television' Berle - "texaco star theater" star Berle - "texaco star theater" host Berle - Memorable miltie Berle - Comic legend Berle - Early tv legend Berle - "mr. television" Berle - Early "mr. television" Berle - Tv's uncle miltie Berle - Mr. television, milton Berle - Star of 'always leave them laughing,' 1949 Berle - 1949 emmy winner for most outstanding kinescope personality Berle - Milton of comedy Berle - "uncle miltie" Berle - Old texaco pitchman Berle - Tv's 'uncle miltie' Berle - Friars club of beverly hills founder Berle - Tv's "uncle miltie" Berle - Charter member of the tv hall of fame Berle - 1950s nbc icon Berle - 'uncle miltie' Berle - Comic milton Berle - Tv's milton Berle - Milton of tv Berle - Charter member of the television hall of fame Berle - Tv's first big star Berle - Golden age tv star Berle - 'texaco star theater' host Berle - Tv great who said 'i live to laugh, and i laugh to live' Berle - Tv hall of fame charter member Berle - Early neil simon employer Berle - He played himself in 'broadway danny rose' and 'pee-wee's big adventure' Berle - Comedian who married joyce mathews in 1941, divorced her in 1947 and married her again in 1949 'because she reminded me of my first wife' Berle - First tv superstar Berle - Comedian dubbed 'mr. television' Berle - Comedian dubbed "mr. television"