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Stem - Part of a musical note

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Stem - Part of a musical note Stem - Plant part Stem - Fruit/tree connector Stem - Pipe piece Stem - Rose part Stem - Pipe part Stem - Part of a rose Stem - Stalk of bananas Stem - Flower supporter Stem - Fruit holder Stem - Supporter of botany Stem - Check Stem - Ship's front Stem - Cut flower Stem - Flute part Stem - Spoon handle Stem - Stern's opposite Stem - Opposite of 61-across Stem - Flower holder Stem - Main part of a word Stem - Watch part Stem - Dam up Stem - Banana stalk Stem - Florist's cutting Stem - Florist's unit Stem - Forward part Stem - Stalk Stem - Goblet feature Stem - Cherry throwaway Stem - Musical note part Stem - It may be thorny Stem - Stop the flow Stem - Controversial kind of cell Stem - Dorothy's aunt after being canonized? Stem - Cut off Stem - Bowsprit's setting Stem - Wineglass part Stem - Arrest Stem - Half note feature Stem - Bud holder Stem - Pansy prop Stem - Plant support Stem - Put a stop to Stem - Originate (from) Stem - Cherry part Stem - It leads to a rose Stem - Originate Stem - Part of a pipe Stem - It's on the watch Stem - Slow down Stem - Stanch Stem - Banana top Stem - Cell type Stem - Faucet part Stem - Thorn site Stem - Flower part Stem - Rose holder Stem - Aircraft's front Stem - Flower support Stem - Check the flow Stem - Kind of cell Stem - Snifter part Stem - Hold back Stem - Daisy supporter Stem - Flower stalk Stem - Cordial glass feature Stem - Slow down, on the slopes Stem - Arise (from) Stem - Leaf holder Stem - Leaf's support Stem - Curb Stem - Mushroom part Stem - Part of a flower Stem - Prepare to turn, on the slope Stem - Cherry handle Stem - Pipe section Stem - Blossom holder Stem - Pocket watch part Stem - Part cut by a florist Stem - Wine glass part Stem - Snifter feature Stem - Stern's other end Stem - Wine glass holder Stem - ___ cell research Stem - Cherry feature Stem - Blossom support Stem - Brain part Stem - Restrain Stem - Stalk of bananas, e.g Stem - Floral support Stem - Supporter of nature Stem - Apple attachment Stem - Goblet part Stem - Halt Stem - Stop Stem - Bow to the ship? Stem - Tulip part Stem - Part of a flower or wineglass Stem - Wineglass feature Stem - Caudex, in botany Stem - Stop the flow of, as a liquid Stem - Watch winder Stem - Pocket watch winder Stem - Hold off Stem - Flower feature Stem - Rosebud support Stem - ___ to stern Stem - Glass bottom Stem - From __ to stern Stem - Derive (from) Stem - The brain has one Stem - Cordial glass part Stem - Thorn site, on a flower Stem - Bring to a standstill Stem - Parfait glass feature Stem - Stern's opposite? Stem - Bush supporter? Stem - Root, wordwise Stem - Floral part Stem - Brain component Stem - Mushroom piece Stem - Cherry discard Stem - Staunch Stem - Hold back, as the tide Stem - Quarter-note part Stem - Check, as a tide Stem - Word root Stem - Vertical line on a musical note Stem - Fruit waste Stem - Skier's turn Stem - Apple part Stem - Morel morsel Stem - Grip for a goblet Stem - Prepare cherries for cooking Stem - Have roots in (with "from") Stem - Flute feature Stem - What an inflectional ending is added to Stem - Botanical support Stem - __ cell research Stem - Meerschaum part Stem - Bloom holder Stem - Long part of a rose Stem - Something that may get tongue-tied? Stem - Pot smoker's annoyance Stem - Broccoli bit Stem - Boat's bow Stem - Part of a mushroom Stem - Musical note feature Stem - Blossom supporter Stem - Part of many musical notes Stem - Wine glass feature Stem - Apple projection Stem - Long part of a flower Stem - Cherry leftover Stem - Stern counterpart Stem - Meerschaum piece Stem - Champagne flute part Stem - 31-down opposite Stem - Apple topper Stem - Peduncle Stem - ___ the tide Stem - Stern's counterpart Stem - Supporter of the cosmos? Stem - Spring (from) Stem - Watch projection Stem - Sunflower stalk Stem - Keep from flowing Stem - Part of 54-down Stem - A snifter has a short one Stem - Old watch part Stem - Branch Stem - Rose feature Stem - Pear waste Stem - Pear part Stem - Fruit discard Stem - Apple waste Stem - Be derived Stem - Garden support Stem - Stalk up till one encountered the south Stem - Stalk up till one came to the south Stem - The saint may stalk me up here Stem - You have to stalk back to have encountered the south Stem - Stalk back till one encountered the south Stem - Stalk back to have encountered the south Stem - Stalk up to have encountered the south Stem - Stalk up so that one came across the south Stem - Stalk up to this and one encountered sulphur Stem - Came up across the south for a stalk Stem - Stalk, shank Stem - 'stalk, shank (4)' Stem - Ski turn and plant stalk Stem - Plant stalk Stem - Stalk back as one encountered the south Stem - Met up with the south for a stalk Stem - Stalk up so that one encountered the south Stem - As a result of the stalk, one came across back south (4) Stem - It supports a plant Stem - Part of a plant Stem - Stop the flow of, check Stem - Any slender upright part, as of wineglass Stem - Main central part as of plant or glass Stem - Slender upright part, of flower or glass Stem - Slender vertical part, glass or plant Stem - Stop or slow the flow of Stem - Restrain the flow of Stem - Main part of noun or verb Stem - Halt the flow of Stem - Upright part of flower or glass Stem - Slender upright part of wine glass Stem - Thin vertical part of glass or plant Stem - Upright part of glass or flower Stem - A slender upright part as of flower Stem - Ski turn and plant support Stem - Vertical part of flower or drinking glass Stem - Slender upright part, flower or glass Stem - Stop the flow of Stem - Central upright part of flower or drinking glass Stem - Slender upright part, of flower or wineglass Stem - Check, stop the flow of Stem - Stalk to have met up with the south Stem - ___ cell Stem - Figurehead location Stem - Sunflower support Stem - Somewhat less potent part of a psychedelic mushroom Stem - Derive, with "from" Stem - Main stalk of a plant Stem - Greenhouse supporter Stem - Check part of wineglass Stem - Rose's mainstay is staunch Stem - Check support Stem - Stop a police forces rising Stem - Supporter upset new york players Stem - Staunch stock Stem - Spring associated with flowers Stem - Staunch supporter Stem - Stop and stalk Stem - Stock check Stem - Check stock Stem - Staunch - support Stem - Stock - check Stem - Staunch - supporter Stem - Restrain - staunch - supporter Stem - Hold back - stock - check Stem - Type of cell Stem - Staunch - stalk Stem - Stalk - check Stem - Check - part of a plant Stem - From -- to stern Stem - Apple connection Stem - Stalk in the garden Stem - Fruit protrusion Stem - One may be picked out of a stash Stem - Stop from spreading Stem - Arise Stem - Leaf part Stem - Green part of a flower Stem - Supporting structure Stem - Fruit stalk Stem - Rose supporter Stem - Part of a goblet Stem - Mushroom stalk Stem - Corncob pipe part Stem - Underlying form of a word Stem - Leaf support Stem - Winder on a watch Stem - Discarded apple part Stem - Sunflower supporter Stem - Flower's support Stem - Come (from) Stem - Hinder the continuity of one's main ancestral line Stem - Bloom's support Stem - Plant prop Stem - Stop and shoot Stem - Flower bud holder Stem - Poppy prop Stem - Flute section Stem - Quarter note part Stem - Staunch head's support Stem - Check section of pipe Stem - Axis Stem - Thwart; support Stem - Shoot or hold back? Stem - Stop; stalk; ship's timber Stem - Stop article being given different heading Stem - Stop the mets attack Stem - Restrict (flow) Stem - Stop the tide of attacks Stem - Stalk; staunch Stem - Stop (flow) Stem - Staunch branch of family Stem - Stop something growing? Stem - Stalk; stop (flow) Stem - Staunch supporter of tobacco? Stem - Staunch; stalk Stem - In power, losing a supporter Stem - Restrict flow in part of pipe Stem - Block Stem - Shoot; arrest Stem - Support second article, ignoring first Stem - Force in london's returned to make arrest Stem - Result (from) Stem - Stop a flow Stem - Upward part of a plant Stem - Bloom supporter Stem - Half-note feature Stem - Stop - this is a hold up! Stem - Restrain science, technology and english masters initially Stem - Stalk, stop Stem - Half of them under way? stop! Stem - Halt flow Stem - Staunch; support Stem - A flower will have one in spring Stem - Spring from the bows Stem - Hold back support Stem - Stalk half of them on the road Stem - Spring from and arrest Stem - Stop parts of the system Stem - Either support or put a stop to Stem - Check; stalk Stem - Spring is something one may associate with flowers Stem - Stalk located in one's temporal lobe Stem - Staunch support Stem - Stop me backing on to street Stem - Staunch supporter - the early move taking the leaders! Stem - Spring in the base Stem - Stop half of them on the way Stem - The root in linguistics, but not in gardening Stem - Stop to take stock Stem - Bud support Stem - Check part of flute Stem - Dam Stem - Proceed to arrest Stem - Stop the flow of waste material Stem - Staunch supporter of a plant Stem - Part of a wine glass Stem - ... to check shoot Stem - Stop american leaving power Stem - Cook without a root Stem - Staunch supporter of flag, for example Stem - Flower spine Stem - Curtail Stem - Part of 60-across Stem - Naturalist's ascending axis Stem - Banks stamp out problem at one of the early branches Stem - A cherry may be served with it Stem - ___ fields Stem - Check part of plant Stem - Throwaway part of an apple Stem - Banana part Stem - Check vertical part of glass Stem - Peony part Stem - Check, as a flow Stem - Fruit support Stem - Stay in south, returning satisfied Stem - Part of a champagne flute Stem - Rose support Stem - Champagne glass part Stem - Part of a plant or a wineglass Stem - Blossom's support Stem - Basic skiing turn Stem - Poppy part Stem - Rose's stalk Stem - Stop (a flow); stalk Stem - Check flower feature Stem - Stick in the ground? Stem - Wristwatch part Stem - Bank's stereo system is connected to branch Stem - Stop new york baseball team getting turned over Stem - Keep back support Stem - Site for a rose thorn Stem - Non-humanities acronym Stem - Whole note's lack Stem - Thorn's site on a rose Stem - Pear discard Stem - Flower's holder Stem - Virage en montagne Stem - Virage à whistler Stem - Static-x song for cells? Stem - '80s perth rocker Stem - Hayden song for cells? Stem - Static-x song off "wisconsin death trip" Stem - Static-x song about plant? Stem - Static-x song about a plant? Stem - Hayden cell song off "everything i long for"? Stem - Static-x song for cell research? Stem - Grabbed at celebratory toast, post-tour Stem - Thorn's place Stem - Check something growing up in garden? Stem - Bud supporter Stem - Central part of a plant Stem - Virage sur la neige Stem - Champagne flute feature Stem - Boat part furthest away from the bow Stem - Subj. group with a noted gender imbalance Stem - Virage de skieur Stem - Terme de ski Stem - Mushroom or marigold part Stem - Thorn locale Stem - In part loses temper and control Stem - Staunch, upstanding police force succeeded Stem - Stop! it's a hold-up! Stem - Mushroom feature Stem - Wind-up watch part Stem - Virage de saison Stem - Part of a wind-up watch Stem - Check incomplete caste mark Stem - Petunia part Stem - What to grab when this bud's for you Stem - Mushroom morsel Stem - Apple's projection Stem - Place for a wine charm Stem - Cherry eater's discard Stem - Check, or what the starred answers all have Stem - Pour tourner sur la neige Stem - Modern education acronym Stem - Component not found on a digital watch Stem - Part of apple records' logo Stem - Florist's trimming Stem - Thorn setting Stem - Part of a quarter note Stem - Feature of the items in the first parts of 21- and 49-across and 3- and 29-down Stem - Cook cutting out a part of vegetable? Stem - Petal pusher? Stem - Modern educational acronym Stem - Asparagus, mostly Stem - Fruit throwaway Stem - Check both sides of stereo system Stem - Second eleven possibly without a means of support Stem - Might grab a champagne one after record charts Stem - Support second article having expunged first Stem - Support second article having expunged first Stem - Stop, as a flow Stem - Tobacco pipe part Stem - Tobacco pipe part