Pets - Dogs and cats

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Pets - Guinea pigs, maybe Pets - 'no ___ allowed' Pets - Teachers' favorites Pets - Dogs and cats, e.g Pets - They may be collared Pets - Darlings Pets - Furry companions Pets - They may lie around the house Pets - Fish, gerbils and such Pets - Bad moods Pets - Fondlings Pets - Four-footed friends Pets - They may lick your hand Pets - Beloved animals Pets - Vets' concerns Pets - Rewards spot Pets - Strokes Pets - Hotel no-nos, often Pets - Mild strokes? Pets - Cats and hamsters Pets - Dogs, but rarely hogs Pets - Dogs and cats Pets - Classroom darlings Pets - They're in many houses Pets - Some shelter dwellers Pets - Subject heading in a hotel brochure Pets - Cats and dogs, for many Pets - Teacher's faves Pets - Leashed critters Pets - Sometimes they're allowed Pets - They're all adopted Pets - Clipping candidates Pets - Favorites Pets - Parakeets and poodles Pets - Step backward? Pets - Creature comforts? Pets - Teacher's favorites Pets - Veterinary patients Pets - Beagles and bunnies Pets - Vet's concern Pets - Strokes, as an animal Pets - Cats, dogs and hamsters Pets - Cats and dogs Pets - They're non grata at some motels Pets - Some adoptees Pets - They sometimes get christmas stockings Pets - You may find some lying around the house Pets - They're non grata in some places Pets - Motel prohibitions, often Pets - Caresses tenderly Pets - Consumers of purina and iams food Pets - Fluffy and fido Pets - Tabbies and terriers Pets - "no ___ allowed" Pets - Poodles and parakeets Pets - Snits Pets - No-no in some apartments Pets - Contents of some carry-ons Pets - No ___ allowed (sign) Pets - 10-across concerns Pets - Favorites in class Pets - See 61 down Pets - They sometimes require sitters Pets - Household members Pets - Class favorites Pets - Hamsters and collies Pets - Creature comforts Pets - Strokes ... or ones stroked Pets - Kennel visitors Pets - Some motel prohibitions Pets - Adoptees from shelters Pets - Favourites Pets - Vet's patients Pets - Animal company Pets - No ___ allowed (motel sign) Pets - Cats and dogs, e.g Pets - They may be housebroken Pets - Parakeets and hamsters Pets - Many adoptees Pets - Motel restrictees Pets - Loyal companions Pets - Collies and canaries Pets - Furry friends Pets - Apartment no-no, often Pets - Cats, canaries, hamsters and others Pets - Cockatoos, sometimes Pets - Cats and dogs, for example Pets - Furry or feathered friends Pets - Subject of a hotel policy Pets - Animal friends Pets - They may be indoor or outdoor Pets - Some motel guests Pets - No-nos at some motels Pets - Gait Pets - No-no in some leases Pets - Household critters Pets - Tabby and spot Pets - Fido and tabby Pets - Letterman's 'trick' performers Pets - Cats, often Pets - See 50-down Pets - Dear little turns for 6 down Pets - Domesticated animals Pets - Domesticated animals Pets - Little darlings - step on them Pets - Some resort prohibitions Pets - Bo and barney, e.g Pets - Plural noun in most apartment leases Pets - Cats and canaries Pets - Four-legged adoptees Pets - Local vet's patients Pets - Some are exotic Pets - No ___ (store sign) Pets - No-nos at some rental homes Pets - Dogs and hamsters Pets - Vet's charges Pets - No-nos for many hotels Pets - Favourites getting walkover? Pets - Dogs, cats and gerbils Pets - Cats and dogs, usually Pets - Animals with collars, often Pets - Kennel tenants Pets - Some allergy sources Pets - Collar wearers Pets - Cats and gerbils, e.g Pets - Kennel guests Pets - Hotels usually don't allow them Pets - Motel bans, often Pets - Hotel no-nos, maybe Pets - Vet patients Pets - Many animal planet subjects Pets - Caresses Pets - Quebecs ___ de soeur Pets - Adopt-a-thon adoptees Pets - Strokes a 62-across Pets - Cats, dogs and canaries Pets - Many are spoiled rotten Pets - Tamed animals Pets - Lizards and snakes, for some Pets - Veterinarian's clientele Pets - Goldfish, gerbils and such Pets - On the borders of perth precincts with the cats and dogs Pets - Strokes ... or ones getting stroked Pets - Lizards and hamsters, for some Pets - Family favorites Pets - Chinchillas, at times Pets - Hamsters, often Pets - Members of many households Pets - Dogs and parakeets, e.g Pets - Rocks, for a time Pets - Domestic animals Pets - Fits of the sulks, backstage Pets - Backing the pace of favourites Pets - Raise the pace for the favourites Pets - Caresses move upwards Pets - Raised pace shown by favourites Pets - Scabbers, crookshanks, and trevor, in the potterverse Pets - They rarely have surnames Pets - Puppies and parakeets Pets - Guinea pigs, often Pets - Some household members Pets - Some family members Pets - Household animals Pets - Household cats and dogs Pets - Goldfish and guinea pigs Pets - Cat and dog Pets - Friends that might be banned at hotels Pets - A lease may forbid them Pets - Pound adoptees Pets - Favored ones Pets - Guinea pigs, perhaps Pets - A sitter may be hired for them Pets - Turtles, sometimes Pets - Porno for pyros hit Pets - Guinea pigs and hamsters, often Pets - Parrots and poodles Pets - Parrots and ferrets Pets - No-nos at many motels Pets - Shelter adoptees Pets - Hamsters, perhaps, pace about Pets - They're not allowed in many places Pets - Shelter rescues, e.g Pets - Caresses, as a dog Pets - Cats and dogs, often Pets - Some are microchipped Pets - Indoor animals Pets - The shortest of distances upsets the favourites Pets - The shortest of distances upsets the favourites
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Dogs and cats (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - dogs and cats. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter S.

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