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Assert - Maintain

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Assert - Maintain Assert - Put forward Assert - Hold Assert - State strongly Assert - Defend, as one's rights Assert - Claim Assert - Express forcefully Assert - State with conviction Assert - State firmly Assert - State Assert - Declare Assert - State positively Assert - State categorically Assert - State with authority Assert - Posit Assert - Put forward as truth Assert - Say forcefully Assert - Postulate Assert - Voice with conviction Assert - Be forceful about Assert - State with confidence Assert - Not just hypothesize Assert - Affirm solemnly Assert - State forcefully Assert - State confidently Assert - State assuredly Assert - Affirm Assert - Say with confidence Assert - Profess Assert - Say it's so Assert - Stand up for (oneself) Assert - Avow Assert - Be forceful Assert - State as true Assert - Declare as true, state firmly Assert - You may well claim that that sounds like a good thing Assert - State firmly, aver Assert - One might maintain a bit of hair going the wrong way Assert - Claim that that's a sure thing, by the sound of it Assert - Claim that this is a sure thing, by the sound of it Assert - Claim that one can't go wrong with this, by the sound of it Assert - Claim a certain outcome like this Assert - Speak with conviction Assert - Contend, maintain Assert - Aver, maintain Assert - Establish control or state as true Assert - Declare, claim Assert - State firmly, declare Assert - State firmly and with conviction Assert - State firmly and positively Assert - Declare, profess Assert - Aver, declare Assert - Declare, profees Assert - Declare, state vigorously Assert - State firmly, declare as true Assert - Declare or affirm Assert - Declare to be true Assert - State firmly or vigorously Assert - State firmly and vigorously Assert - Insist there's no risk, it's so sound Assert - One may claim this sounds like a safe bet Assert - Claim that it sounds like this for sure Assert - Maintain as true Assert - Pick up lock key then lay down Assert - State benefit is about right Assert - State hearing is beyond doubt Assert - Insist upon a sure thing for the auditor Assert - Maintain a lock up Assert - State forcefully includes king in what's beneficial Assert - In distress, appellant revoked claim Assert - A part of one's hair lifted, say Assert - Right? redistribute seats around state Assert - Claim right in a property Assert - Maintain a lock so it turns Assert - Maintain - allege Assert - Insist upon (rights etc) Assert - Swear had a right look in the asset Assert - Contend Assert - State as fact Assert - Declare positively Assert - When rest gets disturbed, say Assert - Declare a lock should turn the other way Assert - Lock up after a protest Assert - Insist it's a sure thing for the auditor Assert - Confidently state Assert - Forcefully state Assert - Confidently say a lock turned Assert - Claim something positive about king Assert - Lock adult up in protest Assert - Be positive lock will turn after key's applied Assert - State clearly what our betters describe as dead, say? Assert - Declare something inevitable in speech Assert - State item of property right for acquisition Assert - State lock turned up with key? Assert - Insist lock and key are brought up Assert - Say it's a cinch, for all to hear Assert - Stares (anag.) Assert - State authoritatively Assert - Say it's a lock-up Assert - Stares wildly say Assert - Say you hear it's a sure thing Assert - Insist on getting a lock-up Assert - Say it's a good thing rain's coming through Assert - Say a switch has been turned on Assert - State a thing that's sure to be heard Assert - Declare it's a foregone conclusion Assert - Claim sounds like a sure thing Assert - Insist upon a lock-up Assert - To state Assert - Insist on a switch-back Assert - Insist something of value is inclusive of right Assert - Express forcibly Assert - Something good about monarch for state Assert - Insist a sure thing's sound Assert - State benefit right's accepted Assert - Maintain wild stares Assert - Tasers dispersed protest Assert - Claim with conviction Assert - Stress causes regret regularly Assert - Maintain awkward stares Assert - Declare with confidence Assert - Stares (anag) Assert - Aver Assert - Say something worthy about king Assert - Lock up, after a protest Assert - Declare firmly Assert - State to be true Assert - State lyrics confidently Assert - Declare to audience with confidence Assert - Maintain a lock that must turn Assert - Speaking, one strongly fancied to make a declaration Assert - State boldly