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Ava - A gardner

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Ava - A gardner Ava - Gardner of tinseltown Ava - Actress gardner Ava - 90's film autobiography subtitled 'my story' Ava - One of frank's exes Ava - Prize televised on mtv Ava - She played sarah in 'the bible' Ava - Mtv prize Ava - Modern music prize Ava - Kitty in 'the killers,' 1946 Ava - Gardner of 'the snows of kilimanjaro' Ava - Hollywood autobiography subtitled 'my story' Ava - One of frank's 27-down Ava - Gardner of 'the barefoot contessa' Ava - Gardner of 'show boat' Ava - She married mickey, artie and frank Ava - Ex-wife of mickey and frank Ava - Gardner of film Ava - 'mogambo' star, familiarly Ava - One of sinatra's exes Ava - Frank's second Ava - Gardner of "the night of the iguana" Ava - Ex of mickey, artie and frank Ava - Glamorous gardner Ava - Gardner of 'on the beach' Ava - Bogie's 'barefoot contessa' co-star Ava - Clark's 'mogambo' co-star Ava - Mrs. sinatra, once Ava - One of mickey's exes Ava - One-time wife of mickey and frank Ava - Bogey's co-star in "the barefoot contessa" Ava - Gregory's 'on the beach' co-star Ava - Ex of frank and mickey Ava - Gardner on screen Ava - The second mrs. sinatra Ava - Film "contessa" Ava - Ex-wife of mickey Ava - Gardner of hollywood Ava - Sinatra's wife before mia Ava - 1990 film star autobiography subtitled 'my story' Ava - Big name in 50’s hollywood Ava - "contessa" portrayer Ava - Ex of artie, frank and mickey Ava - Marilu, on "evening shade" Ava - She played sarah in "the bible" Ava - Screen siren gardner Ava - Co-star with clark and grace Ava - Wife of mickey and frank Ava - Gardner in "seven days in may" Ava - Clark's "mogambo" co-star Ava - She was julie in "show boat" Ava - 1990 hollywood autobiography subtitled 'my story' Ava - Lana contemporary Ava - Ex of mickey Ava - Ex of artie and mickey Ava - Ex of frank Ava - Sinatra's gardner Ava - Moira's player in 'on the beach' Ava - Frank's second wife Ava - Gardner of 'mogambo' Ava - Frank's wife before mia Ava - Ms. gardner Ava - Film contessa Ava - Gardner of the screen Ava - An ex of mickey Ava - An ex of artie and frank Ava - Clark's "mogambo" costar Ava - Gregory's "on the beach" costar Ava - Ex of mickey and artie Ava - Actress gardner of "the night of the iguana" Ava - Contessa portrayer Ava - Hollywood first name Ava - Clark's mogambo co-star Ava - ___ gardner who married frank sinatra Ava - Clark's co-star in 'mogambo' Ava - Gardner, for one Ava - Gardner of "show boat" Ava - "evening shade" character Ava - Sinatra ex gardner Ava - An ex of frank Ava - One-time wife of mickey Ava - Humphrey's "the barefoot contessa" costar Ava - She played eloise in 'mogambo' Ava - Kirk's sort-of love interest in seven days in may Ava - Mickey was her first husband Ava - Ex of artie and frank Ava - Gardner of 'the night of the iguana' Ava - Smithfield, north carolina's ___ gardner museum Ava - One of eight for mickey Ava - Artie ex Ava - Hail Ava - Palindromic wonan's name Ava - "the barefoot contessa" costar gardner Ava - Gardner of "one touch of venus" Ava - She played julie in "show boat" (1951) Ava - "mogambo" actress gardner Ava - "mogambo"'s gardner Ava - Gardner of "the killers" Ava - Gardner of note Ava - Kitty portrayer in "the killers" Ava - Burt's costar in "the killers" Ava - Loser to audrey for the 1953 best actress oscar Ava - Frank sinatra ex gardner Ava - Gardner once romantically linked to frank sinatra and ernest hemingway Ava - "one touch of venus" star gardner Ava - Mickey rooney ex Ava - Gardner who was once married to frank sinatra Ava - Frank sinatra's wife before mia Ava - Acting gardner Ava - 'one touch of venus' star gardner Ava - Burma's capital city for nearly five centuries Ava - Gardner of the silver screen Ava - Maxine portrayer in "the night of the iguana" Ava - Ms gardner Ava - Palindromic girl's name Ava - Gardner of "on the beach" Ava - ___ gardner, mrs. sinatra #2 Ava - "barefoot contessa" marquee name Ava - Gardner of old hollywood Ava - Mickey rooney ex gardner Ava - Tyrone's 'the sun also rises' co-star Ava - Ex of mickey and frank Ava - 'nip/tuck' character moore Ava - Sarah in "the bible" Ava - Popular name for baby girls Ava - Gardner of "mogambo" Ava - "mogambo" first name Ava - Actress gardner, for one Ava - 1990 celebrity autobiography subtitled 'my story' Ava - Palindromic girl's name that ranked among the 10 most popular in each of the past five years Ava - "mogambo" star gardner Ava - Top-5 baby girl name in 2009 Ava - Burt and kirk's love interest in "seven days in may" Ava - Charlton's "earthquake" co-star Ava - Gardner of "mayerling" Ava - One of frank's four wives Ava - '___ adore' (smashing pumpkins single) Ava - "the barefoot contessa" star gardner Ava - One of frank's wives Ava - Clark's co-star in 'mogam-bo' Ava - Gardner of 'mogam-bo' Ava - Clark's 'mogambo' costar Ava - Gardner of movies Ava - Mob member Ava - Hollywood's gardner Ava - Palindromic woman's name Ava - Gardner of films Ava - Gardner of old films Ava - Gardner of old movies Ava - An ex of artie, mickey and frank Ava - Burt's 'the killers' co-star Ava - . . . gardner (film star) Ava - She was linda in "singapore" Ava - To frank, she's a capital gardener Ava - Palindromic girl Ava - Top 10 name for baby girls every year from 2005 to 2010 Ava - 1998 smashing pumpkins single '___ adore' Ava - Hollywood legend gardner Ava - '___ adore' (1998 smashing pumpkins single) Ava - Burt's "the killers" co-star Ava - Top-10 baby girl's name since 2005 Ava - Popular baby girl's name Ava - Ms gardner started an avalanche Ava - First of mickey's wives Ava - Maria's portrayer in 'the barefoot contessa' Ava - Sinatra bride gardner Ava - Former mrs. frank sinatra Ava - Palindromic gardner Ava - Gardner of 'mo-gambo' Ava - Honey bear portrayer in "mogambo" Ava - Top-10 baby girl name since 2005 Ava - Burt's co-star in 'the killers' Ava - "middle of nowhere" director duvernay Ava - #5 baby girl name in '11 Ava - Frank sinatra's second Ava - Co-star of richard in "the night of the iguana" Ava - #5 baby girl name in 2012 Ava - Gardner once married to sinatra Ava - Kate's role in "the aviator" Ava - '___: my story' (tinseltown autobiography) Ava - Sinatra's flame Ava - Co-star of burt in "the killers" Ava - Gardner the screen legend Ava - Miss gardner Ava - Musical instrument played by dorothy ashby, corky hale etc Ava - Gardner of 'mayerling' Ava - #5 baby girl name in 2013 Ava - Duvernay who directed 'selma' Ava - 'selma' director duvernay Ava - Articles about opposing a woman Ava - - - gardner (films) Ava - Five in motorist's club with surname gardner Ava - -- gardner, actress Ava - -- gardner, us film actress 1922-90 Ava - Gardner of "the hucksters" Ava - A.i. woman in 2015's 'ex machina' Ava - Top-five baby girl's name since 2006 Ava - Bible seen by a woman Ava - #5 baby girl name in 2014 Ava - Oddly missing latvian girl Ava - Frankie's femme Ava - Mickey's first and frank's second wife Ava - Gardner who was married to mickey rooney, artie shaw and frank sinatra Ava - Glam gardner Ava - Robot played by alicia vikander in 'ex machina' Ava - 'mogambo' actress gardner Ava - Costar of richard in 'the night of the iguana' Ava - Gardner of 'the bribe' Ava - Joelle carter's "justified" role Ava - "selma" director duvernay Ava - Alicia vikander's palindromic 'ex machina' role Ava - - gardner, us actress Ava - 'ex machina' robot Ava - On Ava - Actress gardner or director duvernay Ava - #5 baby girl name for 2014 Ava - Gardner who played the barefoot contessa Ava - Currently popular baby girl name Ava - The palindromic ex of frank Ava - #4 baby girl name for 2015 Ava - Smashing pumpkins "___ adore" Ava - Smashing pumpkins: "___ adore" Ava - Pumpkins "we must never be apart" song "___ adore" Ava - Perry blake song about actress gardner? Ava - Suzanne vega "frank and ___" Ava - Pumpkins "___ adore" Ava - Robot in 2015's 'ex machina' Ava - Barber of 'the lawrence welk show' Ava - Seat of missouri's douglas county Ava - Director duvernay Ava - Brett's portrayer in 1957's 'the sun also rises' Ava - Top-five baby girl name Ava - Director duvernay of 'selma' Ava - Oscar-nominated director duvernay Ava - Director duvernay of the upcoming 'a wrinkle in time' Ava - '13th' director duvernay Ava - 'middle of nowhere' director duvernay Ava - Popular baby girl name Ava - Girl beginning to annoy virginia Ava - Emma, olivia, __, sophia, isabella (top-5 list for 2016) Ava - '13th' documentarian duvernay