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Asap - 'stat!'

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Asap - 'stat!' Asap - How the boss wants things done, briefly Asap - 'immediately!' Asap - Posthaste Asap - Rush job notation Asap - Quickly, in memos Asap - Chop-chop Asap - Quickly, quickly Asap - Letters of urgency Asap - P.d.q., updated Asap - 'i needed it yesterday' abbr Asap - 'don't dawdle!' Asap - Order on an order Asap - Pronto Asap - In a hurry, for short Asap - 'pronto!' Asap - Message on a work order Asap - '...and make it snappy!' Asap - Rush letters? Asap - Exec's request Asap - 'make it quick!' Asap - Express letters Asap - P.d.q Asap - 'by yesterday!' Asap - 'hurry, please!' Asap - 'now!' Asap - 'hurry!' Asap - Job order notation Asap - Stamp on an order Asap - Rush order? Asap - Chop-chop! Asap - Rush-job acronym Asap - "quickly!" acronym Asap - Letters on a work order, perhaps Asap - Word on an urgent message Asap - Without delay, in a memo Asap - Posthaste, briefly Asap - Stat Asap - Letters akin to p.d.q Asap - 'stat' Asap - In very short order Asap - Express letters? Asap - "... and make it fast!" Asap - 'stat' in memos Asap - 'yesterday!' Asap - Order request Asap - 'quick!' Asap - Promptly, memo-wise Asap - Order heading Asap - Initials for the impatient Asap - Promptness prompter Asap - "and hurry!" Asap - Memo imperative Asap - Memo letters Asap - Pronto, in a memo Asap - Abbr. on an urgent message Asap - Quickly, initially Asap - Shortly, shortly Asap - Impatient initials Asap - Urgent letters? Asap - 'rush!' Asap - Memo directive Asap - "i need it yesterday!" initials Asap - Speedily, speedily Asap - "don't dawdle!" Asap - "hurry up," on memos Asap - Letters of haste Asap - Memo acronym Asap - "hurry up!" acronym Asap - 'on the double!' Asap - Promptly Asap - Pronto! Asap - 'quickly!' Asap - "immediately, if not sooner" letters Asap - Quickly, in the office Asap - Pdq relative Asap - "make it snappy!" initials Asap - Order request, perhaps Asap - 'rush!' order Asap - Without delay, in memos Asap - "right now!" Asap - Stat equivalent Asap - When the boss wants it Asap - Urgent acronym Asap - Pronto, briefly Asap - Quickly, briefly Asap - Urgency acronym Asap - Tout de suite Asap - Rush-order order Asap - Initials of urgency Asap - Exec's "now" Asap - "i need it yesterday!" Asap - Pdq Asap - Rush! Asap - "get on it!" Asap - "rush!" Asap - Without delay Asap - Pdq, in memos Asap - Sans delay Asap - Order ender Asap - Pronto, on memos Asap - Exec's "right now!" Asap - Pronto, in memos Asap - Hurry-up order Asap - "make it fast!" Asap - Urgent memo letters Asap - Exec's order Asap - Quickly, for short Asap - Pdq cousin Asap - Right away, in a memo Asap - "and step on it!" Asap - Acronym used in many offices Asap - Urgent letters Asap - Stat! : md :: __! : ceo Asap - Memo prodding Asap - "on the double!" Asap - Quickly, on memos Asap - Alacritously, acronymically Asap - Quick letters? Asap - "hurry!" Asap - "stat!" Asap - "right away!" Asap - Right now, to a ceo Asap - Quick request? Asap - Without delay, for short Asap - Request for special attention Asap - Acronym for the rushed Asap - Now, for short Asap - Stat for a secretary? Asap - 'pronto' Asap - At once Asap - Order letters Asap - Right now, for short Asap - Memo letters for "i need it now!" Asap - Right away, in memos Asap - 'the faster the better' Asap - In a new york minute Asap - "now!" Asap - Directly, briefly Asap - 'pronto' in a memo Asap - Memo letters, sometimes Asap - Order from a hustler Asap - W/o delay Asap - "chop-chop" Asap - Rush job letters Asap - Urgent order Asap - Rush order Asap - Ceo's "hurry up!" Asap - Memo abbreviation Asap - Memo shortcut Asap - Pdq kin Asap - Pressing letters Asap - "like, yesterday!" Asap - Stat for an exec Asap - Rush order shorthand Asap - "make it quick!" Asap - Memo abbr Asap - "pronto!" Asap - "tout de suite!" (briefly) Asap - Exec's "make it snappy!" Asap - Ceo's "quickly!" Asap - Letters denoting urgency Asap - "i need it now!" Asap - "like, now!" Asap - "quickly!" Asap - Memo notation Asap - On the double Asap - "get cracking!" Asap - Right away, briefly Asap - Mgr.'s "on the double!" Asap - Abbr. on an urgent message, perhaps Asap - Pronto, to execs Asap - Exec's "i need it yesterday!" Asap - "by yesterday!" Asap - Urgent notation Asap - Pdq's kin Asap - Without dawdling, in memos Asap - Rush job acronym Asap - Acronym for right away Asap - 'the sooner the better!' Asap - Without dawdling Asap - Acronym that sometimes means "right now" Asap - Office acronym Asap - Immediately, in a memo Asap - 'i needed it by yesterday!' Asap - "... and make it snappy!" Asap - "give this priority" Asap - 'chop-chop!' Asap - Ceo's "right now!" Asap - 'rush!' on an order Asap - Rush letters Asap - Right away Asap - Chop chop Asap - 'quickly,' quickly Asap - 'without delay' Asap - On the double, briefly Asap - On the double, initially Asap - Memo request Asap - Abbr. of urgency Asap - Quickly, shortly Asap - "make it snappy!" Asap - Dreaded letters for a procrastinator? Asap - "without delay!" Asap - Exec's "fast!" Asap - Pronto, so to speak Asap - "immediately!" Asap - How to say "hurry up" in a hurry Asap - Really quick Asap - "now!" in a memo Asap - "hurry up!" in memos Asap - "stat" alternative Asap - "yesterday!" Asap - Soonest, so to speak Asap - Right now, as hidden in this puzzle's longest answers Asap - With a quickness Asap - "stat!" cousin Asap - 'quickly!,' on an order Asap - 'chop-chop!,' on a memo Asap - 'gogogo!' Asap - Quicker than quick Asap - "i need it fast!" Asap - Soonest Asap - "quickly!" in a memo Asap - With all haste Asap - Initials from the impatient Asap - Without wasting time, for short Asap - Letters that get things moving Asap - Letters like pdq Asap - Rush-job order Asap - Pronto, initially Asap - Hustler's letters Asap - Right now, in memos Asap - With a quickness, briefly Asap - Immediately, in memos Asap - Pronto, for short Asap - 'rush!,' on an order Asap - Impatient one's acronym Asap - Stat in the office? Asap - "fast!" on a memo Asap - 'do it now!' Asap - Memo order Asap - Quick-like Asap - Letters on a memo Asap - Without dilly-dallying Asap - This instant, so to speak Asap - When rush jobs must be done Asap - When to do rush jobs Asap - Immediately, so to speak Asap - Straightaway, briefly Asap - Definitely not "whenever's convenient" Asap - "right away!" letters Asap - Exec's "i want it now!" Asap - "now! Asap - Rush-job letters Asap - 'and make it snappy!' Asap - Kin of pdq Asap - Memo letters Asap - Soon, in memos Asap - Promptly, in memos Asap - Promptly, on a memo Asap - Pronto, on a memo Asap - Now, on a memo Asap - Pronto, in an e-mail Asap - Without delay, on a memo Asap - Now, in an e-mail Asap - Now, in a memo Asap - Pronto, acronymically Asap - Memo writer's 'now!' Asap - 'without delay' acronym Asap - Now, initially Asap - Quickly, on a memo Asap - Fast, on a memo Asap - 'and fast!' Asap - 'right away!' Asap - Immediately Asap - 'and hurry!' Asap - 'and i mean fast!' Asap - Acronym that sometimes means 'right now' Asap - How to be a bit of a fool without a bit of a delay Asap - What a silly one one is initially, and without delay Asap - How initially to get to be an idiot without delay Asap - As it's up to father, there should be no delay initially Asap - There's no delay in being initially so gullible as this Asap - How simple one is initially, without any 18 down at all Asap - Without delay one is initially silly Asap - The way father returns without delay, initially Asap - Initially this might be a fool without delay (4) Asap - Soonest, initially (1, 1, 1, 1, ) Asap - Right away, in short Asap - So o nest initially (1. 1. 1. 1.) Asap - Notation for urgent, quick as you can (4) Asap - 'at the earliest moment, initially (4)' Asap - 'as quickly as you can, initially (4)' Asap - As quickly as you can, initially Asap - At the earliest moment, initially Asap - Notation meaning without delay Asap - ". . . and make it snappy!" Asap - Notation for as quickly as you can Asap - Notation meaning without delay, fast as you can Asap - Notation-acronym meaning without delay Asap - Notation or acronym meaning without avoidable delay Asap - Common acronym for quick-as-you-can Asap - Notation meaning without delay, treat as urgent Asap - Initials notation meaning with all possible speed Asap - Notation meaning without avoidable delay Asap - Notation meaning with minimum delay Asap - A father's turn for there to be no initial delay Asap - A backward father is initially soonest Asap - Right away initially with such a fool Asap - How like father to turn up initially promptly Asap - A fool wastes no time in coming Asap - The way father comes back without delay by 16 down Asap - Instanter Asap - Before all else Asap - "posthaste!" Asap - Promptly, in a memo Asap - 'now!,' in a memo Asap - 'and quickly!' Asap - "stat!" relative Asap - Soonest, slangily Asap - "pronto!" initials Asap - At your earliest convenience Asap - As soon as possible Asap - As quickly as you can Asap - A slow type, quick as you can! Asap - Fast, if you please Asap - ". . . and make it fast!" Asap - "chop-chop!" in a memo Asap - Often-exclamatory acronym Asap - "immediately" letters Asap - Rush-job notation Asap - 'this is a priority!' Asap - "right now!" in a memo Asap - Pronto, in office speak Asap - Rush-order shorthand Asap - Hurry-up acronym Asap - Stat! Asap - Immediately, on a memo Asap - Order to get moving Asap - Without delay, quickly Asap - Immediately, if not sooner Asap - Trump's "today!" Asap - Lickety-split, in a memo Asap - "sure, why not!" Asap - Urgently Asap - Source of apple juice with high priority Asap - Violent weather Asap - Dane leaves pasadena in short without losing time Asap - Quickly, in a memo Asap - "right now" in a memo Asap - Right now, in a memo Asap - Abbr. like pdq Asap - A local fool in a hurry Asap - Action oriented acronym Asap - Like, yesterday Asap - With haste, hastily Asap - On the double, in memos Asap - "yesterday!" in memos Asap - "hustle!" Asap - Immediately, to an exec Asap - 'make it snappy,' on an order Asap - By yesterday, so to speak Asap - 'hurry!,' on an order Asap - Exec's "i need it now!" Asap - 'it can't wait!' Asap - Inits. on a rush order Asap - Acronym of urgency Asap - Order to move Asap - "chop-chop!" Asap - "now!" to an exec Asap - Acronym for one in a hurry Asap - Without delay, briefly Asap - Immediately, on memos Asap - When to do a pressing job Asap - Briefly, briefly Asap - 'must be done now!' Asap - "pronto" in a memo Asap - With all haste, in memos Asap - Acronym meaning 'hurry!' Asap - Urgent letters with introductions to arab socialist action party Asap - Opposite of "whenever" Asap - "by yesterday!" letters Asap - Rush-order letters Asap - Memo demand Asap - 'now!,' on an order Asap - Exec's "now!" Asap - Letters on a rush job Asap - Like a pimm's no one? the earliest you can! Asap - The earliest you can answer appeal quietly Asap - Exec's 'fast!' Asap - Letters meaning "right away" Asap - Manager's "now!" Asap - Rush job marking Asap - Ominous letters after "see me" Asap - Lickety-split Asap - Common reply to 'when do you want this?' Asap - Request in many a bus. memo Asap - At one's earliest convenience (abbreviation) Asap - As soon as possible (abbrev.) Asap - A fool, and how one should be parted from his money? Asap - Reptile protects its own head at the earliest opportunity Asap - Exec's "by yesterday!" Asap - "pronto!" in memos Asap - Much faster than soon Asap - "chop-chop!" on a memo Asap - Letters causing a rush Asap - "drop everything!" for short Asap - Acronym demanding immediate action Asap - Letters for the hurried Asap - "i need it yesterday!" letters Asap - Like a p in pdq Asap - When some tasks must be done Asap - Abbr. on an urgent memo Asap - Very quickly Asap - Memo writer's "pronto!" Asap - Office imperative Asap - Soonest, acronymically Asap - "this can't wait!" Asap - "do it yesterday!" on memos Asap - ___ rocky ('l$d' rapper) Asap - "hurry!" letters Asap - 'i need this, like, now!' Asap - 'make it snappy!' in a memo Asap - "i need it now!" initials Asap - "now!" in memos Asap - Ceo's 'pronto!' Asap - Yesterday, impossibly Asap - 'without delay,' briefly Asap - "don't delay" Asap - Interoffice directive Asap - Immediately, on an order Asap - 'i need that, like, yesterday!' Asap - 'quickly!,' in an order Asap - 'no dillydallying,' for short Asap - Rocky of rap Asap - "pronto!" on a memo Asap - Impatient letters Asap - Rush job initials Asap - 'strive' rapper ___ ferg Asap - "yesterday!" on memos Asap - Without procrastination Asap - Letters from an impatient exec Asap - Ceo's "pronto!" Asap - Quickly ace goes to moron ... Asap - Business stat? Asap - Urgently, initially Asap - "hurry!" on a memo Asap - Snake swallows ant's head very quickly Asap - "right this minute!" Asap - Son stops drivers parking right now Asap - "immediately!" on memos Asap - With no dawdling Asap - "yesterday!" on a memo Asap - Yesterday, so to speak Asap - "pronto!" letters Asap - Impatient request Asap - "quickly" in a memo Asap - Pdq alternative Asap - [i need this immediately] Asap - Demanding letters Asap - 'this is priority,' memowise Asap - "quickly," in a memo Asap - 'this can't wait!' Asap - Directive like pdq Asap - Straightaway Asap - "immediately," in office memos Asap - Hustler's request Asap - 'make it snappy!' Asap - Letters of urgency, in an office Asap - Forthwith, on a memo Asap - As soon as you can, initially Asap - Letters denoting soonest Asap - Rush-job initials Asap - Letters meaning "now!" Asap - Ceo's "immediately!" Asap - Bit of rushin' language Asap - Indication of urgency Asap - Hurried reply to 'when do you want this?' Asap - "now!" on a memo Asap - 'get cracking!' Asap - Hastily, in memos Asap - 'make it snappy,' in memos Asap - "make it snappy," in memos Asap - Without delay, in a note Asap - 'right away!' letters Asap - "immediately!" on a memo Asap - "rush!" on an order Asap - "immediately!" letters Asap - When the boss needs it Asap - "now," in a memo Asap - "stat" relative Asap - 'and step on it!' Asap - "pdq!" Asap - "right away" letters Asap - Acronym for "make it snappy" Asap - Letters meaning "pronto!" Asap - When rush work is needed Asap - Boss's "pronto!" Asap - "quicker than quick," in memos Asap - Pressing letters? Asap - At the earliest opportunity (abbrev.) Asap - "immediately, if not sooner!" Asap - 'get on it!' Asap - 'immediately, if not sooner!' Asap - "quickly," on memos Asap - 'right now!' Asap - Boss' directive Asap - Boss' directive Asap - Stat, in the office Asap - Memo's "now"