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Ahead - Winning

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Ahead - Winning Ahead - On the horizon Ahead - Leading Ahead - 'you go ___' Ahead - In the lead Ahead - Out in front Ahead - Coming up Ahead - Up Ahead - In front Ahead - Yet to come Ahead - On top Ahead - Winning, for now Ahead - Good place to be in a race Ahead - Leading the pack Ahead - Like the guy in front Ahead - Down the road Ahead - Having the most points Ahead - In the offing Ahead - In the first place? Ahead - Winning, for the moment Ahead - Directly in front Ahead - One way to set a clock Ahead - In the black Ahead - What most try to get Ahead - Great way to leave vegas Ahead - Still to come Ahead - Where a winner comes out Ahead - Each Ahead - Leading in the game Ahead - A good way to leave vegas Ahead - It's good to get there Ahead - In the future Ahead - Closer to the finish line Ahead - One way to plan Ahead - Out front Ahead - In first place Ahead - Having more gains than losses Ahead - Coming Ahead - To be encountered Ahead - Chasing no one Ahead - Like the frontrunner Ahead - Off in the distance Ahead - Road-sign word Ahead - "full steam ___!" Ahead - Good place to get? Ahead - Later, on a clock Ahead - Per person Ahead - Setting the pace Ahead - Up front Ahead - Currently first Ahead - At the front Ahead - In first Ahead - Forward Ahead - In front as in race Ahead - In the leading position Ahead - In front of Ahead - Good way to leave vegas Ahead - Winning article by school principal Ahead - Almost make good in notice in front Ahead - A capital forward Ahead - More advanced as a teacher? Ahead - Leading man in 13 across ignoring the odds Ahead - Leading man in a commercial Ahead - In front - before Ahead - Forward - in front Ahead - Winning per person Ahead - Best way to leave vegas? Ahead - Not eating anyone's dust Ahead - Onward Ahead - On track to win Ahead - To come Ahead - Each in the lead Ahead - Work completed earlier than expected with what salome got Ahead - In the future, or, when spoken with a long starting vowel, what the last word of the answers to starred clues can have Ahead - Given such a start, where you should be Ahead - Not trying to catch anyone Ahead - A capital position to be in Ahead - Further on Ahead - Leading man appearing in a commercial Ahead - In front, horse may win by this margin Ahead - Notice a man is first in the lead Ahead - In the vanguard Ahead - A man nowadays further on Ahead - Winning a point Ahead - In the lead, in advance Ahead - Leading schools have one Ahead - A boss up front Ahead - Leading article supported by prominent teacher Ahead - Expressed surprise about answer advanced Ahead - In advance Ahead - Further on, each joined Ahead - A hallucinogenic drug-taker giving up Ahead - Odd characters from mash met and taken away in van Ahead - Winning male featured in a commercial Ahead - Leading article on crisis Ahead - Up for each one Ahead - A short distance up Ahead - Notice a fellow in the lead, likely to win? Ahead - Advanced study's hard for rex in front Ahead - Light gas after cutting a plug up Ahead - First, for now Ahead - At or in the front Ahead - A capital forward! Ahead - Forwards Ahead - Before, but one can also be in front Ahead - Advanced to a crisis Ahead - Given such a start, where you should be! Ahead - A teacher in an advanced state Ahead - A body part in the van Ahead - For each person, it's in the future Ahead - Leading area hotel has regulars in demand Ahead - Australian poll's in the future Ahead - What's down the road for each individual Ahead - American deceived about energy at pole Ahead - Front-running Ahead - A school boss in front Ahead - Advanced Ahead - Winning article on school principal Ahead - Further down the road Ahead - See 5 Ahead - Winning the race Ahead - Leading in a race Ahead - Winning as a captain? Ahead - A man and a dog, at first, having a lead Ahead - Best way to leave vegas Ahead - A principal in a winning position Ahead - Far from trailing Ahead - A short distance in the lead Ahead - Dr arnold was one up Ahead - Up, in the standings Ahead - Primary aroma from big cheese is leading the way Ahead - Unabashed, ignores snub to get on Ahead - Winning answer had to involve ultimate in knowledge Ahead - Bruce "there's a beautiful river in the valley ___" Ahead - Answer boss, being forward Ahead - In the lead -- by so much? Ahead - Each individually at an advantage Ahead - At hogwarts, dumbledore was one up