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Sad - Down

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Sad - Down Sad - Blue Sad - Not up Sad - Lugubrious Sad - Deplorable Sad - Long-faced Sad - Woeful Sad - In low spirits Sad - Singing the blues Sad - Frowning Sad - Deplorably poor Sad - Regrettable Sad - Unfortunate Sad - Insufficient, as an excuse Sad - Dispirited Sad - Bummed out Sad - Bummed Sad - Down in the dumps Sad - Jerry lewis movie 'the ___ sack' Sad - Like some commentary Sad - Low Sad - Sorry Sad - Downcast Sad - Dejected Sad - In a blue funk Sad - Woebegone Sad - Sack adjective Sad - Requiring three hankies, say Sad - Somber Sad - Down at the mouth Sad - Like an emmett kelly face Sad - 'mr. dieingly ___' (1966 critters hit) Sad - Pensive Sad - Like baker's sack Sad - Type of commentary Sad - Sack in uniform Sad - Pitiable Sad - Depressing Sad - Elegiac Sad - Crestfallen Sad - Like baker's "sack" Sad - Pathetic Sad - Lamentable Sad - Disconsolate Sad - Melancholic Sad - Unhappy Sad - Pretty pitiful Sad - In a blue state Sad - Deplorably bad Sad - Hangdog Sad - Pensive, perhaps Sad - Feeling blue Sad - A crying shame Sad - Forlorn Sad - On the down side Sad - Melancholy Sad - Needing a lift Sad - Sorrowful Sad - In a blue funk, e.g Sad - God-awful Sad - Sombre Sad - In need of a lift Sad - Not happy Sad - Like a poor excuse Sad - Heavy-hearted Sad - Gloomy Sad - Teary-eyed Sad - Not at all happy Sad - In the doldrums Sad - Not a happy camper Sad - Down in the mouth Sad - Glum Sad - Wistful Sad - In a funk Sad - Discouraged Sad - Heavyhearted Sad - Mideast's house of ___ Sad - Heartsick Sad - Blue, in a way Sad - Inferior, as excuses go Sad - Far from joyful Sad - Cry-worthy Sad - Feeling mopey Sad - Moping Sad - In a blue state? Sad - Needing a 53-across Sad - In the dumps Sad - Chapfallen Sad - '___ but true' Sad - Wretched Sad - Bummed, so to speak Sad - Needing buoying Sad - Lacking mirth Sad - Like mccullers' cafã© Sad - Poor, as an excuse Sad - Teary-eyed, perhaps Sad - Morose Sad - Needing a hug, maybe Sad - Unlike a good excuse Sad - Depressed Sad - Tearful Sad - In need of heartening Sad - Replete with regret Sad - Cheerless Sad - Thoroughly blue Sad - Hardly happy Sad - Like mccullers' café Sad - Dark Sad - Feeling down Sad - Despondent Sad - Mournful Sad - Despond-ent Sad - With 41-across, 1979 robert john hit song Sad - Feeling low Sad - Lacking joy Sad - Doleful Sad - Tearjerking Sad - Like may tears Sad - Too bad the old man is standing on his head! Sad - Your old man is up and it's got him down Sad - So father has come back, somewhat depressed Sad - Not happy to have given a start to 22 across Sad - It's the old man's turn not to be in good spirits Sad - Your old man is not pleased to be up here Sad - This, you see, sounds jewish Sad - This makes 3 down a pressing matter Sad - It's father's turn to be 17 Sad - Not pleased, you see, to sound so jewish Sad - That sounds jewish, you see Sad - Not pleased, you see, to be jewish Sad - 6 down he is back Sad - Not at all pleased, you see, to be jewish Sad - Not pleased, you see, to sound jewish Sad - How deplorable when your old man is standing on his head! (3) Sad - Pity, you see, that this sounds somewhat jewish Sad - And this, you see, would sound jewish Sad - Pity that i might be in there in a manner of speaking Sad - It's tragic that your old man is up to this Sad - Father is back to give a start to 21 across Sad - Too bad father's back Sad - Pity that makes one sound jewish, you see Sad - Too bad your old man's back Sad - Sorry to say that gets to sound jewish, you see Sad - Not happy, you see, to sound so jewish Sad - Father is not at all happy to be back Sad - Too bad father is standing on his head! (3) Sad - Too bad father is up Sad - Your old man has turned so depressed Sad - With this you see how to be jewish, by the sound of it Sad - Not so happy, now that father's back Sad - What a pity that father is the wrong way up Sad - What a pity that your old man is so backward Sad - What a pity, you see, that this was jewish Sad - Too bad father has turned up! Sad - Sounds as if one is not happy, you see, to be jewish (3) Sad - So your old man is back? what a pity! Sad - Melancholy, depressed Sad - Mournful and depressed Sad - Melancholy, downhearted Sad - Sorrowful, unhappy Sad - 'unhappy, down (3)' Sad - What a pity that this could be jewish, d'you see, by the sound of it Sad - Downhearted Sad - What a pity, you see, that this sounds so jewish Sad - A form of depression in winter, initially Sad - Unhappy or melancholy Sad - 'unhappy, sorry (3)' Sad - Melancholy and depressed Sad - Unhappy, sorry Sad - Melancholy or pitiful Sad - Melancholy, triste Sad - Too bad, you see, for one of 14 down Sad - What a jew might be, d'you see? down with it Sad - Not a happy sound, you see, for a jew Sad - Father's back, very low Sad - Da's had a turn and is unhappy Sad - Your man has turned gloomy Sad - Not happy to be jewish, you see, soundly Sad - Too bad the old man is up Sad - Too bad the old man is up (3) Sad - It's not this, you see, that would make the jew unhappy Sad - Too bad, you see, that this sounds so jewish Sad - Too bad father is back Sad - Too bad father's going wrong Sad - Too bad the old man's standing on his head Sad - 'this, you see, may he brew with depression, maybe (3)' Sad - D'you see how jewish this could make it? Sad - Too bad the old man is back Sad - Not pleased to be jewish, you see Sad - Too bad, father is back Sad - With this, you see, you're not happy to be jewish Sad - Piteous Sad - Unhappy, down Sad - Like a tearjerker Sad - What a texter of ':-(' might be Sad - Father's back from down Sad - The german's backed down Sad - Blue pills a doctor provides Sad - Mournful - sorry Sad - Adjective for a sack? Sad - "___ but true" Sad - Tear-jerking Sad - Pitiful Sad - Heart-wrenching Sad - Not even on cloud one Sad - Like slow songs, sometimes Sad - Like eeyore Sad - "that's a shame!" Sad - Plaintive Sad - Far from on cloud nine Sad - Living in a blue state? Sad - Out of spirits Sad - Needing cheering Sad - Adjective often before "commentary" Sad - It's down to fathers turning up Sad - Full of tears, say Sad - Type of ending or sack Sad - Not even on cloud one? Sad - In a blue mood Sad - Feeling gloomy Sad - Like one texting :-( Sad - 'how ___' Sad - Winter blues, initially Sad - Miserable Sad - Condition worst in winter, making one blue Sad - Blue movies ultimately viewed these days Sad - ------ death, metal band hailed as kings of grindcore Sad - Arthur alexander classic covered by the beatles Sad - Such songs say the most to elton Sad - No jam, it's a janis joplin album Sad - - - canvas (japan album) Sad - Blue or grey Sad - Unhappy, sorrowful Sad - Tragic appeal by duke Sad - 11 dn's definition initially supports it Sad - Son, notice, is blue Sad - Like the variety of nicholas blake Sad - The german turned up in blue Sad - Blue stand used at regular intervals Sad - Blue fish, hard to be missed Sad - Father's retiring unhappy Sad - In a dismal mood Sad - 'how pathetic' Sad - Dismal Sad - See 62-down Sad - Unhappy at making the sabbath commercial Sad - Aversion to winter making one blue Sad - Blue -- not quite up Sad - Mentioned one being put out and far from happy Sad - Polish knight has gone blue Sad - Leaders of scots are disappointed and glum Sad - Down when up on day Sad - Heads of sheep always down low Sad - Unhappy relatives retiring Sad - __ sack Sad - Initially sons and daughters are miserable Sad - Not exactly doing cartwheels Sad - What this means: :-( Sad - Needing a lift? Sad - Weeping, perhaps Sad - Grief-filled Sad - In need of some cheering up Sad - Mediocre Sad - Feeling downcast Sad - '___ eyes' (1979 chart-topper by robert john) Sad - Ambassadorial cover-up is pathetic Sad - Devoid of joy Sad - Really poor Sad - Like a texter who types ":-(" Sad - Down, say Sad - A long way from festive Sad - ___ sack Sad - Eyes, to bee gees Sad - Songs that "say so much," to elton Sad - Rolling stones: "___ day" Sad - Unhappy pearl jam song? Sad - "eyes" to robert john Sad - Ballads, sometimes Sad - Repeated word in stones "steel wheels" opener Sad - Unhappy pearl jam "lost dogs" track? Sad - Robert john "___ eyes, turn the other way" Sad - Elvis "don't look so ___, i know it's over" Sad - The german returns depressed Sad - Trump tweet ender, often Sad - Lame Sad - Tearing up, say Sad - With 43-across, tear-jerking tune Sad - Bummed or blue Sad - Last word of many a trump tweet Sad - Address a discrepancy emerging in down Sad - Unhappy workers finally given notice Sad - Blew Sad - Singing the blues, so to speak Sad - Shameful Sad - Poor, as excuses go Sad - End of many a trump tweet Sad - Disappointing Sad - In need of cheering up