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Dip - Dance maneuver

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  • Dip - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word P

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Dip - Dance maneuver Dip - Short swim Dip - Quick swim Dip - Immerse Dip - Hors d'oeuvre item Dip - Party staple Dip - Fondue, for one Dip - Chip's partner Dip - Party preparation Dip - Potato chip accompaniment Dip - Dance flourish Dip - Pickpocket, in slang Dip - Move in a ballroom Dip - Downturn Dip - Salsa, e.g Dip - Party condiment Dip - Hors d'oeuvre target Dip - Ice cream scoop Dip - Guacamole, for one Dip - Salsa alternative Dip - Minor market fluctuation Dip - Do fondue Dip - A kind of stick Dip - Plunge Dip - Slight downturn Dip - Minor decline Dip - Decline Dip - Pool experience Dip - Hors d'oeuvres mixture Dip - Go down momentarily Dip - Tango flourish Dip - Ballroom dance move Dip - Road irregularity Dip - Small decrease Dip - Dunk Dip - Hummus, for one Dip - Party fare Dip - Party snack Dip - Chip complement Dip - Chip go-with Dip - Fall off Dip - Salsa or guacamole Dip - French __ (sort of sandwich) Dip - Sour-cream creation Dip - Roller coaster feature Dip - Cocktail party mix Dip - Party mix Dip - Easy addition to a potluck party Dip - Make caramel apples Dip - Brief swim Dip - Lower and raise Dip - Spinach or onion, e.g Dip - Double ___ Dip - Brief pool plunge Dip - It's in the center of a vegetable tray Dip - See 5-down Dip - Showy dance maneuver Dip - Ladle Dip - Cocktail-party bowlful Dip - Tango maneuver Dip - Cocktail party bowlful Dip - Temporary falloff Dip - Salsa, for nachos Dip - Ladle out Dip - Turn down Dip - Slight decrease Dip - Guacamole or fondue Dip - Onion __ Dip - Word after skinny or salsa Dip - Potato-chip topping Dip - Time in a pool Dip - Ballroom dancing move Dip - Feature of many a ballroom dance Dip - Go down a bit Dip - It's often near crackers or carrots Dip - Ballroom dance maneuver Dip - Chew Dip - Fall Dip - Road depression Dip - Swim Dip - Ballroom maneuver Dip - Brief drop Dip - Chips' accessory Dip - Party bowlful Dip - Pickpocket Dip - Potato-chip enhancement Dip - Chip topper Dip - Crackers' partner Dip - Chips accessory Dip - Tangoers' move Dip - Chip enhancer Dip - Plunge into Dip - Chips' enhancer Dip - Chip accessory Dip - Go down slightly Dip - Tango move Dip - Use a ladle Dip - Road sign warning Dip - Ballroom move Dip - Scoop out Dip - Those hills provide a bath with the men of england Dip - Might this go down over a low mat, by the sound of it, at the embassy? Dip - Get down to it for the bit of paper to make you low. ma, by the sound of it Dip - After the bath, so mania will keep one tight Dip - Sounds as if a ma that's low would get down to giving one a bit of paper Dip - How men get down to the hills in england Dip - Bathe with your lights down Dip - Plunge briefly in liquid Dip - Lower into water for short swim Dip - Depression in a surface Dip - Get down like this low, ma, when you're qualified Dip - Salsa, for one Dip - Informally a short bathe Dip - An informal swim or a depression Dip - A brief informal swim Dip - An informal swim or a downward slope Dip - An informal swim Dip - Lower into liquid Dip - Fondue feature Dip - Slight decline Dip - Chip coating Dip - Roller coaster element Dip - Turning, i would quietly make the dance move Dip - Bathe Dip - Chips' go-with Dip - One goes into 47-across Dip - A pickpocket may be lucky Dip - Fiesta bowl? Dip - See 28-down Dip - Tostitos bowl? Dip - Scoopful Dip - Guacamole, often Dip - Brief downturn Dip - Pool entry? Dip - Savory bowlful Dip - Dance move Dip - Pistachio portion Dip - Vegetable tray center filler Dip - Highway caution Dip - Small decline Dip - Chip's companion Dip - Veggies go-with, perhaps Dip - Submerge Dip - Hummus, e.g Dip - A few minutes in the pool, say Dip - Pickpocket, slangily Dip - Skinny-___ Dip - Mix for a mixer Dip - Ice-cream serving Dip - Chips' accompaniment Dip - Looking back, pawn papers in depression Dip - Commit a chip-eating faux pas Dip - Reason for a road warning Dip - Ice-cream option Dip - Driving hazard Dip - Go down for a swim Dip - Pickpocket's baptism Dip - Brief swim; thick sauce Dip - Finish perfected by allen johnson Dip - Finish of a hurdles race, perhaps Dip - Familiar finish to a hurdles race Dip - Benny the winner of the nineteen ninety-seven derby Dip - Sauce of a pickpocket Dip - Duck that may be lucky at the fete? Dip - Sink; brief swim Dip - Slope downwards Dip - Sink; thick sauce Dip - Dive into pool first of all? Dip - Pickpocket may be lucky Dip - Sink; immerse Dip - Pickpocket takes a swim Dip - Sink downwards Dip - Sink; swim Dip - Sink; sauce Dip - Thick sauce; brief swim Dip - Start of a bear market Dip - Immerse briefly in liquid Dip - A quick bathe Dip - Depression Dip - Lower Dip - Girl power brings depression Dip - Sink Dip - Dancing maneuver Dip - Chip's target Dip - Appetizer selection Dip - Slump Dip - Guacamole, e.g Dip - Sudden drop in returning epidemic Dip - Nacho chip topping Dip - Super bowl party bowl Dip - 'batman' sound effect Dip - Party tray food Dip - Stock market fluctuation Dip - Guacamole or salsa Dip - Salsa, for instance Dip - Quick jump in the pool Dip - Chips go-with Dip - Bowlful / you sink / chips in Dip - Go down Dip - Slight depression Dip - Drop down Dip - Bad news in the polls Dip - Might do it to your dance partner Dip - Classic dance move Dip - What shady manager will do into funds Dip - Chip scoopful Dip - Quick pool excursion Dip - Double-___ recession Dip - Immerse; sink Dip - Relish decline Dip - Sudden sharp decrease in quantity Dip - Move downwards Dip - Duck Dip - Bit of bacardi punch for those who like their sauce Dip - See 21 Dip - Ice cream amount Dip - I would take back pawn with pawn ...