Sentence - It could be several years

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Sentence - It could be several years Sentence - Life, for one Sentence - Set the penalty Sentence - Life or death, e.g Sentence - Five to ten, say Sentence - Court decision Sentence - Stretch in a cell? Sentence - Part of a paragraph Sentence - Follower of one's convictions Sentence - Something handed down Sentence - Convicted criminal's punishment Sentence - With 44-across, ten? Sentence - Paragraph part Sentence - Parsing target Sentence - Courtroom punishment Sentence - Set of words or legal punishment Sentence - It may be said to be served Sentence - May be served for a period till you get to a period Sentence - It's said to have ten in the scene to be served Sentence - Words that may be pronounced Sentence - It's said to be passed and served Sentence - It's said to be for the accused, but to a pronounced extent Sentence - One must be served, in a manner of speaking Sentence - It's said to be pronounced before it's served Sentence - It's served to an pronounced extent Sentence - One must be served grammatically Sentence - That must be served in words Sentence - That's to be said or served Sentence - Serve it or say it Sentence - Said to be served Sentence - Served to be a matter of words Sentence - To a pronounced extent it comes to a full stop Sentence - Time in gaol will come to the point at last, in a manner of speaking Sentence - Must be served up to a full stop Sentence - It's passed in court to be served elsewhere Sentence - 29 across may have to serve this, in a manner of speaking Sentence - That's what you may get for rookery Sentence - It may be said to come to a full stop Sentence - Served in 34 across till one gets to a full stop Sentence - Grammatical string of words Sentence - Jail term Sentence - It's said to be served Sentence - Period of imprisonment Sentence - Punishment awarded by court, or a set of words Sentence - In the beginning it gets sent and delivered Sentence - String of words or term in prison Sentence - Court decision on a grammatical structure Sentence - String of words satisfying grammatical rules Sentence - Prison term Sentence - A word-string - or a legal punishment Sentence - Punishment handed down by a court Sentence - Said to be what one may get in dock Sentence - Must be served for a period to a period Sentence - It's served to the point at last Sentence - Served to a full stop at last Sentence - It's said to be served to a period Sentence - To be served or spoken Sentence - One to be served or said Sentence - Served for a period and finishes with a period Sentence - Served for a period and ends with a period Sentence - Served or said Sentence - Served or spoken Sentence - Must be served to a full stop Sentence - To be served to a full stop Sentence - 'when it's finished, stop what's full at the end of it (8)' Sentence - To be served with a stop that's full at last Sentence - It's passed in court, in a manner of speaking Sentence - Paragraph portion Sentence - Grammatical term or term in prison Sentence - Fine words Sentence - Punishment that's capital to a point Sentence - A few words in condemnation Sentence - Words that get passed Sentence - A basic of written exam? pass it! Sentence - Words passed? Sentence - Period at end of this punishment? Sentence - Sequence of words - pronounced in court Sentence - Judgement passed on criminal Sentence - That which ends with a full stop Sentence - Words - said by judge Sentence - Group of words with verb Sentence - Legal punishment Sentence - See 11 Sentence - It might be life or this whole thing Sentence - Jail term and grammatical term Sentence - Judge's pronouncement Sentence - It's often between two periods Sentence - String of words Sentence - Grammatical term or prison term Sentence - Judicial penalty Sentence - Sequence of words Sentence - Bird that concludes with a period Sentence - String of words or prison term Sentence - Life or death Sentence - Five to nine, maybe, but not nine to five Sentence - Life, e.g Sentence - Punishment of court Sentence - It makes sense as a pronouncement from the judge Sentence - Judgement delivered in a few words Sentence - Condemnation Sentence - Judgment on convict Sentence - Pronouncement of judge feeling heartless Sentence - Condemnation must come to a stop! Sentence - Group of words for bird Sentence - Punishment (in court) Sentence - Punishment expressed in a few words Sentence - Written punishment? Sentence - Words of justice? Sentence - Ability to feel heartless conjunction of words Sentence - Punishment from court Sentence - Court punishment Sentence - Pass judgement on grammatical structure Sentence - Decision dispatched from here after leader is deposed Sentence - Life is one and this is another Sentence - 'politic, cautious, and meticulous; / full of high -, but a bit obtuse.' (t. s. eliot) Sentence - Court's punishment Sentence - Bird, possibly, that may be penned? Sentence - Eg i order you to serve three years! Sentence - Dismissed from here, hard to leave for prison perhaps Sentence - Grammatical unit and prison term Sentence - Pronounce judgement on language construction Sentence - Time-server's punishment? Sentence - Second part of 12 Sentence - Judgement Sentence - Time for a few words? Sentence - A few words could be fine Sentence - The fate of criminals in so many words Sentence - Judgement given in a series of words Sentence - Words uttered with conviction Sentence - Penalty clauses? Sentence - A few words addressed in french to the church Sentence - Only a few words, perhaps, but they carry conviction Sentence - A number of words meaning 'conviction' Sentence - Penal pronouncement Sentence - Confinement comes to a full stop at its end Sentence - In so many words, go to jail! Sentence - Bird that comes to a full stop Sentence - Tell you how much time you've got? Sentence - Court judgement Sentence - Time that should come to a stop Sentence - Set of words Sentence - One's served in jug perhaps Sentence - Just a few words may be fine Sentence - Time for a few words Sentence - Prison term given by one lacking awareness? just the opposite Sentence - Line of words Sentence - Condemn one to be removed from consciousness Sentence - Condemn grammatical structure Sentence - Allocation of time for piece of writing Sentence - Judgment Sentence - One has a subject offering judgement Sentence - Ruling given in a few words? Sentence - What begins with capital punishment Sentence - What precedes period of time inside? Sentence - Judge feeling heartless Sentence - String of words that could be fine in court? Sentence - A few words posted in french church Sentence - Court handout Sentence - Fine words? Sentence - Lyrical line, perhaps Sentence - Some rockers get a suspended one Sentence - Judge's punishment Sentence - Grammatical unit Sentence - 10 years, for example Sentence - Words linked with meaning in rap? Sentence - Perhaps this is time for a criminal Sentence - The criminal says the judge gave him one line on paper Sentence - Words which carry conviction? Sentence - Result of a conviction, often
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It could be several years (********) 8 letter. - what is this?

******** - it could be several years. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter N. 7 - st. letter C. 8 - st. letter E.

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