Scrabble - Subject of stefan fatsis' book 'word freak'

Word by letter:
  • Scrabble - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word C
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word B
  • 6 - st. word B
  • 7 - st. word L
  • 8 - st. word E

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Subject of stefan fatsis' book 'word freak' (********) 8 letter. - what is this?

******** - subject of stefan fatsis' book 'word freak'. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter C. 3 - st. letter R. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter B. 6 - st. letter B. 7 - st. letter L. 8 - st. letter E.

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