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Banal - Hardly scintillating

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Banal - Hardly scintillating Banal - Highly hackneyed Banal - Yawn-inducing Banal - Predictably trite Banal - Hackneyed Banal - Far from fresh Banal - Trite Banal - Humdrum Banal - Overdone Banal - Everyday Banal - Well-worn Banal - Old hat Banal - Unoriginal Banal - Yawn-inspiring Banal - Commonplace Banal - Unimaginative Banal - Like 'have a nice day' Banal - Overused Banal - Not the least bit fresh Banal - Trivial Banal - Clichã©d Banal - Far from original Banal - Insipid Banal - Not fresh Banal - Like an old saw Banal - Overfamiliar Banal - Ordinary and uninteresting Banal - There's nothing interesting in having a heathen 21 down around the north Banal - There's nothing original in having an idol around the north Banal - The north in the idol merely makes it trite Banal - It's obvious that one must forbid albert Banal - The commonplace way to have a heathen god around the north Banal - Obviously, that's a heathen got around the north Banal - It's obvious that there's a heathen god around the north Banal - Obviously that's the heathen god around the north Banal - No originality for this heathen god around the north Banal - Obviously, that's a heathen god around the north Banal - Forbid a half-century to be so ordinary Banal - The obvious thing is to forbid a half-century Banal - Trite heathen god around the north Banal - Uninteresting, commonplace Banal - Hackneyed, trite Banal - Overfamiliar through overuse Banal - Trite, time-worn Banal - 'trite, time-worn (5)' Banal - Hackneyed or trite Banal - 'hackneyed, trite (5)' Banal - Boring or trivial Banal - Obvious and boring Banal - Trite or fatuous Banal - Commonplace and uninteresting Banal - Trite and insipid Banal - 'dull, commonplace (5)' Banal - Lacking originality Banal - Obvious and dull Banal - Clichéd Banal - Not 'wow'-worthy Banal - Commonplace to find sodium in a laboratory back then Banal - Dully repetitive Banal - Mundane Banal - Forbid a student flat Banal - Rusticate a student for being trivial Banal - To rusticate a student is commonplace Banal - Stale fruit mostly at bottom of bowl Banal - Boring for 27 across to lead way to gangster Banal - Quite unoriginal Banal - Ho-hum Banal - Prohibition, most of all, is boring Banal - Without zip Banal - Stock Banal - Prohibition gangster regarded as commonplace Banal - First of boats on waterway heading off, boringly dull Banal - Pedestrian Banal - Everyday name accepted by pagan god Banal - Contents of lab analysis lacking interest? Banal - Dull old god without name Banal - Prohibit almost everything in flat Banal - Everyday name assumed by god Banal - Tediously unoriginal Banal - Don't admit gangster is tired Banal - Tediously commonplace Banal - Uninspiring name adopted by god Banal - Not very original Banal - Commonplace to forbid a first lover Banal - Prohibition on nearly everything that�s commonplace Banal - Common saint in a cycle Banal - It's rather clich?d to say it's concealed in taliban allegations Banal - Clichéd Banal - Outlaw aluminium; it's dull! Banal - Idol's assumed name far from original Banal - Old hat found in bar by a lake Banal - Boringly unoriginal Banal - Unremarkable Banal - Bland or trite Banal - Pedestrian to block a driver needing a coach Banal - Stop a lecturer being trivial Banal - Not at all original Banal - Threadbare Banal - Blah Banal - Overly familiar Banal - Tired, as usual Banal - It's rather cliched to say it's concealed in taliban allegations