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Ancestor - Forebear

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Ancestor - Forebear Ancestor - Great-grandfather, e.g Ancestor - Great, great granddad, for one Ancestor - One with descendants Ancestor - One known for forbearance Ancestor - Victoria, to prince william Ancestor - Genealogical discovery Ancestor - Genealogist's concern Ancestor - This implies that cornelius has got money Ancestor - Antecedent Ancestor - From whom one is descended Ancestor - Adam was our first one Ancestor - Person from whom one is descended Ancestor - From whom you are descended Ancestor - Adam was our first Ancestor - One of one's forebears Ancestor - It sounds as if one is for father Ancestor - One who came earlier with an engineered escort Ancestor - Old family member dances to record selection Ancestor - An odd escort for an older member of the family! Ancestor - He planted a tree using these hollow acorns Ancestor - Acorn set to become start of tree Ancestor - Forefather Ancestor - Enactors (anag) Ancestor - Antecedent, forebear Ancestor - Great-grandmother, e.g Ancestor - Wicked courtesan, non-u, identified as forebear Ancestor - Scorn tea makers, not being of the modern generation Ancestor - Not involved with races, one is up a tree Ancestor - A forebear, a wise old man who went round clubs Ancestor - A forebear Ancestor - Forebear? no traces, sadly Ancestor - Old member of the family -no traces (anag) Ancestor - Family tree entry Ancestor - An escort (anag.) Ancestor - A relatively historical figure Ancestor - Great-grandfather, for instance, eats corn only if well cooked Ancestor - Predecessor leaving no traces around Ancestor - Someone in a tree? Ancestor - Errant son traces relative Ancestor - Progenitor aggravating enactors Ancestor - Forefather? no trace, unfortunately, around the south Ancestor - His descendants left no traces, sadly Ancestor - Forebear -- found no traces Ancestor - Fianc�'s to rein in part for grandmother, say Ancestor - Can, anyhow, set store by being higher up the tree than you Ancestor - Rose can't work out who might be great-grandmother? Ancestor - Trace son in order to reveal forefather Ancestor - A chick originally in nest -- or older bird? Ancestor - Cares not about one farther up the tree Ancestor - Someone further up tree glances to rear, missing things on either side Ancestor - Contributor to person's descent or ascent, curiously Ancestor - Perchance story will include old relative Ancestor - An odd escort for an older person Ancestor - Front-runner, perhaps holding off germany, and it's gold for france! Ancestor - Drunk on crates had a part to play in roots Ancestor - Enactors (anag.)