Eater - Lotus-___ ("odyssey" figure)

Word by letter:
  • Eater - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

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Eater - Pizzeria patron Eater - Either of the sprats Eater - Fast stopper Eater - Faster's opposite Eater - Consumer Eater - Diner Eater - Gourmand Eater - Faster opposite? Eater - Peter, pumpkinwise Eater - Buffet patron Eater - "purple people ---" (sheb wooley hit) Eater - Faster's opposite? Eater - Peter, of pumpkin fame Eater - Foodie Eater - "peter, peter, pumpkin ___ ..." Eater - Trencherman Eater - Cafeteria customer Eater - One may be picky Eater - Lotus-___ Eater - "purple people ___" Eater - Cafe patron Eater - Opposite of 'faster' Eater - No faster? Eater - Lotus-___ ("odyssey" figure) Eater - Cafe patron, e.g Eater - "... peter, pumpkin ___" Eater - Gormandizer Eater - Competitor at a hot-dog contest Eater - No faster Eater - Restaurant critic, e.g Eater - Jack horner, christmas piewise Eater - Smorgasbord fan Eater - Fast breaker Eater - Diner patron Eater - Dinner downer Eater - Meat-___ (non-vegetarian) Eater - Real downer? Eater - Beanery patron Eater - Partygoer, usually Eater - 'peter, peter, pumpkin ___' Eater - What -vore means Eater - Cafð“â© customer Eater - Opposite of "faster" Eater - Fast finisher? Eater - One in a mess? Eater - Cafð“â© patron Eater - "peter peter pumpkin ___" Eater - One working on the side? Eater - One who wouldn't want to go fast? Eater - Miss muffet, before the spider showed up Eater - "peter, peter, pumpkin ___ . . ." Eater - Gormandizer, perhaps Eater - Non-faster Eater - "peter, peter, pumpkin ___" Eater - Feeder Eater - "the pumpkin ___" (1964) Eater - Glutton Eater - Gourmet Eater - One who noshes Eater - Restaurant patron Eater - What '-vore' means Eater - 'peter, peter, pumpkin --' Eater - One dining Eater - One feasting Eater - One noshing Eater - Bistro patron Eater - One putting away groceries Eater - Of course one might take this to be a tree Eater - Would one find such a tree at a table? Eater - One is dealing with everything as a matter of course (5) Eater - Of course one will keep the cockney warm Eater - 15 across is what this did with a tree Eater - So to be dealing with things as a matter of course could be warming for a cockney Eater - Consumer at table Eater - Consumer of food Eater - Gets a tree in bits as a matter of course Eater - One feeding Eater - Fast breaker? Eater - Plate cleaner Eater - Fire-___ (carnival performer) Eater - Cafeteria patron Eater - 'peter peter pumpkin ___' Eater - Kind of fruit plucked from a tree Eater - An apple taken off a tree Eater - One downing street, no good man, a criminal Eater - A consumer bearing with a change of rate Eater - Quarter bringing rate problem for consumer Eater - Apple warmer, though not hot Eater - One who takes sides? Eater - Man-___ Eater - Russell comes back to lawrence for right person in restaurant Eater - One rousing game sees opener dismissed for 8 part 1? if so, it could be jonathan Eater - What '-phage' means Eater - Picky ___ Eater - What gets devoured when the foremost lady comes round? Eater - Type of apple Eater - Fire ___ (carnival performer) Eater - Café customer Eater - A consumer of some taste - a terse individual Eater - Consumer society unacceptable in holy festival Eater - Consumer initially ignored standard feature of car Eater - Punk band that included dee generate Eater - (food) consumer Eater - Each teacher drops each apple Eater - It warms the cockney consumer Eater - One consuming Eater - Timepiece salesman left in diner Eater - Person taking course in college at erith Eater - Taker of food Eater - What "-vore" means Eater - A tree produced apple, perhaps Eater - The consumer shows some hesitation accepting a note Eater - Apple taken from a tree Eater - Consumer who may be on fire? Eater - Festival son ignored getting apple? Eater - Wild tree -- a sort of apple Eater - Go in with answer for new consumer Eater - What "-phage" means Eater - Cafe customer Eater - Kitchen utensil's taken first slice off apple Eater - Thanksgiving guest, typically Eater - Lotus-___ (stargazer) Eater - "peter, peter, pumpkin __" Eater - Fruit (but not a cooker) Eater - Consumer taking top off radiator Eater - Street vendor's patron Eater - Apple tree surprisingly bearing first of apples! Eater - See 78 across Eater - 'peter, peter, pumpkin-___' Eater - Consumer? Eater - One being nourished Eater - Word after light or fire Eater - Foodie, e.g Eater - 10-across patron Eater - Food processor? Eater - Restaurant supporter
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Lotus-___ ("odyssey" figure) (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - lotus-___ ("odyssey" figure). word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter R.

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