Evens - Roulette bets

Word by letter:
  • Evens - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word V
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word S

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Evens - Chooser's choice Evens - Makes level Evens - Choice in choosing up sides Evens - Makes smooth Evens - Balances (out) Evens - Planes Evens - Uses a plane Evens - Levels Evens - Half the integers Evens - Finger-choosing call Evens - Levels off Evens - Adds one to three, e.g Evens - Roulette bets Evens - Odds alternative Evens - Ties up Evens - The odds are against them Evens - They're at odds with odds Evens - One group of numbers to pick Evens - Some roulette bets Evens - Smooths (out) Evens - Odds opposite Evens - Chooser's call Evens - Uses a plane, e.g Evens - Equalizes Evens - Becomes equal (with "out") Evens - Odds partner Evens - Balances Evens - Half of the integers Evens - Planes, say Evens - Category that excludes 1 Evens - 2, 4, 6, 8, etc Evens - Two, four, six, etc Evens - They're against all odds? Evens - Finger-thrower's call Evens - Alternative to odds Evens - Two, four, six, eight, etc Evens - Ties Evens - They alternate with odds Evens - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc Evens - ___ the score (gets revenge) Evens - Large group of numbers? Evens - Makes flat Evens - Flattens Evens - Smoothes out Evens - Smooths out Evens - Not odds Evens - Levels (out) Evens - The odds are that the odds aren't Evens - The odds are that this could make you one under the eight Evens - The odds are they're not Evens - The odds are that they're not Evens - Oddly, these could be odds Evens - The odds are there's nothing odd about them Evens - The odds are that they aren't Evens - The odds are that they might be seen to be about five Evens - The odds are that this might give 19 down quite a start Evens - The odds are that you might make seven of them Evens - They come late in the day to be seen around five Evens - The south could make the odds fourteen at least Evens - That could be your favourite price Evens - The odds are that one might make seven out of this bet Evens - One's favourite sort of price Evens - The odds are that this is 22 down about five Evens - The odds are that it comes to seven Evens - They're not so odd as to have been seen around five (5) Evens - Bet you make seven out of this Evens - How odd they're not! Evens - The odds are that they're not (5) Evens - They're not the odd seven that they amount to Evens - The odds are that one might have seven of them Evens - Bookies' odds matching the amount staked Evens - These are odds, strangely Evens - Kind of bet where odds are one to one Evens - Fifty-fifty Evens - Kind of betting odds on seven Evens - Equal stakes on both sides in bet Evens - Kind of betting odds - seven of them Evens - Smooths the odds Evens - Paradoxical odds - enough to make seven of them Evens - That's all you'll get for your favourite Evens - Not odds but ends for 22 across Evens - Not odd odds Evens - The favourite sort of odds that aren't odds Evens - Odds are they're not Evens - Such odds aren't Evens - The odds are they're not for ascot Evens - Bet they're not 16 across Evens - The odds are they may be favourite ones Evens - Not the odd bet for seven Evens - The odds are that they're not so odd Evens - The odds are they aren't Evens - The odds may be against them Evens - For example 6 and 8, and 7 if you move it about a bit! Evens - Levels produced the day before by the poles Evens - A reasonable chance of 7 beginning at the end Evens - Girl at the poles goes fifty-fifty Evens - Odds, oddly enough Evens - Chance of getting results, lacking time? Evens - Early knights shouted the odds Evens - If the last were to be first, it wouldn't be one of them Evens - A woman, going to extremes, gets flat Evens - Gets level, yet nothing is lost Evens - Odds may be, oddly Evens - Some odds never to back? Evens - Quits endless competition with son Evens - Fair chance this number's lost its line Evens - Quits competitions, being short of time Evens - Timeless things that happen by chance Evens - Levels - the odds? Evens - Odds that win identical sum as the stake Evens - Levels - odds Evens - Level odds Evens - 50-50 chance Evens - 50-50 Evens - Makes equal Evens - Seven odd numbers, not including 7 Evens - Levels out Evens - Trues up Evens - Smooths Evens - Odds' opposites Evens - Some sets of numbers Evens - It¿s fifty-fifty first lady finds little school Evens - Hand game choice Evens - Chance in rugby game to get head ripped off Evens - 2, 4, 6, etc Evens - "one, two, three, shoot" choice Evens - Level odds? Evens - Roulette bet Evens - Settles, as the score Evens - It's fifty-fifty first mate finds little school Evens - Level betting how wenceslas found the snow, heading south Evens - Seven converted to flats? Evens - Fifty-fifty chance of seven running wild Evens - Unexcited when getting second chance Evens - Still beginning to shout the odds? Evens - Odds of 50-50 Evens - Odds? yes and no Evens - Some chance rugby competition won't start Evens - Presses the first mate to take directions Evens - Price, nevertheless, is cut Evens - Balanced odds Evens - Half a chance rugby competition won't start Evens - Betting odds Evens - Much shorter odds than 7 to 1 Evens - Odds poles got on the day before Evens - Odds offering equal chance of win or lose Evens - Likely as not snow will turn up at start of spring Evens - Man's losing the way - it's a straight bet Evens - Rugby's head to leave, as likely as not Evens - Odds on something very likely to win Evens - Odds offered in mid-morning break Evens - Equal chance odds Evens - Likelihood decreases Evens - Chances Evens - Levels less likely than 27 Evens - Exchange, substitute Evens - Dame edith has change of heart, seeing betting odds Evens - Level bet on directions taken by first lady Evens - Likelihood team's opening pair have got out? Evens - Fifty-fifty odds Evens - They are apparently ruled out in dick francis' odds against Evens - Regular with second chance Evens - Top rugby game's odds Evens - 1-1 Evens - 18 of 38 roulette numbers Evens - Makes uniform Evens - Rugby competition doesn't start with these odds Evens - When there is as much chance of winning as there is of losing Evens - Quits Evens - 50-50 odds Evens - Two can go into them with nothing remaining Evens - Improbable odds? Evens - Quits when rugby game doesn't start Evens - Odds! Evens - 50/50 chance Evens - 50:50 chance Evens - Odds that aren't Evens - Odds still short Evens - Fifty-fifty where ace is in matches? Evens - Odds? Evens - Quits from missus, never coming back Evens - Level betting Evens - Short form of rugby fails to start with equal chance Evens - Levels the score and quits Evens - 1 to 1, or 1d's head dropping 18ac and 17d, say Evens - 50:50 probability Evens - Level betting for the first woman to get two points Evens - Quits from business, never to return Evens - Odds -- or not! Evens - Chance to join hands at bridge with girl Evens - All square in topless form of rugby? Evens - Flat screen first given by bookie? Evens - Equal odds Evens - Balances up Evens - Level odds confused seven Evens - One ain't part of this crowd Evens - Coin toss call Evens - 2, 4, 6, 8, what do these approximate? Evens - Fair chance of taking time out from equestrian competitions? Evens - Squares up Evens - Numbers ending in 8, e.g Evens - Quits after delayed start to rugby game Evens - Odds' opposite Evens - Quits during elevenses? Evens - Rugby game doesn't start with equal chances Evens - Partner of odds Evens - Chance happenings, no precedent ultimately Evens - The odds of tailor not being part of revelations Evens - Chance rugby game won't start Evens - Seen travelling around centre of vladivostok in uniforms Evens - Levels the odds Evens - Seven bespoke uniforms Evens - Choice in roulette Evens - Odds (or not!) Evens - Odds in game of rugby slashed at the outset Evens - Paradoxical odds? Evens - Yet these might be the odds Evens - 2, 4, 6, 8, e.g Evens - Rue leaving revenue - what's the odds of that! Evens - What's the chances of revelations dismissing tailor?
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Roulette bets (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - roulette bets. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter V. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter N. 5 - st. letter S.

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