Metal - Kind of detector

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  • 1 - st. word M
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word L

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Metal - "heavy" music Metal - "heavy" music genre Metal - 'heavy' music genre Metal - 'here's - more attractive' (hamlet) Metal - ----- mickey (suede) Metal - Accept "___ heart" Metal - Airport detector activator Metal - Airport detector exciter Metal - Alloy Metal - Alloy component Metal - Almost any element whose name ends in -ium Metal - Aluminium or copper for instance Metal - Any of the transition elements Metal - Bad stuff to microwave Metal - Black sabbath's genre Metal - Black sabbath's genre, for short Metal - Black sabbath's music, for short Metal - Bone found in food is mostly hard Metal - Bullion, for instance Metal - Calcium, e.g Metal - Came across a pound coin? Metal - Came across albert in the tin Metal - Came across aluminium -- as an example of one? Metal - Came across with a pound coin? Metal - Cobalt or copper Metal - Coin composition Metal - Conducting solid Metal - Conductive material Metal - Conductive substance Metal - Confusingly, it can be a wood Metal - Copper or aluminum Metal - Copper or chromium Metal - Copper or cobalt Metal - Copper or gold, say Metal - Copper or silver, say Metal - Copper possibly had an encounter with gangster Metal - Copper possibly ran into new driver Metal - Copper, e.g Metal - Copper, for one Metal - Copper, say, buried under road Metal - Copper, say, tackled capone Metal - Courage to take tea in repast Metal - Def leppard's genre Metal - Description of aluminium at last - and the others Metal - Detector activator Metal - Detector type Metal - Eg gold Metal - Eg iron maiden recently sent up Metal - Eg, copper Metal - Eg, iron Metal - Eg, iron or gold Metal - Eg, iron, lead Metal - Einsteinium, for one Metal - Element eg for road or rail Metal - Element of change? Metal - Element such as iron, copper, zinc etc Metal - For example, iron maiden and others Metal - For example, lead guest finally into dinner, say Metal - For the lead, perhaps, an audition requiring pluck Metal - Forging product Metal - Founding need Metal - Gambling token Metal - Genre featured on mtv's 'headbangers ball' Metal - Genre for 17-across Metal - Genre for black sabbath Metal - Genre for iron maiden and black sabbath Metal - Genre for mötley crüe Metal - Given lead, perhaps, police pin down gangster Metal - Goblin cock's genre Metal - Gold or copper Metal - Gold or iron Metal - Gold or lead Metal - Gold or silver Metal - Gold or silver in heraldry Metal - Gold or silver, e.g Metal - Gold, for one Metal - Gold, silver or bronze Metal - Good conductor for one sort of music Metal - Good conductor? Metal - Grammy category Metal - Hard material Metal - Have a little tea from a tin in the middle of what you're eating Metal - Headbanger's music genre Metal - Headbanging music Metal - Heavy genre Metal - Heavy music Metal - Heavy rock? Metal - Heavy __ Metal - Heavy __ music Metal - Heavy __: music genre Metal - In the middle of the food one gets a little tea from a tin Metal - Intrinsic quality; stone for roads Metal - Iron maiden overdue to make a comeback? Metal - Iron or copper, e.g Metal - Iron or gold Metal - Iron or tin Metal - Iron, e.g Metal - Iron, gold or silver, for example Metal - It can be heavy or precious Metal - It is contradictory that this is a wood! Metal - It is still classed as wood! Metal - It may be forged Metal - It may be forged or precious Metal - It may be found in sheets Metal - It may be picked up in a bar Metal - It may be precious Metal - Judas priest's genre Metal - Kind of detector Metal - Lead or iron, perhaps Metal - Lead or zinc Metal - Lead, for example, as director of agents and others Metal - Lead, for one Metal - Lead, perhaps, from last 14 letters? Metal - Lead, say, a number of romans and others must follow Metal - Lead, say, for bond's boss and others Metal - Like most golf woods, nowadays Metal - Lithium or iridium Metal - Male, deceased, recalled as good conductor Metal - Many delayed backing copper maybe Metal - Material detectable in the ground Metal - Material for some slinkys Metal - Material used in 24-across Metal - Maybe copper confronted gangster Metal - Megadeth's genre Metal - Mercure Metal - Mercury or gallium Metal - Mercury or molybdenum Metal - Mercury, but not mars Metal - Mercury, for one Metal - Microwave no-no Metal - Microwave's foil? Metal - Microwave's nemesis Metal - Mint need Metal - Music genre Metal - Music genre that's sometimes 'heavy' Metal - Music genre word Metal - Musically it can be heavy Metal - Musically, it's heavy Metal - Nickel or cadmium Metal - Nickel, but not dime Metal - Nickel, e.g Metal - No-no in a microwave Metal - Old master drops rods of iron Metal - Old type of road stone Metal - One of the world's greatest conductors? Metal - Ore yield Metal - Ore material Metal - Ore yield Metal - Osmium or rhodium Metal - Ozzy osbourne's music, for short Metal - Ozzy osbourne's music, informally Metal - Ozzy's genre Metal - Palladium, e.g Metal - Palladium, for one Metal - Perhaps lead musician's first and others will follow Metal - Platinum, e.g Metal - Platinum, for example Metal - Quiet riot "___ health" Metal - Quonset hut material Metal - Rhenium or rhodium Metal - Rock genre Metal - Rock genre, informally Metal - Rock music genre Metal - Rock music subgenre Metal - Rock variety Metal - Scrap yard material Metal - Silver came across capone Metal - Silver or gold Metal - Silver or gold, say Metal - Silver or platinum Metal - Silver or platinum, e.g Metal - Silver or steel Metal - Silver or tin Metal - Silver, e.g Metal - Smith's medium Metal - Smwia word Metal - Sodium, for one Metal - Solid material, a good conductor of heat and electricity Metal - Something to keep out of a microwave Metal - Steel or silver Metal - Stuff in a mint Metal - Substance as gold, iron Metal - This can be too heavy for copper Metal - This type of music is too heavy for copper Metal - Time to carve the contents of oven tin? Metal - Time to tuck into food, finding tin, perhaps Metal - Tin or titanium Metal - Tin or tungsten Metal - Tin, for example Metal - Tin, for one Metal - Tinned tea during the meal Metal - Titanium or tin Metal - Titanium or tungsten Metal - Tungsten, e.g Metal - Tungsten, for example Metal - Type of detector Metal - Uranium Metal - Vanadium, for one Metal - What a detector may find Metal - What�s produced by leader of motorhead and others Metal - Wire material Metal - With 85-across, beachcomber's device Metal - Word in many music genres Metal - Word with "heavy" or "precious" Metal - Word with "precious" or "heavy" Metal - Word with heavy or sheet Metal - Zinc or zirconium Metal - ___ detector (airport device) Metal - ___ umlaut
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Kind of detector (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - kind of detector. word on "M". 1 - st. letter M. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter L.

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