Sing - Doubled, a pen

Word by letter:
  • Sing - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word G

All questions by word:
Sing - "of thee i ___" Sing - '07 annie lennox single Sing - 'it's snowing out now,' you cry Sing - - Sing - 1973 hit by the carpenters Sing - A sentence might get one at the double there to make 28 across Sing - A wrongdoer may get there at the double and be musical Sing - Act as informer Sing - Act as informer in either part of us prison Sing - Act the informant Sing - Apple pie seasoning Sing - Attempt a number Sing - Be a fink Sing - Be a rat Sing - Be a stool pigeon Sing - Be a stoolie Sing - Be an informer Sing - Be in a 32-down, e.g Sing - Be in a choir Sing - Belt it out Sing - Belt one out Sing - Belt out Sing - Belt, perhaps Sing - Birds do it Sing - Blab Sing - Blab freely Sing - Blab, informally Sing - Blow the whistle in serenade Sing - Carol Sing - Carol is backing one of the poorer grades Sing - Carol is both evil and good Sing - Carol is upset by one of the poorer grades Sing - Carol is upset getting one of those poorer grades Sing - Carol remarkable? not half! Sing - Carry a tune Sing - Celebrate Sing - Celebrate - society does, with gin cocktail Sing - Celebrate series of achievements in government Sing - Celebrate tennis match the french lost Sing - Chant Sing - Char stopped short to make notes Sing - Chorus starts to serenade in noisy group Sing - Community event Sing - Community hootenanny Sing - Compete on "american idol" Sing - Compete on 'american idol' Sing - Confess and get jail reduced by half Sing - Confess crime to avoid 'time' Sing - Confess what 8 can do Sing - Confess what's bad? good! Sing - Cooperate with the cops Sing - Croon Sing - Croon a tune Sing - Deliver some notes? Sing - Do a ditty Sing - Do a medley, say Sing - Do a number Sing - Do a tune Sing - Do it at the double behind bars Sing - Do karaoke Sing - Do lullabies, e.g Sing - Do numbers Sing - Do this twice and it may get you to jail Sing - Do wrong - gee, that's it in an invoice Sing - Doubled, a pen Sing - Emulate justin bieber Sing - Enjoy some karaoke Sing - Go caroling Sing - Half a prison? Sing - Hootenanny, e.g Sing - Illumination entertainment's other 2016 film (besides 'the secret life of pets') Sing - Inform - carol Sing - Join the choir Sing - Join the chorus Sing - Just one short invoice, perhaps Sing - Let the air out? Sing - Let's follow this vocally for underwear Sing - Loving cares might make this so musical Sing - Make a joyful noise Sing - Make a note of? Sing - Make like a rat Sing - Make melodious sounds with voice Sing - Make notes about char stopping short Sing - Melodize Sing - Name names Sing - Not all convicts in gaol turn informer Sing - Offend greatly at first and confess Sing - One might be twice so vocal for a sentence there Sing - One sentence at two such Sing - One way to make a joyful noise Sing - Participate at karaoke night Sing - Participate in karaoke Sing - Peach, like carol Sing - Perform 2-down Sing - Perform a 36-down Sing - Perform a ballad Sing - Perform a cantata Sing - Perform a ditty Sing - Perform a tune Sing - Perform an aria Sing - Perform in a choir Sing - Perform in a chorus Sing - Perform in a glee club Sing - Perform in an opera Sing - Perform in the choir Sing - Perform on 'american idol,' e.g Sing - Perform on 'glee,' perhaps Sing - Perform on karaoke night Sing - Perform with a choir Sing - Perform with the choir Sing - Perform, in a way Sing - Produce strains Sing - Prove one can carry a tune Sing - Put words to music what is wrong with force Sing - Rat Sing - Rat on someone Sing - Rat on the mafia Sing - Rat on the mob Sing - Save one's own neck, maybe Sing - Save-the-theater animated film of 2016 Sing - Serenade Sing - She was a punk rocker, reckoned the ramones Sing - Snitch Sing - Sound really good Sing - Spill all Sing - Spill one's secrets Sing - Spill the beans Sing - Squeal Sing - Squeal like a stoolie Sing - Squeal to the cops Sing - Supply a number Sing - Take the mic Sing - Talk, in a way Sing - Tell all Sing - Tell all, slangily Sing - Tell all? Sing - Tell the cops everything Sing - This might make one's plea nice and sound Sing - To chant Sing - Try out for "american idol" Sing - Turn informer Sing - Turn on tony soprano? Sing - Turn state's evidence Sing - Vocal carpenters song? Sing - Vocal travis hit? Sing - Vocalise Sing - Vocalise musically Sing - Vocalize Sing - Vocally one may have one sentence there at the double Sing - Warble Sing - Warble? Sing - What frontman will do Sing - What would the vocalist do to be shut up at the double there across the sea? Sing - When doubled, a new york prison Sing - With 71- and 72-across, classic louis prima tune Sing - With 72-across, noted maximum security prison Sing - Work some cords
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Doubled, a pen (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - doubled, a pen. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter G.

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