Sugar - Doubled, a 1969 #1 hit song

Word by letter:
  • Sugar - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word G
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Sugar - Babydoll Sugar - Kitchen staple Sugar - Tea drinker's request Sugar - Hon Sugar - Dollface Sugar - Some lumps Sugar - Beet extract Sugar - 25-across component Sugar - Doll Sugar - Beet or cane extract Sugar - Cuban export Sugar - Jamaican export Sugar - Doubled, a 1969 #1 hit song Sugar - Coffee additive Sugar - "... a spoonful of ___ makes ..." Sugar - Sweetheart Sugar - How sweet it is! Sugar - Lumps for the horse Sugar - Term of endearment Sugar - Kisses and such, in metaphor Sugar - Affectionate nickname Sugar - Monroe in "some like it hot" Sugar - Maple syrup need Sugar - Dearie Sugar - Sweet stuff Sugar - Brazil is its top producer Sugar - Honeybunch Sugar - Coffee sweetener Sugar - Cane product Sugar - Sweet thing Sugar - Cane or beet output Sugar - Major cuban export Sugar - Confectioner's need Sugar - Crystals used for dishes Sugar - See 61-across Sugar - Darling Sugar - Maple or beet follower Sugar - Tea additive Sugar - It's sweet Sugar - Bakery need Sugar - Musical based on 'some like it hot' Sugar - Coffee enhancer Sugar - Fructose, for one Sugar - Sweetener Sugar - Sweet cubes Sugar - Sweetie Sugar - Glucose, e.g Sugar - How sweet to turn round and make fun of us! Sugar - One is never too sour to turn round and make fun of us Sugar - How sweet to be able to make fun of us up here! Sugar - So to tease us up here does not leave a bad taste in the mouth Sugar - It's in good taste so to make fun of us back here Sugar - How sweet so to make fun of us up there! Sugar - White sweetener Sugar - Sweet white substance Sugar - How sweet so to make fun of us up here Sugar - White crystalline sweetener Sugar - Sweet substance Sugar - White crystalline carbohydrate Sugar - How sweet to make fun of us back there! Sugar - How sweet to make fun of us up here Sugar - Made up fun of us to start 3 down Sugar - '-- and spice and ...' Sugar - Term of endearment for drug money Sugar - A rug's maybe offered - how sweet! Sugar - Sweetener for leaders of students' union mounting fundraising event Sugar - Will's sweet honey, perhaps Sugar - Term of endearment sets back newspaper (american) Sugar - Mild oath (granulated?) Sugar - Cane or beet sweet stuff Sugar - Basic sweetener Sugar - Coffee-shop freebie Sugar - Toots Sugar - Coffee addition Sugar - Beet product Sugar - Cubes in a bowl Sugar - Cane or beet product Sugar - Dextrose, e.g Sugar - Baking staple Sugar - Tease american about sweetener Sugar - Term of affection for such a daddy Sugar - --- ray robinson, boxer Sugar - Bob mould's sweeties Sugar - Make more palatable Sugar - Sweeten Sugar - Ray, master of the sweet science Sugar - Tease american about showing flattery Sugar - Partly what a little girl's made of turning up to tease us? Sugar - Make more palatable serving of asparagus in turn Sugar - Cotton candy, mostly Sugar - Tea-trolley bowlful Sugar - Cotton candy has a lot of it Sugar - Substance in sweet cubes Sugar - - - ray robinson Sugar - It's returned to a city in sicily, dear Sugar - Argus (anag.) Sugar - E.g. glucose Sugar - It's in the kitchen cupboard, dear Sugar - Tease us going back for sweetener Sugar - Sweetener for tabloid america backed Sugar - Broadway musical based on 'some like it hot' Sugar - Does sweet girl want this kind of daddy? Sugar - Paper's no good back-to-front, dear Sugar - -- ray robinson, american boxer (1921-89) Sugar - Sweetening agent Sugar - Sweet lord often on the box Sugar - Sucrose Sugar - Cotton candy, essentially Sugar - Tease american about carbohydrate Sugar - Sweets-lover's craving Sugar - Big florida export Sugar - Return to tease america, honey Sugar - Glucose, eg Sugar - Result of raising cane Sugar - Common sweetener Sugar - Over half of the asparagus is returned, honey Sugar - Glucose, basically Sugar - Tea cart item Sugar - Cake ingredient Sugar - Sweetener for guards ordered to ignore source of danger Sugar - White crystalline carbohydrate used as a preservative Sugar - Plantation product Sugar - Sweets Sugar - Bob mould band Sugar - Grateful dead "___ magnolia" Sugar - Rock candy's only ingredient Sugar - Tea sweetener Sugar - Rock candy, essentially Sugar - Tease you and me over term of endearment Sugar - Alternative to corn syrup Sugar - Legal sweetener Sugar - Icing the problem? a rug's potentially the answer Sugar - Crystalline carbohydrate Sugar - Tease american thrown over by sweetheart Sugar - See 11 Sugar - White or brown sweetener Sugar - Daughter, one flirting with this term of endearment, could be dangerous Sugar - Lactose, e.g Sugar - Raw, brown or white stuff Sugar - Raw, brown or white stuff
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Doubled, a 1969 #1 hit song (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - doubled, a 1969 #1 hit song. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter U. 3 - st. letter G. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter R.

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