Ins - Re-election seekers

Word by letter:
  • Ins - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word S

All questions by word:
Ins - Powers that be Ins - Connections Ins - Advantages Ins - Current administration Ins - Powers-that-be Ins - Election winners Ins - Social connections Ins - They have seats Ins - Those holding office Ins - Status quo group Ins - Politicos with jobs Ins - On a mission, perhaps Ins - Ones with the power Ins - Officeholders Ins - November winners Ins - Sit-___ (1960s protests) Ins - The ones with the power Ins - Office-holders Ins - Powerful bunch Ins - Successful candidates Ins - Green card org Ins - Current powers-that-be Ins - Concern of 41-down: abbr Ins - The chosen Ins - Elected ones Ins - Seat holders Ins - Officials with pull right now Ins - Good connections Ins - Favored bunch Ins - Elected politicos Ins - U.s. green card distributor Ins - ___ and outs Ins - Office holders Ins - Break-___ Ins - Party in power Ins - Special connections Ins - Outs partner Ins - Members of the elite Ins - Outs partners Ins - Helpful connections Ins - Playable serves Ins - Adequate tennis serves Ins - Elected officials Ins - Ties Ins - Clout providers Ins - Outs preceder Ins - Re-election seekers Ins - Aetna's bus Ins - Powerful group Ins - __ and outs Ins - Office mail labels Ins - Partner of outs Ins - What this puzzle's long answers each have three of Ins - Electees Ins - Those with pull Ins - Green card agcy Ins - Good tennis serves Ins - Walk-___ (clients without appointments) Ins - Powerbrokers Ins - Incumbents Ins - Those with clout Ins - Powerful pols Ins - Networker's pursuits Ins - Fed. agency renamed in 2003 Ins - The policy bus Ins - Employed pols Ins - Helpful contacts Ins - ___ and outs (intricacies) Ins - Half the portals Ins - Roadside stops Ins - Chosen ones Ins - November victors Ins - They've got the vote Ins - Drive-__ Ins - Good serves, but not necessarily aces Ins - Green-card agcy Ins - Ruling party Ins - Pulls Ins - Big bus. in hartford Ins - What clus sell Ins - Wheel-greasing contacts Ins - Those elected Ins - Love-___ (1960s protests) Ins - Word after break or shut Ins - Connections with clout Ins - Justice dept. agcy. disbanded in 2003 Ins - Officeholding group Ins - Trade-___ Ins - Word after walk or run Ins - State farm's business: abbr Ins - Shoo-___ (certain winners) Ins - Good people to know Ins - Special favor providers Ins - Election victors Ins - Shoo-___ Ins - They may be able to pull some strings Ins - Parties in power Ins - "i know some people" people Ins - Current regime Ins - Clique members Ins - Ones with seats Ins - Out's opposite Ins - Grp. once interested in green cards Ins - Elected folks Ins - Write-___ (some votes) Ins - Special ties Ins - Org. once stationed at ellis island Ins - The powers-that-are Ins - Elected group Ins - Winning candidates Ins - Bus. with benefits Ins - "i know people" people Ins - Pullable strings Ins - Write-___ (some nominees) Ins - Walk-___ (clients sans appointments) Ins - Shoo-___ (easy victors) Ins - Hmo concern Ins - The elected Ins - Geico's business: abbr Ins - Org. dealing with aliens Ins - Ones who are elected Ins - Green card org., once Ins - Follower of drop or shut Ins - Border patrol agcy Ins - Entrances Ins - Outs opposite Ins - Govt. agcy. that issued green cards Ins - Us visa letters Ins - 'green card' org Ins - The newly elected Ins - It'll cover you: abbr Ins - Walk-___ Ins - Professional connections Ins - Aetna's business: abbr Ins - 22-acr. business Ins - ___ and outs (particulars) Ins - Election day victors Ins - Hmo business Ins - Former green card agcy Ins - Connections, of a sort Ins - Advantages provided by nepotists Ins - Connections that help you get ahead Ins - Outs opposites Ins - Connections, so to speak Ins - Shoo-___ (likely victors) Ins - Connected crowd Ins - Word after "break" or "shut" Ins - Outs' counterparts Ins - Write-___ (some vote-getters) Ins - People who have been 45-downed Ins - People with pull Ins - Shoo-___ (sure things) Ins - Elected pols Ins - __ and outs: peculiarities Ins - Lead-___ Ins - Some doors Ins - Trade-___ (some used cars) Ins - They were elected Ins - Good tennis returns Ins - Access points Ins - Ones with power Ins - Those with power Ins - They have power Ins - They hold power Ins - Half the ramifications? Ins - -- and outs Ins - Half the ramifications Ins - Run- -- (tiffs) Ins - -- and outs (intricacies) Ins - Run- -- (quarrels) Ins - Personal connections Ins - Elites Ins - The ___ and outs Ins - 'walk- -- welcome' Ins - Half of the ropes? Ins - Chosen people Ins - See 40-down Ins - Word with "break" or "walk" Ins - Maze accesses Ins - Reelection seekers Ins - Shut-___ Ins - Weigh-__ (boxing rituals) Ins - "walk-___ welcome" Ins - Avenues of access Ins - Sit-__: protests Ins - Convenient connections Ins - Happy folks on election night Ins - Powerful connections Ins - Favoured ones Ins - Former u.s. border patrol gp Ins - Drop-___ Ins - Networking connections Ins - Shoo-__: easy winners Ins - Politically powerful people Ins - Hookups Ins - Border org Ins - Ruling group Ins - The newly-elected Ins - Plug-___ Ins - Car owner's pmt Ins - Seat winners Ins - Elite ones Ins - Former justice dept. branch Ins - The ___ and outs (details) Ins - Outs' opposite Ins - Business ties? Ins - Prevailing party Ins - Newly elected officials Ins - Word with "shoo" or "drive" Ins - Shoo-__ (sure things) Ins - Outs' partners Ins - Business of 41-down: abbr Ins - Shoo-___ (easy winners) Ins - Companion of outs Ins - Write-___ Ins - Networkers' hopes Ins - Good folks to know Ins - Tie-___ (commercial promotions) Ins - Happens to keep northern people in office Ins - Ruling party starts to introduce national service Ins - Run-___ (tiffs) Ins - Some doorways Ins - Walk-___ (surprise appointments) Ins - Endings for "shoo" Ins - And outs Ins - __ and outs (intricacies) Ins - __ and outs: particulars Ins - Ending for "sit" or "shut" Ins - "outs" partners Ins - Business connections Ins - - - and outs Ins - Ending for "sit" Ins - Attachment to "shoo" Ins - "shoo" add-ons Ins - Lead- -- (prefaces) Ins - Stand-___ (replacements) Ins - Drive-___ Ins - Entrées Ins - Shoo-__: sure winners Ins - Former green-card-issuing agcy Ins - Ending with walk or trade Ins - State farm business: abbr Ins - Holders of power Ins - Stand-___ Ins - Weigh-__ (bout rituals) Ins - Shoo- (sure winners) Ins - Progressive business: abbr Ins - Outs' opposites Ins - A-listers Ins - Group with power Ins - Sit- (protests) Ins - Networking goals Ins - Job seekers' advantages Ins - Well-connected people Ins - Follower of walk or drive Ins - Establishment Ins - Entry points Ins - Sales rep's advantages Ins - Those in the know Ins - Shoo-___ (sure winners) Ins - Ending for "sit" or "write" Ins - Shoo-___ (odds-on favorites) Ins - Means of access Ins - Ones who were elected Ins - Current officeholders Ins - Newly elected politicians Ins - Follower of walk- or write- Ins - Car owner's premium pmt Ins - Those holding power Ins - People with power Ins - A good manager will know them Ins - Biz connections Ins - Music industry advantages Ins - Showbiz connections Ins - Connections in the biz Ins - What unsuccessful rockers don't have Ins - Manager hopefully knows them Ins - Chicago band the walk-___ Ins - Manager might have them Ins - Music industry giants Ins - Manager will have them Ins - Music store connections Ins - Doorman connections Ins - Guitar store connections Ins - Music industry powers that be Ins - Ticket connections Ins - Manager should know the ___ & outs Ins - Manager will know them Ins - Instrument store connections Ins - Managers have them Ins - A good manager will have them Ins - Travelers' bus Ins - Powerful people Ins - Important contacts Ins - Ending for sit Ins - Attachment with "walk" or "trade" Ins - Shoo-___ (heavy favorites) Ins - Music industry contacts Ins - Shoo-___ (overwhelming favorites) Ins - Walk-__ (surprise customers) Ins - They hold office Ins - Write-__ (some votes) Ins - Metlife's business: abbr Ins - Elite group Ins - Ending with "walk" or "shoo" Ins - Buy or trade follower Ins - 'shoo' additions? Ins - Crucial contacts, perhaps Ins - Politically powerful group Ins - Attachment to "walk" or "trade" Ins - Endings for "walk" or "trade" Ins - Connected manager knows them Ins - Successful pols Ins - Opposite of outs Ins - Endings with "walk" or "trade" Ins - Marble sounds "___ and outs" Ins - Shoo-__ (sure winners) Ins - Endings with "shoo" or "trade" Ins - Geico product: abbr Ins - Tip-___ (easy baskets) Ins - Networking assets Ins - State farm's bus Ins - Plug-___ (program extensions) Ins - Connections starving rockers don't have Ins - Cave-___ (mining hazards) Ins - Drop-___ (surprise visitors) Ins - They can help you get jobs Ins - Walk-___ (some clinics) Ins - Shoo-___ (favorites) Ins - Onetime green card org Ins - Ending for walk or run Ins - Ending for walk or run
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Re-election seekers (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - re-election seekers. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter S.

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