Pagoda - Temple of the far east

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Pagoda - A buddhist temple built in tiers Pagoda - A celebration opening associated with watford's uplifting religious structure Pagoda - A cook opening up eastern building Pagoda - A cur turned up following father to temple Pagoda - A deity father observed outside a chinese temple Pagoda - A deity father observed outside a temple Pagoda - A deity protected by father's temple Pagoda - A divine being enthroned in pennsylvania temple Pagoda - A divine being in father's place of worship Pagoda - A divine being in father's temple Pagoda - A party on opening western temple? quite the opposite Pagoda - A pyramid-shaped hindu temple Pagoda - Asian shrine Pagoda - Asian temple Pagoda - Asian temple with up-turned eaves Pagoda - Asian temple with upward curving roof Pagoda - Buddhist memorial building Pagoda - Buddhist shrine Pagoda - Buddhist temple Pagoda - Buddhist temple, pyramid-shaped with many tiers Pagoda - Buddhist tower with several stories Pagoda - Building that traditionally has an odd number of levels Pagoda - Building with stacked roofs Pagoda - Building work confined to flat area Pagoda - Certain chinese landmark Pagoda - Certain tokyo temple Pagoda - Chinatown kiosk design Pagoda - Chinese temple Pagoda - Christopher nicole's was also in red Pagoda - Curved-roof temple Pagoda - Dad clutching an idol in temple Pagoda - Dad takes deity to a temple Pagoda - Eastern shrine Pagoda - Eastern temple Pagoda - Eastern temple having many storeys Pagoda - Eastern temple, usually a tower Pagoda - Eastern tiered tower Pagoda - Eastern tower Pagoda - Far east temple Pagoda - Far eastern shrine Pagoda - Father deity needs a temple Pagoda - Father embracing an idol in temple Pagoda - Father gets worshiped in motoring organisation temple Pagoda - Father takes one to worship at a temple Pagoda - Father's father's a shrine Pagoda - For jupiter, a place in china Pagoda - For the fatherly deity a place in china Pagoda - Godfather changes places at a place of worship Pagoda - Gone and dead in father's temple Pagoda - Gong site Pagoda - Has the fatherly deity a place in china? Pagoda - Has the top deity a place in china? Pagoda - Hindu temple Pagoda - Hindu temple shaped like pyramid Pagoda - Hindu/buddhist temple Pagoda - Horyu temple sight Pagoda - Japanese temple Pagoda - Make space about a place of worship Pagoda - Many-tiered building Pagoda - Many-tiered temple Pagoda - Might this give zeus, perhaps, a temple in the east? Pagoda - Multiroofed structure Pagoda - Multistory shrine Pagoda - Multistory temple Pagoda - My father, the almighty -- and a place of worship Pagoda - Old man being worshipped before a temple Pagoda - Old man clutching a material effigy in temple Pagoda - Old man covering a deity in temple Pagoda - Old man covering an object of worship in temple Pagoda - Old man guarding a venerated object in temple Pagoda - Old man taking in a deity in temple Pagoda - One deity entered pennsylvania building Pagoda - Oriental temple Pagoda - Oriental temple, often a tower Pagoda - Pad built in past? quite the reverse with this edifice Pagoda - Place for a gong Pagoda - Place of worship Pagoda - Precious metal required in case needed by a temple Pagoda - Pressure on teetotaller hiding the father in temple Pagoda - Propagandise without sniper from temple Pagoda - Pyramid-shaped asian temple Pagoda - Pyramid-shaped buddhist temple Pagoda - Pyramid-shaped hindu temple Pagoda - Pyramid-shaped temple Pagoda - Pyramidal asian temple Pagoda - Pyramidal temple with an upward curving roof Pagoda - Pyramidlike temple Pagoda - Recurrent trouble with crack in holy building Pagoda - Residence mostly affording accommodation for a deity Pagoda - Sacred many-tiered temple Pagoda - Sets up a party on break from temple Pagoda - Shanxi shrine Pagoda - Shape of chinatown phone booths Pagoda - Some worship a god ardently in temple Pagoda - Some worship a god at this Pagoda - Some worship a god, attending temple Pagoda - Storied place of worship Pagoda - Storied shrine Pagoda - Structure with tiered eaves Pagoda - Taiwan temple Pagoda - Taoists' locale Pagoda - Temple Pagoda - Temple - a gpo ad (anag) Pagoda - Temple boss's assistant possibly allowing in a graven image? Pagoda - Temple of a deity in pennsylvania Pagoda - Temple of the far east Pagoda - Temple often built of wood Pagoda - Temple tower Pagoda - Temple where father is filled with a divine spirit Pagoda - Temple with a tiered roof Pagoda - Temple with an upcurved roof Pagoda - Temple with curved roofing Pagoda - Temple with curved roofs Pagoda - That's perhaps the way to give zeus a place in china Pagoda - The old man protects a deity in temple Pagoda - Tiered asian temple Pagoda - Tiered eastern temple Pagoda - Tiered tower Pagoda - To the west, a space in which to create temple Pagoda - Tokyo temple Pagoda - Tower with many eaves Pagoda - Try to walk quietly around a temple Pagoda - Turn a rogue monkey out of eastern temple Pagoda - Where buddhists worship Pagoda - Where to worship vishnu, possibly, in pennsylvania Pagoda - With the deity that's not 21 across, a thing that's made in china Pagoda - Worship a god appropriately therein Pagoda - You eventually find this buddhist tower. at the base is the treasure you sought! see 67-across!
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Temple of the far east (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - temple of the far east. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter G. 4 - st. letter O. 5 - st. letter D. 6 - st. letter A.

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