Wine - Port or claret

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  • Wine - Letter on W
  • 1 - st. word W
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E

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Wine - Soave, e.g Wine - Bouquet source Wine - Cellar contents Wine - Steward's charge Wine - Champagne or chianti Wine - Candlelight dinner accompaniment Wine - Celebratory drink Wine - Beaujolais, e.g Wine - Entertain, in a way Wine - Dine's companion Wine - Dinner drink, for some Wine - "sideways" subject Wine - Red or white Wine - Chianti or chablis Wine - Champagne, e.g Wine - Reddish purple Wine - Spirits in the cellar? Wine - Dine partner Wine - Port or claret Wine - Press release? Wine - Médoc or muscatel Wine - ___ list Wine - Enologist's interest Wine - Sommelier's selection Wine - Passover staple Wine - Sauterne or syrah Wine - Taster's choice? Wine - Sparkling, for one Wine - Candlelight dinner accompaniment, perhaps Wine - Merlot, for one Wine - Sherry or port Wine - Corked-bottle contents Wine - Port or gooseberry Wine - Napa product Wine - Table __ Wine - Sommelier's offering Wine - Sommelier's serving Wine - Vintner's creation Wine - See 15 down Wine - Chablis or chardonnay Wine - Claret, e.g Wine - Cellar supply, judged by the ends of 17-, 31-, 38- and 54-across Wine - 52 across, for one Wine - Napa valley product Wine - Beef bourguignon ingredient Wine - Sommelier's concern Wine - Tokay or chianti Wine - Cellar stock Wine - Vintner's concern Wine - Burgundy or bordeaux Wine - Cheese companion Wine - Choice from a list Wine - Oenophile's love Wine - Chenin blanc, for one Wine - Medoc or pinot Wine - Fermented grape juice Wine - Shiraz, for one Wine - Dark red hue Wine - It might go from buyer to cellar Wine - Cellar stuff Wine - Red, white or blue nun Wine - Cabernet or merlot Wine - Dark shade of red Wine - Tannin source Wine - Carafe contents Wine - Cellar supply Wine - Chablis or cabernet Wine - Sommelier's suggestion Wine - Sommelier's subject Wine - Sommelier's ken Wine - Chablis, e.g Wine - Song and women partner Wine - Capri or moselle, e.g Wine - Made from grapes Wine - Chalice filler Wine - Byob choice Wine - *champagne, e.g Wine - Theme of the puzzle Wine - Rosé or cabernet Wine - Drink in between partners Wine - Heard complaint that's usually 19 across or 11 Wine - Graves, for example, that might be put in vault Wine - Accompaniment for women and song? Wine - Chianti or chardonnay? Wine - See 18 Wine - Alcoholic drink Wine - Red, white or rosé? Wine - See 18-down Wine - Napa valley industry Wine - Bistro list Wine - Rose in between you and me Wine - It's usually red or white Wine - Beverage with a bouquet Wine - Frascati, perhaps Wine - Chablis or claret Wine - Port, e.g Wine - Bistro beverage Wine - Robert louis stevenson described it as 'bottled poetry' Wine - Some don't open it before its time Wine - Mass consumption? Wine - Cabernet, for one Wine - Riesling product Wine - Fermented juice of grapes Wine - Genteel dinner quaff Wine - Cellar dweller? Wine - Loire valley industry Wine - A drink that'll give you bellyache, reportedly Wine - A sweet white cargo of masefield's Wine - Eg, bordeaux Wine - Drink from grapes Wine - Eg, sauternes Wine - Gay verse: pleasant subject Wine - Alcohol makes one whimper loudly Wine - Success with english champagne, perhaps Wine - Chardonnay, e.g Wine - You can put a cork in it Wine - Spirits in the cellar Wine - With 105-down, some amphorae Wine - Rhine valley product Wine - Chablis, for one Wine - 'it makes a man mistake words for thoughts,' per samuel johnson Wine - It's drunk with beef, we hear Wine - Eg claret Wine - Complain naggingly, missing hard alcoholic drink Wine - Vino Wine - Plonk Wine - Acquire energy drink Wine - Gain drug -- it may get you intoxicated Wine - Alcoholic grape juice Wine - New building around institute in bordeaux Wine - Madeira or merlot Wine - Port, for one Wine - Drink you and i consume at home Wine - Is sold in 1 down by beginner in 22 across Wine - Home adopted by the guardian Wine - Chianti, e.g Wine - Cabernet or chianti Wine - Sound of carp in drink Wine - See 2 Wine - Port authority's concern Wine - Drink made from grapes Wine - Sangria ingredient Wine - Cheese go-with Wine - Dweller in a fancy cellar Wine - A taste of yellow in every red and white Wine - Beaujolais, for example Wine - Burgundy or claret Wine - Ingredient in some coolers Wine - Blush, e.g Wine - Jacob's creek product Wine - Dark red Wine - Chablis or chianti Wine - __ and dine Wine - Graves, for example, that can be found in vault Wine - Some row in english port, maybe Wine - "me and my ___" def leppard Wine - God street ___ Wine - "red red ___" Wine - Merlot or chardonnay Wine - Don't lose energy - if it's not protected it could end up like most of 9 across Wine - 'one of the most civilized things in the world,' per hemingway Wine - Syrah, for one Wine - Champagne, for instance Wine - Cellar reds and whites Wine - Don't lose energy coming out of the cave Wine - Press release perhaps in fragment from interview in esquire Wine - Beaujolais or burgundy Wine - Press release perhaps for winter jasmine from the borders Wine - Napa valley beverage Wine - Merlot or chianti Wine - Drink kept in cellars Wine - Beverage with a nose Wine - The limits william gladstone went to get this from the bar Wine - Beverage sometimes boxed Wine - Champagne or chablis Wine - Soave, for one
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Port or claret (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - port or claret. word on "W". 1 - st. letter W. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter E.

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