Gem - Rare find

Word by letter:
  • Gem - Letter on G
  • 1 - st. word G
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word M

All questions by word:
Gem - Thing of beauty Gem - Ring thing Gem - Its setting is a setting Gem - Turquoise or topaz Gem - Solitaire Gem - Special person Gem - Solitaire, e.g Gem - Sparkler Gem - Marvel Gem - Beauty Gem - Topaz or ruby Gem - Lapidary item Gem - Its place is in a setting Gem - Tanzanite, e.g Gem - Sherlock's blue carbuncle, for one Gem - Ring item Gem - Treasure Gem - It goes in a setting Gem - Real beauty Gem - Prize Gem - Ruby, for one Gem - Cat's-eye Gem - Birthstone Gem - Opal or onyx Gem - Bijou Gem - Tourmaline or amethyst Gem - Little masterwork Gem - Someone or something special Gem - Rare find Gem - It may be cut or paste Gem - Precious stone Gem - Setting item Gem - Idaho, the ___ state Gem - Cat's-eye, e.g Gem - Jewel Gem - Glittering valuable Gem - Lapidarist's item Gem - Precious thing Gem - Tourmaline or amethyst, e.g Gem - Tourmaline, e.g Gem - Diamond or emerald Gem - Something prized Gem - Fine stone Gem - Little beauty Gem - Ring insert Gem - Lapidary's concern Gem - Something sparkling Gem - Beaut Gem - Ring part Gem - It's placed in a setting Gem - Amethyst, e.g Gem - Expensive sparkler Gem - Treasured person Gem - Heck of a person Gem - Baguette, for one Gem - Bit of treasure Gem - Emerald, for one Gem - Ring rock Gem - Prized rock Gem - Diamond or ruby Gem - Setting stone Gem - Cameo, e.g Gem - Aquamarine, e.g Gem - Crown ornament Gem - Ruby or emerald Gem - Birth-month symbol Gem - Ruby or garnet Gem - Precious item Gem - Masterpiece Gem - Stone with facets Gem - Blue carbuncle, e.g Gem - It has facets Gem - Prized person Gem - There's one hidden in the answer to each starred clue Gem - Setting fill Gem - Sparkler? Gem - Thing on a ring Gem - Rock with a band? Gem - Absolute beauty Gem - Jewelry stone Gem - Valuable stone Gem - It's multifaceted Gem - Bit of finery Gem - Setting sight Gem - Prized possession Gem - Peach Gem - Emerald or pearl Gem - Great pitching effort, as it were Gem - Turquoise or topaz, e.g Gem - Ruby, e.g Gem - What carats measure Gem - Topaz or turquoise Gem - A loupe might be used on it Gem - Perfect instance Gem - Ring feature Gem - Garnet or topaz Gem - Pricey stone Gem - Tiara feature Gem - Idaho, the -- state Gem - Ritzy rock Gem - Birthstone, e.g Gem - Lapidary's item Gem - Emerald, e.g Gem - Item for 26-across Gem - Prized stone Gem - Topaz, e.g Gem - Onyx or opal Gem - A precious stone Gem - One might plan for this to come below the strata, and precious little else Gem - You get precious little back from her Gem - She's up there - the little precious! Gem - Amethyst or tourmaline Gem - A jewel or precious stone Gem - Precious stone, jewel Gem - Precious or semi-precious stone Gem - 36 across or any other jewel Gem - Jewel, precious stone Gem - A precious stone like a diamond or emerald etc Gem - A jewel of an orangeman Gem - Tiffany treasure Gem - Diamond, ruby, or emerald Gem - It is wrong for margaret to be so precious little Gem - Up here she is a treasure Gem - Precious little for her back here Gem - She turns up, the little precious Gem - Priceless joke Gem - Baguette, e.g Gem - Emerald or sapphire, say Gem - Any birthstone Gem - It might be examined with a loupe Gem - Great find Gem - 'columbia, the ___ of the ocean' (old patriotic song) Gem - Sweetheart Gem - Jewel margaret sent back Gem - Great prize Gem - Little treasure Gem - Diamond, pearl or sapphire Gem - Emerald or ruby Gem - Tiara component Gem - Thing in a ring? Gem - Amethyst, for one Gem - Stony sparkler Gem - Ruby or topaz Gem - Setting filler Gem - Onyx, e.g Gem - It¹s very precious in gettysburg emergency Gem - It's set in a setting Gem - Stellar sort Gem - Wonderful person, as it were Gem - Big laugh Gem - Standout Gem - Shiny stone Gem - It has its setting Gem - Shining example Gem - Pip Gem - Jeweler's item Gem - Diamond bassist with oasis Gem - A jewel like colin archer Gem - But it brought patti labelle and michael mcdonald together Gem - Treasure - millions, say, dug up Gem - Stone of enormous size shortly to be raised Gem - Girl climbing one of the cairngorms? Gem - Emerald or diamond Gem - Ruby or pearl Gem - Polished stone Gem - Lapidary's specimen Gem - It may be cut or paste? Gem - See 27-across Gem - Pearl margaret picked up Gem - Stone used in jewellery Gem - Stone Gem - Valued person; jewel Gem - Admirable person repeatedly contributing to stage management Gem - Beauty in a setting Gem - Highly prized item Gem - 32-across offering Gem - Little shiner Gem - Opal or ruby Gem - Lapidarist's object of study Gem - It may be precious Gem - Special someone Gem - Precious lil' thing Gem - Tiara sparkler Gem - Garnet or ruby Gem - 8-down part made of candy Gem - Esteemed one Gem - The video at, for one Gem - Tiara jewel Gem - Topaz, for one Gem - Stone gleams -- just the odd bits of it Gem - Something cut before display Gem - Its setting may be a setting Gem - Rock in a band, perhaps Gem - The pink panther, in 'the pink panther' Gem - Diamond, e.g Gem - Item in a setting Gem - Real peach Gem - Rare album Gem - Archer of oasis Gem - Jewel of a song Gem - Is involved in the arrangement for one of the stones Gem - '___ of the ocean' (august wilson play) Gem - Inlaid item Gem - Ring's shining glory Gem - Rock in a band Gem - The ___ state (idaho's nickname) Gem - Pitching or fielding masterpiece Gem - Excellent specimen Gem - Beautiful thing in a setting Gem - Sparkling fielding play Gem - Sparkler in a setting Gem - Ring decoration Gem - Ruby or diamond Gem - Aquamarine or amethyst Gem - See 58-down Gem - Glam rock? Gem - Ruby or sapphire Gem - For example, over 1,000 stone Gem - Pearl or peridot Gem - Topaz or emerald, e.g Gem - Topaz or emerald, e.g
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*** - rare find. word on "G". 1 - st. letter G. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter M.

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