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Tick - Watch word Tick - Clock sound Tick - Watch word? Tick - Watch sound Tick - Insomniac's problem, maybe Tick - To-do list notation Tick - Sound of a time machine Tick - Pendulum accompaniment Tick - Watch's sound Tick - Check mark Tick - Clock action Tick - Sound of time Tick - Partner of tock Tick - Beat Tick - Bloodsucking arachnid Tick - Mark as correct Tick - Very little time? Tick - Time piece? Tick - Mark, as a correct answer Tick - With 70-across, hint to what the ends of the answers to starred clues can go after Tick - '60 minutes' sound Tick - Second indicator? Tick - Lyme disease transmitter Tick - Peeve, with 'off' Tick - Little sucker Tick - "60 minutes" sound Tick - Eight-legged parasite Tick - Watch noise Tick - Stopwatch noise Tick - The little sucker is in time, by the sound of it Tick - Sounds as if the sucker is in time Tick - Just watch, by the sound of it, what a bloodsucker one is Tick - The clock makes this a parasite Tick - A blood-sucking mite Tick - Sound of an old watch Tick - The parasite sounds as if it's in time Tick - Parasitic insect or clicking sound Tick - Case of a mattress Tick - Make noise like old clock Tick - Check the small mattress? Tick - Blood-sucking insect or sound of old clock Tick - Blood-sucking mite or parasitic insect Tick - Make sound like old clock Tick - A blood-sucking mite or insect Tick - Sound of old clock Tick - Sound of a clock Tick - Check-mark or blood-sucking mite Tick - Parasitic insect or pillow casing Tick - Correct mark on credit Tick - "60 minutes" sound effect Tick - Mite's cousin Tick - Stock price movement Tick - Off! target Tick - Instant credit Tick - Moment that can worry sheep and cattle Tick - Second six balls run smoothly Tick - Sign of the right moment Tick - Instant - credit Tick - Bloodsucker - credit! Tick - Credit Tick - Mark of work done (right) Tick - Credit - bloodsucker Tick - Parasite - mark of approval Tick - Noise from a clock Tick - Bit of time Tick - Stroke, by the sound of it, on time Tick - The mark of one's franchise in 15 across Tick - Blood-sucking insect Tick - To-do list marking Tick - Mite Tick - Little bloodsucker Tick - Auditor's mark Tick - Credit; clock sound Tick - Second parasite found on pillow Tick - Insect; noise of watch Tick - Parasitic arachnid Tick - Parasite, moment (colloq.) Tick - Minute parasite Tick - Objectionable person delayed payment Tick - Mark correct, parasite Tick - Sign of approval for credit Tick - Second - which is irritating! Tick - Insect here in a flash? Tick - Mark off second account Tick - Bloodsucking bug Tick - Instant Tick - Credit cover Tick - Credit (sl.) Tick - Parasite that may annoy for a moment Tick - Mark is second Tick - The correct mark for a mattress cover Tick - Mark requires a little time Tick - Give the ok for sound Tick - A twinkling sign? Tick - Flash signifying everything is all right Tick - Not cross for a short time Tick - Parasite Tick - Mark Tick - Mite given indication of approval Tick - Given credit for exposing parasite Tick - A sound and a flash Tick - Bloodsucking mite Tick - Moment that can worry sheep or cattle Tick - Clock's sound Tick - It shows you're right as to why your dog's scratching Tick - Mark indicating correctness Tick - Second credit Tick - Credit; insect Tick - Credit; mark as correct Tick - Not cross for a moment Tick - Cheat has no right to get sign of approval from teacher Tick - Moment - parasitic arachnid Tick - Very little time for credit Tick - Sounds like instant credit? Tick - Instant sign of credit Tick - Criticism requires removal of head bloodsucker Tick - Bloodsucking insect Tick - Vaughan brothers "___ tock" Tick - Credit (slang) Tick - Mark's second Tick - Sound of the enemy moving along? Tick - That's right, sucker! Tick - Sound of a second hand Tick - Insect Tick - Metronome sound Tick - Instant credit check Tick - But this parasite may make us cross! Tick - Small parasite Tick - Second mark of approval Tick - Arachnid Tick - Flash - bloodsucker Tick - Check (off)