Comma - Pause after the clause

Word by letter:
  • Comma - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word M
  • 4 - st. word M
  • 5 - st. word A

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Comma - Cause for pause Comma - Pause sign Comma - One might hesitate when seeing this Comma - Pause when you see this Comma - Pause after a clause Comma - Part of 1,001 Comma - One in 1,000? Comma - Punctuation mark Comma - Use it to prevent run-on, perhaps Comma - Pause indicator Comma - Break producer Comma - Semicolons cousin Comma - Pause after the clause Comma - It's used to show separation Comma - Mark of separation Comma - It should make you pause Comma - List separator Comma - It causes one to hesitate Comma - One should hesitate when seeing this Comma - It causes one to pause Comma - List-dividing punctuation mark Comma - Sentence-clauses separator Comma - Pause cause Comma - "eats, shoots & leaves" subject Comma - It may set things off Comma - Many a european decimal point Comma - Cause for a pause Comma - Series divider Comma - List-separating punctuation Comma - One might appear many times in a long list Comma - Pause producer Comma - Notation to pause Comma - Pause mark Comma - 'new york, new york' has one Comma - Pause punctuation Comma - , Comma - Lower pair of black squares in this grid, typographically Comma - It gives one pause Comma - Breathtaking punctuation? Comma - Short stop? Comma - One commonly follows "said" Comma - Character in 'i, claudius' Comma - 'oxford ___' (2008 vampire weekend single) Comma - Mid-sentence punctuation Comma - List divider Comma - Semicolon relative Comma - Signal to pause Comma - It's grand to be in a stupor, like that Comma - This could be and do my way to make concrete Comma - How grand to be in an unconscious state, perhaps punctually Comma - For a thousand to be in such an unconscious state does not reach the end of the sentence Comma - Mark, like that Comma - A punctuation mark Comma - Punctually, perhaps, like that Comma - Punctuation mark indicating pause Comma - Punctuation mark for pause Comma - Punctuation mark indicating slight pause Comma - Puncuation mark Comma - , (stet) Comma - Common punctuation park Comma - Use it to prevent running on Comma - Part of 1,000 Comma - The answer is, a hundred clips can hold this back Comma - 24 across marks an inspiration? Comma - Order, mostly seen in this clue Comma - Mark of the butterfly Comma - Point where stupor grips many? Comma - It emerges after charlie turned over shells Comma - Punctuation mark - butterfly Comma - Butterfly - punctuation mark Comma - Kind of butterfly Comma - Mark for smallest division of a sentence Comma - Butterfly Comma - Breathtaking part of a sentence? Comma - Semicolon cousin Comma - "i, claudius" feature Comma - Less-than sign's keymate Comma - Mark for a slight pause Comma - List-item separator Comma - Short break taken up in hammock Comma - Clause-separating punctuation Comma - Bullets and clubs raised will give one pause Comma - Butterfly that's repeatedly found in lists Comma - Stop butterfly Comma - Mark has a month in a state of unconsciousness Comma - Punctuation mark, butterfly Comma - Mark those in charge only five out of ten Comma - Kind of butterfly that's found often in long list Comma - Butterfly identifying place to breathe Comma - Recognized by nabokov, no doubt, as often inverted by quote Comma - It appears here, chapter heading with bullets reversed Comma - One of 18 rounds about to come round Comma - Semicolon's cousin Comma - - - butterfly, orange-brown european butterfly Comma - Punctuation Comma - Sign of slight hesitation? Comma - Stop in mid-sentence Comma - Maiden�s in stupor with 5dn Comma - Cold rounds brought up as sign of short break? Comma - Kind of butterfly often found in list Comma - Smallest break in sentence, in fact? Comma - Punctuation mark; butterfly Comma - Note bullets set up for part of list, invariably Comma - Butterfly that may make someone speaking pause Comma - Butterfly's breathtaking marking? Comma - Punctuation mark in large numbers Comma - Punctuation in many lists Comma - Pause indicator on a page Comma - Mid-sentence mark for butterfly Comma - Middle of 100,000? Comma - Bit of punctuation Comma - Character in 'i, claudius'? Comma - Male in unconscious state - this gives pause Comma - Butterfly; punctuation mark Comma - Sign of a pause Comma - Mark something spotted in the garden? Comma - Vampire weekend "oxford ___" Comma - Grammar class subject Comma - 'girl, interrupted' character? Comma - Butterfly with orange and brown wings Comma - Officer from museum is missing the first break in the story Comma - Stop maiden falling into very deep sleep Comma - Mark gets married in dazed state Comma - Punctuation that pauses Comma - Run-on sentence's lack, probably Comma - Feature of many a list Comma - Mark sending mike into unconscious state Comma - Mark sending mike into unconscious state
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Pause after the clause (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - pause after the clause. word on "C". 1 - st. letter C. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter M. 4 - st. letter M. 5 - st. letter A.

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