Basil - So-called 'royal herb'

Word by letter:
  • Basil - Letter on B
  • 1 - st. word B
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word L

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Basil - Pesto ingredient Basil - Pesto base Basil - Cooking herb Basil - Spaghetti sauce ingredient Basil - 'sweet' herb Basil - Herb used in pesto Basil - Stew flavorer Basil - ___ rathbone Basil - Aromatic herb Basil - So-called 'royal herb' Basil - "fawlty towers" character Basil - Rathbone of film Basil - Step 3: chop and garnish over 23-across Basil - Green stuff Basil - Pasta sauce herb Basil - Spaghetti sauce seasoning, sometimes Basil - Kitchen herb Basil - Errol's pirate co-star, 1935 Basil - Spaghetti sauce herb Basil - Pesto herb Basil - Tv hotel owner fawlty Basil - Mint family herb Basil - So-called 'king of herbs' Basil - Herb garden herb Basil - Herb garden staple Basil - Sherlock holmes portrayer rathbone Basil - Pesto seasoning Basil - Staple of italian cuisine Basil - Name that means "king" Basil - Actor rathbone Basil - Rathbone of sherlock holmes films Basil - Kitchen spice Basil - Herb in pesto sauce Basil - Red curry seasoning Basil - Cook's herb Basil - Base for 25-down Basil - Cleese's mr. fawlty Basil - Aromatic mint herb Basil - As one in the boy for herb Basil - Herb might be a saint for a season Basil - Bails out the herb Basil - Not the boy herb Basil - Spaghetti sauce seasoning Basil - Man giving note to girl on rising Basil - Herb, or another man? Basil - Boy that comes second gets a half of his medal Basil - Herb found in 1 25's kitchen? Basil - Cups carrying a fish, shade of green, one for old cricketer Basil - Boy's name - herb Basil - Herb - mr fawlty Basil - Boy - herb Basil - Herb Basil - Sweet-smelling herb Basil - Herb - boy's name Basil - Herb - fawlty of fawlty towers Basil - Aromatic plant used as a herb Basil - Trattoria staple Basil - Common herb Basil - Pesto part Basil - Temporary release catches skinhead in herb garden Basil - Common herb in italian cooking Basil - Leaves used in mediterranean cuisine Basil - Pizza sauce herb Basil - Herb in pesto Basil - 'fawlty towers' character Basil - Aromatic herb with purplish-green leaves Basil - Herb of the mint family Basil - Pasta-sauce ingredient Basil - Pizza topping Basil - Herb (from fawlty towers?) Basil - Fragrant herb Basil - A herb; --- brush, fawlty Basil - Saint has money to release another that's imprisoned Basil - A herb; cardinal --- hume Basil - Majority of catholic church named cardinal hume Basil - Man offers security hugging small son Basil - Herb smoked primarily in bar Basil - Surety after imprisonment of second man Basil - Herb and don leaving essex town Basil - Heatley, who had a brush with fame Basil - D'oliveira Basil - Isabella's potherb Basil - Name fellow from essex town Basil - Seasoning don pinched from new town Basil - Herb and a little bit of soup in ladle Basil - Doctor of the fourth century offering herb Basil - Herb is a comic character Basil - Herb of mint family Basil - Plant ready for security fences in seconds Basil - Fellow bringing last of cricket gear to centre Basil - On top of lasagne, cut simple aromatic leaves Basil - Herb; man's name Basil - Remove water from vessel containing small plant Basil - Sweet, simple, and nurtured by isabella Basil - Name of male lecturer leaving new town in essex Basil - Herb, a serially chaotic character Basil - Saint using extract from job as illustration Basil - Aromatic herb in pesto Basil - Herb bringing son into cricketer's bar Basil - Culinary herb Basil - Pasta seasoner Basil - ___ st. john (eye-patch sporter in 'brenda starr') Basil - Aromatic plant Basil - Man is in political party, rising Basil - Simple for the first of boats to set sail Basil - Plant; brush; fawlty Basil - Herb is the man's name Basil - Mr fawlty Basil - Leaves in the kitchen for him Basil - Sail off after british boy Basil - Herb planted in tub, as i like Basil - Boy girl bowled over Basil - Sir -- spence, architect of coventry cathedral Basil - Lecturer leaving essex town plant Basil - Hume's torn albs it's essential for jim to wear Basil - Mediterranean herb Basil - Bucket containing small aromatic plant Basil - Pho soup garnish Basil - Man's name Basil - Sherlock, in '40s films Basil - Pasta-sauce seasoning Basil - Ingredient for 26-down Basil - Bails out green type associated with the mint Basil - Trattoria herb Basil - Common bruschetta ingredient Basil - Mint family member Basil - Pasta sauce flavoring Basil - Ristorante herb Basil - Chef's herb Basil - Trendy gimlet garnish Basil - ___ fawlty (john cleese character) Basil - Soup seasoning Basil - Lime cooler garnish Basil - Herb pronounced differently in the u.s. and u.k Basil - Herb is a man’s name Basil - Herb in pasta sauce
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So-called 'royal herb' (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - so-called 'royal herb'. word on "B". 1 - st. letter B. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter I. 5 - st. letter L.

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