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Adlib - Unmemorized words

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Adlib - Unmemorized words Adlib - Wing it Adlib - Robin williams comment, maybe Adlib - Speak without notes Adlib - Unprepared comment Adlib - Improvisation Adlib - Wing it, speechwise Adlib - Unrehearsed Adlib - Avoid the lines? Adlib - Improvise Adlib - Extemporize Adlib - Off-the-cuff Adlib - Go off script Adlib - Speak off the cuff Adlib - Improvised Adlib - Not scripted Adlib - Offhand Adlib - Spontaneously Adlib - Off-the-script comment Adlib - Sans script Adlib - Seat-of-the-pants performance Adlib - Wing it, in a way Adlib - Go off the script Adlib - Forgo the script Adlib - Not practiced Adlib - Improvise on stage Adlib - Seat-of-the-pants schtick Adlib - Stray from the script Adlib - It's made off-the-cuff Adlib - Spontaneous Adlib - Spontaneous remark Adlib - Unscripted Adlib - Remark that might get one in trouble Adlib - Deviate from the script Adlib - Ignore one's lines Adlib - Perform without preparation Adlib - Speak without a script Adlib - Surprise one's costar Adlib - Speak off-the-cuff Adlib - Off-the-cuff quip Adlib - Drift from the script Adlib - Improv line Adlib - Script departure Adlib - Forgo a prepared speech Adlib - Unmemorized remark Adlib - Unscripted comment Adlib - Surprise one's co-star Adlib - Ignore the script Adlib - Eschew the teleprompter Adlib - Improvise lines Adlib - Wing it onstage Adlib - Remark that might get you in trouble Adlib - Proceed without notes, say Adlib - Wing it verbally Adlib - Wing it on stage Adlib - Bit of stage creativity Adlib - Disorient one's co-stars, in a way Adlib - Wing it vocally Adlib - Ignore the cue cards, say Adlib - Stage surprise Adlib - Talk without a script Adlib - Make up lines Adlib - Ignore the cue cards Adlib - Robin williams forte Adlib - It needs no practice to get so bald about one Adlib - Speak without any preparation Adlib - Speak impromptu Adlib - Speak off the cuff, unrehearsed Adlib - Speak impromptu, improvise Adlib - Go off-script Adlib - Impromptu Adlib - Eschew cue cards Adlib - Improvise a speech Adlib - Comment off-the-cuff Adlib - Forgo the cue cards Adlib - It's not scripted Adlib - Modern party that's unprepared Adlib - Improvise one's words Adlib - Make up notice attracting a liberal Adlib - Impromptu commercial by party member Adlib - One day, william raised less money, so extemporised Adlib - Gateshead library displays not prepared Adlib - Free puff for a party? Adlib - Depart from the text Adlib - Unscripted impromptu remark Adlib - Extemporise Adlib - Perform in the upright citizens brigade, say Adlib - Do improv Adlib - Woman returning book for husband is not prepared Adlib - Surprise during filming Adlib - Improvise for sage to leave bag ladies Adlib - Turns up father gets some freedom to speak on the hoof Adlib - Onstage surprise Adlib - Toastmaster's skill Adlib - Forgo a speechwriter Adlib - Form a line? Adlib - Sadly, hibs wingers dismissed as 'unprepared' Adlib - Comment off the cuff Adlib - "that's not in the script!" evoker Adlib - Way to disorient one's co-stars Adlib - "whose line is it anyway?" line Adlib - Riff on stage Adlib - Off-the-cuff remark Adlib - Improvise one's lines Adlib - Speak without preparation Adlib - Failing to start ribald dance without rehearsal Adlib - Unscripted remark Adlib - Not prepared to busk Adlib - As much as you want Adlib - It came from the performer's cuff Adlib - Vamp has to make up Adlib - Stray from the lines on the boards Adlib - Publicity an old politician improvised Adlib - Off the cuff remark from head librarian Adlib - Freely available from head librarian Adlib - Time note to sit up in passages where all take part Adlib - Speak unprepared Adlib - Notice politician extemporise Adlib - Not prepared to have attorney rejected by politician Adlib - Member of press team's arrived - time for fast publicity to be put out Adlib - Off the cuff Adlib - Impromptu remark Adlib - Speak without planning or preparation Adlib - Spontaneous remark from head librarian Adlib - Stevenson, lacking a book, improvised Adlib - Make an impromptu speech Adlib - Incomplete draft lawyer rejected at pleasure Adlib - A liberal democrat out of order, not prepared for speech Adlib - Unprepared to give a daughter party Adlib - Speak unpreparedly Adlib - Unexpected line from one playing sad librarian Adlib - Go off line? Adlib - Make up one's lines Adlib - Stage make-up Adlib - A bad end to political party make up Adlib - Actor's instruction to play 'as you like it'? Adlib - Speak extempore Adlib - Unplanned statement on campaign to free up commercial sector? Adlib - Improvisation from a politician travelling across germany Adlib - Plug steel, perhaps, extempore? Adlib - Improvised, most of excuse involving daughter Adlib - Ignore the teleprompter Adlib - Wing it at the lectern Adlib - A bid to be funny, line thrown in? Adlib - What the marx brothers often do in their films Adlib - Unprepared -- and all is oddly british Adlib - Actor's instruction to play as you like it? Adlib - Depart from the prepared text Adlib - Not use a script Adlib - Improvise verbally Adlib - Throw away the script Adlib - Spontaneous remark made by wayward lad to one bishop Adlib - Ditch the script Adlib - Improvise in a sketch Adlib - Depart from the script Adlib - Spontaneous comment Adlib - Say it without thinking about german paper from academy Adlib - Surprise one's co-stars Adlib - Response to a heckler Adlib - Improvise notices back to back, abridging the last Adlib - Unrehearsed comment Adlib - Drift from a script Adlib - Go off-message, maybe Adlib - Surprise in a skit Adlib - Deal with a broken teleprompter, say Adlib - Go off-line? Adlib - Spontaneous remark from daughter in 'ali baba', at the start Adlib - Impulsive line Adlib - Unrehearsed stage banter Adlib - Go off-script (sorry, ella, it doesn't mean 'get more pounds') Adlib - Actor's unwritten line Adlib - Bit of speech the actor didn't rehearse Adlib - Skip the lines, say Adlib - Forgo the teleprompter, say Adlib - American reviewing german paper gets to speak off the cuff Adlib - Skip the script Adlib - Some mislead librarian off-the-cuff Adlib - Words spoken by an actor but not found in the text of a play Adlib - Off-the-cuff stage talk Adlib - Off-the-cuff stage talk Adlib - Marty feldman's "what hump?" line was one