Lob - Tennis shot

Word by letter:
  • Lob - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word B

All questions by word:
Lob - 1 20's part of clobber Lob - Alley-oop starter Lob - Alternative to a passing shot Lob - Arced tennis shot Lob - Arced throw Lob - Arced toss Lob - Arced, soft throw Lob - Arcing shot Lob - Arcing tennis shot Lob - Arcing throw Lob - Arcing toss Lob - Back of the court shot Lob - Badminton stroke Lob - Certain tennis shot Lob - Chuck Lob - Coup, au tennis Lob - Court hit Lob - Court ploy Lob - Court setup? Lob - Court strategy Lob - Court tactic Lob - Defensive return Lob - Defensive tennis shot Lob - Defensive tennis stroke Lob - Direct, as insults Lob - Early on, lots of blue sky Lob - Easily smashable tennis shot Lob - Easy interview question Lob - Easy question Lob - Easy question from a journalist Lob - Easy question, metaphorically (again not actually Lob - Easy return Lob - Easy tennis return Lob - Easy tennis shot Lob - Easy throw Lob - Easy toss Lob - Eephus pitch, for one Lob - Elevated shot initially lost over boundary Lob - Fling Lob - Floater from federer Lob - Gentle toss Lob - Get one over one's adversary in court Lob - Hardly a smash Lob - Heavy type endlessly climbing, shot up Lob - High hit Lob - High arc shot Lob - High arcing shot Lob - High ball Lob - High ball? Lob - High court action? Lob - High court delivery Lob - High hit Lob - High hit on a tennis court Lob - High hit, in tennis Lob - High pitch Lob - High return Lob - High return? Lob - High shot Lob - High shot in tennis Lob - High tennis hit Lob - High tennis shot Lob - High throw Lob - High throw or hit Lob - High toss Lob - High, arcing shot Lob - High, arcing tennis shot Lob - High, arcing toss Lob - High-arc shot Lob - High-arc throw Lob - High-arcing hit Lob - High-arcing shot Lob - High-arcing tennis shot Lob - Highball? Lob - Hit high Lob - Hit in a high arc Lob - Hit up ball in the middle Lob - It may result in a smash hit Lob - It's a long shot, usually Lob - It's hardly a smash Lob - It's pitched high... Lob - Jacques --, french comic book creator Lob - Light toss Lob - Loft Lob - Loft accessed by leaving vestibule Lob - Lofted ball Lob - Lofting shot Lob - Often-illegal cricket bowl Lob - One may get smashed Lob - Opposite of a smash Lob - Part of an alley-oop play Lob - Passe au-dessus Lob - Pingpong tactic Lob - Pollack Lob - Propel Lob - Propel in a high arc Lob - Return from venus? Lob - Send in a high arc as in tennis or cricket Lob - Send overhead Lob - Setup for a spike, perhaps Lob - Shot for sampras Lob - Shot from around the globe Lob - Shot from the back of the court? Lob - Shot having a 14-across Lob - Shot to the back of the court Lob - Shot with a high arc Lob - Slo-pitch pitch Lob - Slow ball Lob - Slow pitch Lob - Slow throw Lob - Slow, high throw Lob - Smash's counterpart Lob - Smashable shot Lob - Smashable tennis shot Lob - Soft pitch Lob - Soft shot Lob - Soft shot at wimbledon Lob - Soft tennis shot Lob - Soft throw Lob - Soft toss Lob - Soft toss or shot Lob - Softball question Lob - Sort of tennis shot Lob - Spike setup Lob - Start of an alley-oop Lob - Strategic shot for a tennis player Lob - Stroke left oxford behind, at first Lob - Tactic against a net rusher Lob - Tactical tennis shot Lob - Tennis court ploy Lob - Tennis hit Lob - Tennis ploy Lob - Tennis shot Lob - Tennis shot that's easy to smash Lob - Tennis stratagem Lob - Tennis stroke Lob - Tennis tactic Lob - That will make one throw up Lob - That's enough of a worm to make one throw up Lob - That's enough to make one throw up Lob - Throw Lob - Throw (a ball) high Lob - Throw a slow, high ball Lob - Throw ball in high arc Lob - Throw easily Lob - Throw in a high arc Lob - Throw in high, slow arc Lob - Throw up Lob - Throw up lunch over barmaid – just the starters Lob - Throw up the head of the lobster Lob - Throw, as a grenade Lob - Toss Lob - Toss gently Lob - Toss up Lob - Toss with a high arc Lob - Toss, as a grenade Lob - Toss-up? Lob - Type of tennis shot Lob - U.s. open hit Lob - Upshot Lob - Upshot? Lob - Warmup toss Lob - Wedge shot Lob - Wimbledon stroke
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Tennis shot (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - tennis shot. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter B.

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