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Heir - Presumptive person?

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  • Heir - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word R

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Heir - Presumptive person? Heir - One who succeeds Heir - ___ to the throne (prince, e.g.) Heir - Successor Heir - Scion Heir - Son, usually Heir - One in a receiving line? Heir - Legatee Heir - One who stands to gain a lot? Heir - Prince, e.g Heir - Name in a will Heir - Estate beneficiary Heir - One named in a will Heir - Prince, for one Heir - Child of fortune? Heir - He gets what's coming Heir - Apparent relative? Heir - One who has it coming? Heir - One who's got it coming Heir - Prince of wales, traditionally Heir - Receiving party? Heir - Will's beneficiary Heir - Next in line? Heir - Legacy receiver Heir - One who's next in line Heir - Inheritance factor Heir - Estate receiver Heir - Next in line Heir - Prince, presumably Heir - Junior, often Heir - Focus of one who's willing? Heir - One with will power? Heir - __ apparent Heir - Eldest son, often Heir - ___ to the throne Heir - Beneficiary Heir - One who might come into a house Heir - One destined to receive? Heir - Will name Heir - Recipient of a sort Heir - One in a will Heir - Apparent survivor? Heir - Immediate successor Heir - Will beneficiary Heir - Legacy recipient Heir - Will figure Heir - Natural successor Heir - Crown prince, e.g Heir - Henry viii's quest Heir - One in a line Heir - He's in line Heir - Prince charles, e.g Heir - One who's got something coming (and a homonym for 8- and 34-down) Heir - Next in line, perhaps Heir - Future monarch, for one Heir - One who gets what's left Heir - Will's designee Heir - Throne eyer Heir - Sometimes he's apparent Heir - Estate recipient Heir - Birthright possessor Heir - Son, often Heir - Legal beneficiary Heir - One who succeeds? Heir - Anointed successor Heir - His eye's on the throne Heir - Inheritor Heir - Estate's rights party? Heir - Inheritance recipient Heir - A throne has one Heir - Willing successor? Heir - Son or daughter, typically Heir - He's got it coming Heir - Probate determination Heir - Beneficiary of a will Heir - King-to-be Heir - First in line Heir - Next in line, in a way Heir - Spouse or child, often Heir - He gets what's coming to him Heir - One who's gonna get it? Heir - He's gonna get it Heir - Descendant, often Heir - Someone who's gonna get it? Heir - One destined to receive Heir - Does he succeed in getting wind of it, by the sound of it? Heir - You'll find the ambitious girl.around one who is not 1 across Heir - Person who inherits Heir - One inherits Heir - Property recipient Heir - Designated successor Heir - Realm recipient Heir - Designated recipient Heir - One will succeed in getting it on ahead, by the sound of it Heir - Next in line to reign Heir - Tim cook, to steve jobs' empire Heir - Successor, next in line Heir - Leave it to him Heir - Son or grandson, say Heir - Head off his and her successor Heir - Beneficiary gives pronounced impression Heir - We meet king's successor Heir - One among the irish who stands to gain from a death Heir - Will him to succeed Heir - Acknowledged beneficiary Heir - One who will succeed to title Heir - Successor to position or estate Heir - Treasured family possession Heir - Crown prince, for one Heir - One at the end of the line? Heir - His eyes are on the throne Heir - One who gets what's coming Heir - Lineal successor Heir - Whodunit suspect, perhaps Heir - One might be apparent Heir - Willing participant? Heir - Prince of wales, e.g Heir - Sounds like a tune for that new prince Heir - Prince charles, for one Heir - One expected to succeed? Heir - One who's trustworthy? Heir - One expecting to hear broadcast Heir - He takes after his parents Heir - He succeeds in producing vocal melody Heir - Legal successor Heir - One likely to succeed, producing song in audition Heir - Sound bearing identifying one who succeeds Heir - The legatee of vita sackville-west Heir - One taken in by the woman who is out to succeed? Heir - One who succeeds? sounds like 24 Heir - One set to inherit Heir - Person who succeeds repeatedly in scottish town atmosphere, say Heir - One who will inherit Heir - One due to inherit Heir - Vita's legatee Heir - One hoping to succeed in broadcast, so to speak Heir - One who inherits Heir - One next in line Heir - Is expected to take over higher education in rathmines for starters Heir - Whodunit suspect, often Heir - Legal inheritor Heir - One who'll succeed in the ironworks Heir - Woman ensnares a man who'll succeed Heir - Man with imminent riches initially Heir - One's left something to dry, we hear Heir - & 17 airmen's odds paper thin, sadly -- one expected to succeed Heir - Mention of atmosphere created by eldest son? Heir - One bound to succeed -- that's the irritating part Heir - One requiring no effort to succeed Heir - Beneficiary, inheritor Heir - One who succeeds by getting musical composition broadcast Heir - He takes after his father, presumably Heir - Estate attorney's concern Heir - One who's succeeding Heir - One next for the throne Heir - Executor's concern Heir - One in line for the family fortune Heir - One who inherits in catastrophe, irritatingly Heir - Prince of wales, for one Heir - He's in the will Heir - Royal successor Heir - One who might come into a mansion Heir - One in the will Heir - One getting estate publicity, we hear Heir - Expected successor Heir - Elder son, often Heir - Murder mystery suspect Heir - Someone expected to inherit Heir - He has the will to succeed Heir - Next for the throne Heir - Firstborn, typically Heir - Bequest recipient Heir - One willed Heir - One in line? Heir - First in line to the throne Heir - Tune on the radio is next in line Heir - King's successor Heir - Probate figure Heir - Recipient of a bequest Heir - Bequest receiver Heir - One born to receive Heir - Presumed successor Heir - Dismiss the odds of cheekier one being likely to succeed Heir - First son, often Heir - The british throne has one Heir - Crown prince, for example Heir - Crown prince, for example Heir - Future throne occupant