Acute - Not chronic

Word by letter:
  • Acute - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word C
  • 3 - st. word U
  • 4 - st. word T
  • 5 - st. word E

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Acute - Intense Acute - Not chronic Acute - Grave Acute - Critical Acute - Angle type Acute - Sharp as a tack Acute - Sharp Acute - Pressing Acute - Urgent Acute - Like some triangles Acute - Kind of angle Acute - Like some accents Acute - Not chronic, medically Acute - Keen Acute - Like some french accents Acute - Not obtuse Acute - Quite sharp Acute - Life-threatening Acute - Penetrating Acute - Like some angles Acute - Less than right Acute - Obtuse's opposite Acute - Severe Acute - Small angle Acute - Sharp angle Acute - Less than 90 degrees Acute - Like some triangle angles Acute - Sharp or severe Acute - Quite sharp, as a pain Acute - Well-tuned Acute - Angle less than 90 degrees Acute - Type of angle Acute - Finely honed Acute - Very sharp Acute - Much more than mere Acute - Extremely sharp or intense Acute - Extreme, as pain Acute - Not quite right? Acute - Less than right? Acute - Perceptive Acute - Like severe pain Acute - Less than 90 degrees, in geometry Acute - Like angles less than 90 degrees Acute - It's never right Acute - Geometry term Acute - Very serious Acute - Sharply felt Acute - Less than 90 degrees, anglewise Acute - Severe, as pain Acute - Like an angle that's less than 90 degrees Acute - Angle that's smaller than 90 degrees Acute - Not chronic, as illness Acute - Like a 45° or 60° angle Acute - Less than 90°, as an angle Acute - Like many triangle angles Acute - Accent type Acute - Biting Acute - Piercing Acute - For a wound, 'e is sharp enough Acute - Not obtuse with a wound at the east Acute - In george russell a wound might have caused serious pain Acute - Is ae about to carve with anything so sharp? Acute - Of angle, less than 90 degrees Acute - Sharp and perceptive Acute - Angle of less than 90 degrees Acute - This angle is less than 90 degrees Acute - Sharp like angle Acute - Sharp, angle or mind Acute - Sharp, very perceptive Acute - Sharp as of mind - or pain Acute - Angle of less than 39 degrees Acute - Sharp or crucial Acute - Very perceptive, having sharp mind Acute - Sharp angle? Acute - Very sensitive Acute - Like most triangle angles Acute - Stabbing, as pain Acute - A most appealing french accent Acute - A wound made with a point that's sharp Acute - Accent displaying perspicacity Acute - Serious but not grave Acute - A clipped english accent Acute - Sharp - sort of french accent Acute - (of an angle) less than 90° Acute - Sharp or intense Acute - Angle between 0 and 90 degrees Acute - Like intense pain Acute - Sharp-eyed Acute - ___ accent, mark used symmetrically six times in this puzzle's solution Acute - Sharper than 90 degrees Acute - Extremely intense Acute - Crucial Acute - Shrewd Acute - Critical, as a shortage Acute - Highly sensitive Acute - Pain or angle preceder Acute - Like the accent in "entrée" Acute - Sharp, as an eagle's eyesight Acute - Sharp to answer nick by mail Acute - Extremely sharp Acute - Highly perceptive Acute - Very perceptive Acute - A quaintly appealing sort of accent Acute - Shrewd; severe Acute - Sharp; type of accent Acute - Excruciating Acute - To be severe is less than right Acute - Endearing shooting angle! Acute - Penetrating; accent Acute - An appealing angle! Acute - An appealing angle? Acute - Critical, shrewd Acute - Discerning Acute - A charming kind of accent Acute - Sharp note during service Acute - Critical, serious Acute - A darling quick on the uptake Acute - A clipped european accent Acute - An attractive accent Acute - Critical; shrewd Acute - Intense rancour they regularly displayed Acute - A sweet that's sharp Acute - Grave: a french accent Acute - Shrewd; serious Acute - Accent clipped in first vowels Acute - Keen to downsize in casualty initially? Acute - Sharp-sighted Acute - Keen, good or sharp, senses say Acute - Type of triangle Acute - Sharp, as eyesight Acute - Sharp, as vision Acute - The sharp one, put inside topless Acute - A charming french accent Acute - Angle below 90 degrees Acute - A charming accent Acute - A quaintly pleasing sort of accent Acute - Severe, penetrating Acute - A lovely little foreign accent Acute - Severe wound seen in accident and emergency Acute - Short and severe Acute - French accent Acute - Incisive Acute - Quick-witted but having no afterthought about teacups Acute - A quaintly pleasing accent Acute - Stitching a gash -- point is sharp Acute - Quick-witted Acute - Crucial economy admitted by hospital department Acute - An endearingly attractive accent Acute - A stroke to the offside, over point, is shrewd Acute - Severe; accent Acute - A wound produced by a point that's sharp Acute - A delightful sort of accent Acute - A mark placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation Acute - Sharp; severe Acute - Severe reduction in atomic energy Acute - Hospital department admitting stroke's severe Acute - Like the accent on "passé" Acute - Sharp-witted Acute - Critical; serious Acute - Sharp-pointed - keenly perceptive Acute - Sharp, as pain Acute - Keen; severe Acute - Etched round copper with a sharp point Acute - Sharp clue for pertwee? Acute - Perspicacious Acute - Pointy, as an angle Acute - Under 90°, technically Acute - Cutting Acute - Under 90 degrees Acute - Sharper than 90° Acute - Like the accent in cliché Acute - A quaintly pleasing french accent Acute - 70 degrees, say Acute - Like two angles in a right triangle Acute - Severe injury in a & e Acute - Sharp reduction in accident and emergency Acute - Keen, as eyesight Acute - Like the accent in 'é' Acute - Penetrating wound seen in a&e Acute - Like a 45-degree angle Acute - Type of angle or pain Acute - Severe and short, as an illness Acute - Between 0 and 90 degrees, as an angle Acute - Keen for a cut at flyweight at the centre Acute - Losing a record deal, for example Acute - The kinks "___ schizophrenia paranoia blues" Acute - Severe laceration seen in hospital department Acute - Diacritical mark Acute - Less than 90° Acute - Some angles Acute - Sharp in perception Acute - A darling becoming intense Acute - Razor-sharp Acute - Like a hawk's vision Acute - Penetrating, as insight Acute - Intense, as pain Acute - Below 90° Acute - Below 90° Acute - Critical: shrewd Acute - Critical: shrewd
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Not chronic (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - not chronic. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter C. 3 - st. letter U. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter E.

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