Diva - Midler's '___ las vegas'

Word by letter:
  • Diva - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word V
  • 4 - st. word A

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Diva - Midler's '___ las vegas' Diva - Literally, 'goddess' Diva - Opera star Diva - Battle, e.g Diva - Beverly sills, e.g Diva - Woman who can carry a tune Diva - Bette midler's '___ las vegas' Diva - Tosca is one Diva - Aria singer Diva - Operatic soloist Diva - Callas, for one Diva - Met attraction Diva - Opera persona Diva - She's got the music in her Diva - Maria callas, e.g Diva - Prima donna Diva - Leading lady Diva - One with her own dressing room, surely Diva - Singer with attitude Diva - Celine dion, e.g Diva - Met star Diva - Tantrum thrower, maybe Diva - Operatic star Diva - La scala star Diva - Super soprano Diva - Egoistical, demanding sort Diva - Demanding star, maybe Diva - Songstress with attitude Diva - Opera celeb Diva - Opera superstar Diva - Maria callas, for one Diva - Covent garden vocalist, e.g Diva - Met star, perhaps Diva - Vain sort Diva - Barbra, for one Diva - Singer who definitely has her own dressing room Diva - Title given to maria callas or mariah carey Diva - She can carry a tune Diva - Temperamental sort Diva - Star at the met Diva - Pop ___ Diva - See 11-down Diva - High-maintenance performer Diva - Star with attitude Diva - Temperamental star Diva - Pop __ Diva - Female opera star Diva - Opera goddess Diva - Demanding star Diva - Battle or sills Diva - Curtain call maker, maybe Diva - La scala headliner Diva - Prominent female performer Diva - Temperamental performer Diva - Hard-to-please star Diva - Star soprano Diva - Sills, e.g Diva - Dion or streisand, e.g Diva - Madonna or cher, e.g Diva - Title given to madonna and aretha franklin Diva - Venerated vocalist Diva - She usually has a big 55-across Diva - Renee fleming, for one Diva - Stuck-up star Diva - Adelina patti, for one Diva - 'me, me, me' sort Diva - Kathleen battle, for one Diva - One who might receive roses at the end of a performance Diva - Female megastar, in music Diva - Singer with an ego Diva - Aria singer, often Diva - High-maintenance singer Diva - Big-headed celebrity, so to speak Diva - Celine, mariah or aretha Diva - Aria performer Diva - Hissy-prone missy Diva - She may try an agent Diva - High-maintenance actress Diva - Demander of special treatment Diva - Singing star Diva - Demanding superstar Diva - Performer with an ego Diva - Met soloist Diva - So keen to make a comeback as a prima donna Diva - A prima donna Diva - Anxious to get the prima donna back Diva - How keen she is to get back to opera Diva - In opera she is so keen to rise Diva - So keen to rise as a singer Diva - So keen to get up in the opera Diva - How keen the prima donna would be to make a comeback Diva - She is so eager to get up to being in 1 across Diva - How keen she is to turn into a prima donna Diva - She's mad to make a comeback in opera Diva - Price or battle Diva - Female operatic star Diva - Prima donna, woman opera singer Diva - Female operatic star Diva - Celebrated female operatic star Diva - She's so keen to make a comeback in 25 down Diva - A female opera singer Diva - She is keen to turn temperamental Diva - Female opera singer Diva - Avid like opera singer Diva - Queen of the opera Diva - Avid for an opera singer Diva - So keen to be up at the top in opera Diva - Hard-to-please celeb Diva - "brava!" recipient Diva - Big-headed celebrity Diva - 44-down singer Diva - Female megastar, in pop music Diva - Leading lady eager to make a comeback Diva - Singer with a reputation for being self-centered Diva - Prima dona taking into her veins something impounded by state prosecutor Diva - Operatic singer keen to make a comeback Diva - Great female performer keen to make a comeback Diva - Prima donna short of a bed Diva - Prima dona Diva - Opera singer Diva - Operatic ego Diva - Showbiz egotist Diva - Distinguished female singer Diva - Demanding sort Diva - Looking back, very eager as she can be awkward at any stage Diva - Very fussy star Diva - Hard-to-please actress Diva - Singing sensation Diva - Opera singer supreme Diva - Bette midler, e.g Diva - Operatic superstar Diva - Celine, mariah or aretha, e.g Diva - Distinguished soprano, say Diva - Fussy performer Diva - Long narrow top Diva - Keen to make a come-back in the opera ? Diva - Performer the reverse of greedy Diva - Top opera singer Diva - Go off bareback rider for opera star Diva - Enthusiastic backing for callas, say Diva - & thirteen down she co-presented glastonbury broadcasts with john peel Diva - Great performer in bed (forget name) Diva - Back keen opera singer Diva - Famous female singer Diva - Many exist for 'v' Diva - Grand female singer Diva - Bed virtually demanding woman Diva - Singer keen to rise Diva - Performer keen to make comeback Diva - Prima donna keen to return Diva - One who sings in bed mostly Diva - Singer who might return to make a short film Diva - Demanding woman eager to return Diva - Aria star Diva - Singer keen to be written about Diva - Many an exploding star Diva - On the outskirts of diocese of geneva with singer Diva - Singer in comeback given a hand when the number's through Diva - Daughter, at four, a singing star! Diva - Keen backing singer Diva - Very keen to rise as a singer Diva - A very enthusiastic rising singer Diva - Giving the singer help with a number in return Diva - One in 1 keen to make a comeback? Diva - Promotion for energetic singer Diva - Keen to rise to be prima donna Diva - A prima donna eager for retirement Diva - Singer takes up most of the seat Diva - Very keen to make a comeback as a singer Diva - Flipping passionate high-maintenance woman Diva - Very keen to do a turn as a singer Diva - Couch restricted for singer Diva - Singer gaga making comeback ... Diva - Great female singer Diva - Singer eager to make a comeback Diva - Passionate over great singer Diva - Female singer Diva - Persnickety performer Diva - High-maintenance person Diva - Singer on short settee Diva - Tends to be spoiled on the outskirts of diocese in geneva Diva - Tempestuous talent Diva - Met queen Diva - Any singer in the lead role of 41-across Diva - Performer that's mad to retire Diva - Needs to be mollycoddled for zealous review Diva - Not a team player, say Diva - Great singer eager to make a comeback Diva - Lincoln center performer Diva - Opera headliner Diva - Operatic prima donna Diva - 'a female version of a hustla,' per beyonc´ Diva - One whose area is arias Diva - Demanding performer Diva - Sassy superstar Diva - Aria-singing star Diva - Deliverer of a 15-across Diva - Tantrum thrower Diva - Operatic soprano Diva - Mad about opera's 'fat lady'? Diva - Tough-to-please actress Diva - Singer that's enthusiastic on the up Diva - Maybe lady on stage bed is cut Diva - Opera video shows backing singer Diva - Star with an attitude Diva - Performer inclined to throw tantrums Diva - '92 annie lennox solo album Diva - Operatic female singer Diva - 2009 beyoncé hit Diva - Agent's handful, say Diva - Temperamental type Diva - Self-centered celebrity Diva - Exploding star? Diva - Operatic icon Diva - Singer is keen to turn up Diva - High-maintenance sort Diva - Star that easily explodes? Diva - Hard-to-please celebrity Diva - 'brava!' recipient, often Diva - One who insists on the spotlight Diva - Female appearing in verdi, vainly? Diva - Opera queen Diva - Singer keen on retirement Diva - Difficult-to-please songstress Diva - Famous singer Diva - Sleazy club putting out energy for a prima donna Diva - Finicky type Diva - Performer with an attitude Diva - Some standard i value from opera Diva - Singer very keen to retire Diva - Soprano superstar Diva - Self-important performer Diva - Agent's challenge, perhaps
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Midler's '___ las vegas' (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - midler's '___ las vegas'. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter V. 4 - st. letter A.

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