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Ers - Hosp. areas

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Ers - Hems and haws Ers - Sets for med. dramas Ers - Hosp. areas Ers - Hesitant sounds Ers - Operation locations, for short Ers - Hemming and hawing Ers - Vocalized pauses Ers - Stutters Ers - Sounds of fluster Ers - Med. drama sites Ers - Sounds of hesitation Ers - Triage sites, briefly Ers - Hosp. hot spots Ers - Uncertain syllables Ers - Stumbling points Ers - Speech bobbles Ers - C.p.r. sites Ers - Some tv drama sets Ers - E.m.t. destinations Ers - Medevac destinations, briefly Ers - Hosp. receiving centers Ers - Accident-assessing areas, briefly Ers - Trauma ctrs Ers - Voiced pauses Ers - Stalling-for-time sounds Ers - Where some m.d.'s work Ers - Speech stumbles Ers - Hosp. sections Ers - Stalling sounds Ers - Spots for some drs Ers - Relatives of ums Ers - Hosp. units Ers - Speech pauses Ers - Lifesavers, maybe: abbr Ers - Hectic hosp. areas Ers - M.d.'s work in them Ers - Some speeding vehicles' destinations, briefly Ers - Settings for some tv dramas: abbr Ers - Ambulances' destinations: abbr Ers - Thoughtful sounds? Ers - Fence-sitters' sounds Ers - Locales for residents?: abbr Ers - Sites of unplanned visits: abbr Ers - Elocution class no-nos Ers - Hosp. trauma centers Ers - Hosp. sites Ers - Often-hectic hosp. areas Ers - Drs.' workplaces Ers - Hem and haw sounds Ers - Awkward conversation fillers Ers - Spots for 42-across Ers - Stumblers' sounds Ers - Sounds of uncertainty Ers - Lifesaving workplaces, briefly Ers - Stammering sounds Ers - Where operators stand by?: abbr Ers - Emts head to them Ers - Speech interruptions Ers - Stammerer's syllables Ers - Critical hosp. areas Ers - Where iv's may be administered Ers - Where operators may be standing by: abbr Ers - Signs of fluster Ers - Trauma sites, for short Ers - Defibrillator locales: abbr Ers - Tv drama sites, for short Ers - Mumblings of uncertainty Ers - Verbal uncertainties Ers - Emts' destinations Ers - Triage areas, briefly Ers - Hosp. locales Ers - Life-saving locales, for short Ers - They may have special entrances in hosps Ers - Syllables of uncertainty Ers - Stammering syllables Ers - Sites of some arrests: abbr Ers - Places to hear cutting remarks, briefly? Ers - 'um' cousins Ers - Hospital areas (abbr.) Ers - Speech fumbles Ers - Speaker's pauses Ers - Hesitation fillers Ers - Settings for some tv dramas Ers - Emt destinations Ers - Conversational stopgaps Ers - Lifesaving ctrs Ers - Hesitations Ers - Where tests are often given: abbr Ers - Iv sites Ers - Filler syllables Ers - Busy hosp. areas Ers - Test administration locations: abbr Ers - Triage locales: abbr Ers - Iv areas Ers - Cpr sites Ers - Hosp. facilities Ers - Destinations for ems ambulances Ers - Places to see m.d.'s in a hurry Ers - Work sites for rns Ers - Hospital crisis ctrs Ers - Elocutionary stumbles Ers - Hosp. trauma units Ers - Sounds of ambivalence Ers - Stumbling sounds Ers - Some noun endings Ers - Utterances from the uncertain Ers - They may come with ums Ers - Med. drama sets Ers - Misses the mark Ers - They may leave you in stitches: abbr Ers - Quick stumbles Ers - Where to find lifesavers, for short Ers - Workup locales: abbr Ers - Audible pauses Ers - Workplaces for some r.n.'s Ers - Fence-sitter's sounds Ers - Hosp. areas with restricted access Ers - Syllables of hesitation Ers - Beginnings of hedges? Ers - Hesitant speaker's insertions Ers - Hosp. features Ers - Places with defibrillators, for short Ers - Uncertain sounds Ers - Lecturer's lapses Ers - Where ivs may be administered Ers - Hospital trauma ctrs Ers - Hosp. locations Ers - Sounds from the stumped Ers - Places for rns Ers - Hosp. facilities Ers - Ambulance destinations, briefly Ers - Ambulance destinations, for short Ers - Acute treatment spots Ers - First responders' destinations, briefly Ers - Places to act quickly, for short Ers - Settings of some tv dramas Ers - Sounds of stumbles Ers - Organ repair sites, for short Ers - Hosp. pressure points Ers - Often-frantic hosp. spots Ers - Places for 47 across Ers - Spots for mds Ers - Speech hesitations Ers - Oral hesitations Ers - Some tv drama settings Ers - "grey's anatomy" settings, briefly Ers - Hospital areas: abbr Ers - R.n.'s work in them Ers - Hosp. sites for dire cases Ers - Destinations for emts Ers - Medical drama settings, for short Ers - Defib settings Ers - 'sure about that?' sounds Ers - Workplaces for md's Ers - Trauma treatment ctrs Ers - Places for some rns Ers - Hosp. parts Ers - Stammerer's sounds Ers - Workplaces for rns Ers - 24/7 care ctrs Ers - Places with ivs Ers - Elocution-class no-nos Ers - Hosp. trauma areas Ers - Conversation fillers Ers - Where mds and rns stay busy Ers - Hosp. centers Ers - Orator's stumbles Ers - Defib venues Ers - Unscripted utterances Ers - Places to treat v-fib Ers - De facto primary care centers, often, in the u.s Ers - Ambulance arrival sites, briefly Ers - Hosp. parts ... or what the answers to the six starred clues each have twice Ers - Stretcher settings: abbr Ers - Md workplaces Ers - Hosp. drama settings Ers - Sounds omitted in transcription Ers - Where ivs might be hooked up Ers - You may leave them in stitches: abbr Ers - Lousy but common substitutes for primary care docs Ers - Ems destinations Ers - Hospitals' "treat now" areas: abbr Ers - Hosp. zones Ers - Hospital crisis areas: abbr Ers - Med. drama settings Ers - Workplaces for 127 across Ers - Triage sites, for short Ers - Overcrowded u.s. hospital areas Ers - Where you might see a lot of chest-pumping, for short? Ers - Iv-covered areas Ers - Hosp. rooms Ers - Tv drama sites Ers - Workplaces for 69 across Ers - Lifesaving sites, briefly Ers - Ambulance destinations, in brief Ers - Stalling-for-time syllables Ers - Workplaces for rns and mds Ers - Hesitant utterances Ers - "thinking, thinking ..." sounds Ers - Alternatives to urgent care clinics, for short Ers - Hectic places in hosps Ers - -ists' relatives Ers - Where to find m.d.s and r.n.s Ers - Sites of many revivals, briefly Ers - Hosp. areas for accident victims Ers - Urgent care alternatives Ers - Interjections of indecision Ers - Org. whose motto is 'fidelity, bravery, integrity' Ers - They go with "ums" Ers - Sounds often edited out for radio Ers - Ambulance destinations: abbr Ers - Pauses in speech Ers - Triage ctrs Ers - Places docs wear smocks Ers - Silence fillers Ers - Where many airways are cleared, briefly Ers - Some tv drama settings, for short Ers - Places to go for a break, briefly Ers - Med. workplaces Ers - Underconfident utterances Ers - Interns' workplaces Ers - R.n. workplaces Ers - Trauma centers, briefly Ers - Rn's posts Ers - Hosp. areas for lifesaving operations Ers - They make quick admissions decisions, for short Ers - Places for quick operations, briefly Ers - "this can't wait" hosp. areas Ers - Vocal stumbles Ers - Workplaces for 1-across Ers - Hosp. triage sites Ers - Hosp. triage areas Ers - Hospital trauma centers Ers - Triage spots, for short Ers - Address insertions, at times Ers - What brits call "casualty departments" Ers - Waffling sounds Ers - Sounds of equivocation Ers - Some 24/7 facilities Ers - Site of the first parliament of scotland Ers - Where many arrests take place, for short Ers - Oral stumbles Ers - Bitter vetch Ers - Vetch is included in cattle-fodder sometimes Ers - Ambulances speed to them Ers - Med.-show sets Ers - You may leave them in stitches, briefly Ers - Emt's destinations Ers - Workplaces with many stats, for short? Ers - Places for life-and-death decisions, for short Ers - Settings for 'grey's anatomy' and 'house,' for short Ers - Places using paddles Ers - Triage locales, for short Ers - Urgent care center alternatives Ers - -- Ers - Hectic hosp. locales Ers - Fl billboards display their current wait times Ers - Places to which people are always rushing, for short Ers - Sets for some tv dramas Ers - Verbal stalls Ers - Urgent-care hospital areas: abbr Ers - With freshness Ers - Hemming sounds Ers - Hospital depts Ers - Casualty departments, in the uk Ers - Sites for r.n.s and m.d.s Ers - Verbal hesitations Ers - Indecisive syllables Ers - Some tv drama locales, for short Ers - Care ctrs Ers - It comes after 49 Ers - 24/7/365 facilities Ers - Where there may be openings in the medical field? Ers - Nurse settings, briefly Ers - Burn unit locales: abbr Ers - 'chicago hope' work areas, briefly Ers - Where residents are often found Ers - Tests of crews' control? Ers - Some urgent care facilities, for short Ers - Places to get the lead out? Ers - Stops before icus, maybe Ers - Rns' workplaces Ers - Halting syllables Ers - Trauma centers (abbr.) Ers - Where "stat" is often spoken Ers - Docs' work areas Ers - Gaiter locales, for short Ers - Lentille bâtarde Ers - Variété de lentille Ers - Dans le râtelier Ers - Légumineuses Ers - Plantes dicotylédones Ers - Ending for 76 or 49 Ers - Lentilles Ers - Lentilles d'une variété fourragère Ers - 24/7 service ctrs Ers - Spots for getting stitches, in brief Ers - Triage spots, in brief Ers - Hectic parts of hospitals, briefly Ers - Medevac destinations, informally Ers - Fourrage Ers - Places that might transfer people to ccus Ers - Some hospital-drama sets, briefly Ers - Workplaces for lpns Ers - 76 suffix, in sports Ers - Users of the heart pathway app Ers - Hectic hosp. spots Ers - Critical care ctrs Ers - Triage locales, briefly Ers - Places using plaster Ers - Hectic hosp. zones Ers - Hosp. areas that deal with 24-across Ers - Stalling syllables Ers - Defib locales Ers - "chicago med" areas (abbr.) Ers - Verbal stumbles Ers - Where some mds work Ers - Lifesaving locales, for short