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Sinecure - Nice work if you can get it

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  • Sinecure - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word C
  • 6 - st. word U
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All questions by word:
Sinecure - *source of gravity Sinecure - A job that pays well for little work Sinecure - An office in which little or no work gets done Sinecure - An office without work Sinecure - Assuming elected, hold down a cushy job Sinecure - At home in safe job requiring little work Sinecure - Certain about changing nice but easy job Sinecure - Certain to be about nice to have nothing to do for one's living Sinecure - Certain to include nice sort of easy job Sinecure - Comfortable outside in cushy job Sinecure - Confident about homework? that's easy! Sinecure - Convinced there will be a nice package in the nice post Sinecure - Create trouble after cult film or something similar Sinecure - Cushy gig Sinecure - Cushy job Sinecure - Cushy job at home having safe environment Sinecure - Cushy job at home in protected environment Sinecure - Cushy job at home in safe environment Sinecure - Cushy job at home in sound environment Sinecure - Cushy position Sinecure - Easy job certainly around in the city Sinecure - Easy job to get hold of outside home Sinecure - Easy work to go wrong over energy treatment? Sinecure - Elected to occupy safe position of no responsibility Sinecure - Figurehead's office Sinecure - Firm holding one new plum job Sinecure - Function? to preserve a cushy job! Sinecure - Gravy source Sinecure - Informally, a bobby's job Sinecure - Insecure in cushy job Sinecure - Insecure in easy job Sinecure - Insecure sort of job many want Sinecure - It's fashionable to be absorbed by safe cushy job Sinecure - It's not a hard job making home safe outside Sinecure - It's safe to go outside home for a picnic Sinecure - Job for easy money Sinecure - Job to be safe and at home in Sinecure - Job you enjoy and get about in Sinecure - Lacking confidence in dropping cushy job Sinecure - Lacking confidence, son is advanced in easy job Sinecure - Little effort is needed to deal with this post! Sinecure - Nice to be flexible in steady job that's cushy Sinecure - Nice work if you can get it Sinecure - Office or job which involvesno work Sinecure - Official job with little or no work Sinecure - One new leader in steady, easy job Sinecure - Paid job involving little or no work Sinecure - Paid job requiring little work Sinecure - Paid job with minimal work - insecure (anag) Sinecure - Political payoff, perhaps Sinecure - Relaxing job Sinecure - Safe surrounding in easy job Sinecure - Soft job, may be insecure Sinecure - Soft spot your boss has for you? Sinecure - Sort of job that's popular in firm? Sinecure - There's no duty on evil the east can make as well Sinecure - Without latin priest following benefice