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Acorn - It's put away for winter

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Acorn - It's put away for winter Acorn - Squirrel's prize Acorn - ___ squash Acorn - Squirrel's nugget Acorn - Oak in the embryonic stage Acorn - Something squirreled away Acorn - Squirrel's stash Acorn - Part of a winter stash, maybe Acorn - Kind of squash Acorn - Chipmunk snack Acorn - Squash variety Acorn - Squirrel's snack Acorn - Squirrel's staple Acorn - Nut for a nut weevil Acorn - Eventual oak Acorn - Item in a cheek pouch Acorn - Squirrel treat Acorn - Some kind of a nut Acorn - Squirreled-away item Acorn - Squash type Acorn - Squirrel stash Acorn - Cupule contents Acorn - Tannin-rich nut Acorn - Hard nut to crack? Acorn - Oak starter Acorn - It's often squirreled away Acorn - Squirrel's treat Acorn - Oak-leaf cluster feature Acorn - Squirrel's find Acorn - Oak-to-be Acorn - Cheek pouch morsel Acorn - Proverbial start of great things Acorn - Snack for a squirrel Acorn - Oak, once Acorn - One struck chicken little Acorn - Oak's source Acorn - Oak-tree-to-be Acorn - Squirrel snack Acorn - Squirrel food Acorn - Nut with bitter tannin Acorn - Oak seed Acorn - Nut in a hat Acorn - Type of squash Acorn - It has a cupule at its base Acorn - Seed with real potential Acorn - Item in a cheek pouch, sometimes Acorn - Squirreled-away item? Acorn - Tough nut to crack Acorn - Oak product Acorn - Snack for a blue jay Acorn - Potential tree Acorn - Future part of a stand, maybe Acorn - Find under an oak Acorn - Oak, in a nutshell Acorn - One fell on chicken little's head Acorn - __ squash Acorn - Snack for chip or dale Acorn - Cupule's contents Acorn - Something a jay stores Acorn - Capped nut Acorn - It may be squirreled away Acorn - What chicken little mistook for the sky Acorn - Chicken little's bit of falling sky, actually Acorn - Chicken little's 'sky' Acorn - Squirrel staple Acorn - Oak nut Acorn - Squirrel jackpot Acorn - Oak fruit Acorn - Future oak Acorn - Part of a woodlands stash Acorn - Squash selection Acorn - Scrat's prize in 'ice age' Acorn - Nut that's squirreled away Acorn - It has a cupule Acorn - Voter registration grp. founded in 1970 Acorn - Potential oak Acorn - Nut with a cupule Acorn - Squirrel meal Acorn - Part of a winter stash Acorn - Babe in the woods? Acorn - Some kind of a nut? Acorn - Oak in a nutshell Acorn - Symbol of potential Acorn - Item in a fall stash Acorn - Symbol marking england's national trails Acorn - Babe in the woods Acorn - Treat for chip or dale Acorn - Future oak tree Acorn - Part of some deer diets Acorn - Oak item Acorn - Squirrel's morsel Acorn - Oak tree-to-be Acorn - To do wrong or be wrong Acorn - Fruit of the oak Acorn - The fruit of the shoetree? Acorn - The sort of fruit that's just on one foot Acorn - Fruit of the shoe tree? Acorn - Seed of an oak Acorn - A mighty oak may grow from it Acorn - Seed of the oak Acorn - Seed of oak Acorn - Fruit-seed of the oak Acorn - Squirrel's acquisition Acorn - A mighty oak may grow from this Acorn - How seedy so to grow on foot Acorn - When one is so seedy it is painful to have to go on foot Acorn - A bit seedy on foot Acorn - Part of a squirrel's stash Acorn - Nut in a cupule Acorn - Nut that gets squirreled away? Acorn - Squash variety named for its shape Acorn - Squirrel's tidbit Acorn - Piece of the sky, to chicken little Acorn - Nut that gets squirreled away Acorn - Furniture finial, sometimes Acorn - Chicken little's fallen sky Acorn - Starter of a 58-down Acorn - A grain found in oak Acorn - A blemish afoot, which becomes mighty Acorn - Fruit's a pain for the walker Acorn - Seed of tree Acorn - Nut of oak tree Acorn - Baby oak? Acorn - Fruit of oak Acorn - Fruit of the oak tree Acorn - From which a tall tree may grow Acorn - Tree seed Acorn - Item in a squirrel's stash Acorn - Symbol used to mark england's national trails Acorn - Pony nosh Acorn - Deer snack Acorn - Oak to be Acorn - Tree-to-be Acorn - Squirrel's bit Acorn - Item in a squirrel's hoard Acorn - Nut with a cap Acorn - Growth metaphor Acorn - Oak feature Acorn - Nut in vanderbilt's logo Acorn - Oak, at one time Acorn - Chicken little bonker Acorn - Squirrel's staple [don't miss great indie puzzles from! subscribe today!] Acorn - Mighty oaks from these grow Acorn - Chicken little's falling "sky" Acorn - Oak product ... or source Acorn - Oak in the making Acorn - Fall faller Acorn - Potential oak tree Acorn - A mostly laughably passe form of seeding Acorn - English composer out east consuming firm fruit Acorn - Oak tree fruit Acorn - Potentially tree shows a grain Acorn - Fruit in a cereal Acorn - A cereal and fruit in a cup Acorn - Fruit of an oak Acorn - A little problem for chiropodist, from which something bigger may develop Acorn - Dirt on a liquid surface Acorn - Fruit a naval commander identifies Acorn - Fruit of sumac - or not? Acorn - Fruit cup's content Acorn - Sailors put on a firm mast Acorn - Tree potentially has a grain Acorn - Some mast a company delivered to royal navy Acorn - Article about my fruit Acorn - Article about my fruit cup Acorn - Model in stone Acorn - Potentially future tree has a hard growth Acorn - Unpalatable fruit or a cereal? Acorn - Nosh for a squirrel Acorn - Oak's fruit Acorn - Whence grows a mighty oak Acorn - What the nut consulted the chiropodist about? Acorn - Regular starter for the oaks? Acorn - A cereal served with nut Acorn - The navy supports a firm nutty fruit Acorn - A cupful of fruit Acorn - A barley seed Acorn - A type of ice-cream only two-thirds fruit Acorn - A cereal that comes from the oak tree Acorn - Fruit -- one with the makings of meal Acorn - A lot of hackneyed stuff in housing classification Acorn - Milton --, canadian poet (1923-86) Acorn - A foot condition that can develop into something much bigger Acorn - Grand institute declines treating organic fruit Acorn - Tree fruit topping for any cereal Acorn - A trick when recipe's included fruit we can't eat Acorn - A grain that's seen only in oak Acorn - A wheat, perhaps, that has future growth potential? Acorn - What one of the piggies might have? Acorn - A note about my source of oak Acorn - Symbol of potential strength Acorn - From which a 'tall oak' may grow Acorn - Chipmunk's morsel Acorn - It falls in the fall Acorn - A painful thing which becomes an oak? Acorn - One in a chipmunk's hoard Acorn - Chipmunk tidbit Acorn - Nut under an oak Acorn - Morsel for a squirrel Acorn - Seed with a cap Acorn - Scrat's prize in the 'ice age' movies Acorn - Fruit that's ace with cereal Acorn - Squash Acorn - Snack for chip and dale Acorn - Squirrel's nibble Acorn - Nut, a small hard growth Acorn - Squirreled-away tidbit Acorn - Part of a squirrel's 45-down Acorn - Symbol of growth potential Acorn - Cereal added to a fruit in cup Acorn - Part of an autumn stash Acorn - Fruit suggests trouble afoot Acorn - From which a mighty oak may grow? Acorn - Squirrel's quest Acorn - It struck chicken little Acorn - Hard growth beneath a nut Acorn - Snack for chip 'n' dale Acorn - A firm originally retailing nourishing fruit Acorn - Oak, in a nutshell? Acorn - Nut under a tree Acorn - Variety of squash Acorn - Eventual oak tree Acorn - Tidbit for a squirrel Acorn - Bit of a squirrel's stash Acorn - A scam involving introduction of ripe fruit Acorn - Something squirreled away? Acorn - Morsel in a chipmunk's cheek pouch Acorn - Nut of an oak tree Acorn - Item in a winter cache Acorn - ___ squash (ridged vegetable) Acorn - A foot sore going to seed Acorn - A foot sore going to seed Acorn - Oak dropping Acorn - Oak dropping