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Ali - Former ring king

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Ali - Longtime frazier foe Ali - Former ring king Ali - He ko'd quarry, 10/26/70 Ali - Rhyming boxing champ Ali - 'the greatest' Ali - Ryan's 'love story' co-star Ali - 1996 olympic torch lighter Ali - Actress macgraw Ali - Sports illustrated's 1974 sportsman of the year Ali - Spinks defeater, 1978 Ali - Foreman's superior Ali - The people's champ Ali - Champ of 10/30/74 Ali - The lion of god Ali - Loser to norton, 1973 Ali - 'when we were kings' subject Ali - Subject of a 1996 oscar-winning documentary Ali - Poetic pugilist Ali - Winner of 10/30/74 Ali - The self-proclaimed 'greatest' Ali - Clay, now Ali - 'aladdin' prince Ali - 'the martyrdom of ___' (classic muslim work) Ali - Ring king Ali - Frazier foe Ali - He k.o.'d foreman 10/30/74 Ali - Husband of fatima Ali - Fatima's spouse Ali - He stung like a bee Ali - ___ baba Ali - Muhammad ___ Ali - 'mârouf' baritone Ali - The greatest Ali - Fatima's husband Ali - He ko'd foreman Ali - Successor to the prophet, in islam Ali - 'when we were kings' profilee Ali - 7th-century arab caliph Ali - Thrilla in manila participant Ali - Macgraw of 'love story' Ali - Torch lighter at the atlanta olympics Ali - Clay, after transformation Ali - Comeback maker of 10/30/74 Ali - Son-in-law of muhammad Ali - Famed caliph Ali - Former ring leader Ali - Clay, eventually Ali - "the greatest" Ali - "rope-a-dope" practitioner Ali - Great heavyweight Ali - Pugilist poet Ali - Boxer laila ___ Ali - Islam's fourth caliph Ali - Clay, today Ali - Atlanta torch lighter Ali - Clay, once Ali - 'thrilla in manila' victor Ali - Longtime ring champ Ali - "thrilla in manila" combatant Ali - Cosell's longtime foil Ali - Foreman ko'er Ali - Baba of story Ali - 2001 role for will smith Ali - Ring leader, once Ali - Laila, the boxer Ali - Biopic starring will smith Ali - Rope-a-dope boxer Ali - 2001 will smith title role Ali - Actress/singer tatyana ___ Ali - Role for will smith Ali - Berbick beat him in 1981 Ali - First three-time heavyweight champ Ali - Remodeled clay? Ali - Will smith film Ali - Thrilla in manila boxer Ali - Biopic subject Ali - 1996 olympic hero Ali - Will smith title role Ali - Rope-a-dope inventor Ali - Oscar-nominated role for smith Ali - Athlete of the century in some polls Ali - Boxing great Ali - 1960 gold-medal boxer Ali - Foreman foe Ali - 2001 biopic Ali - His won-lost record was 56-5 Ali - Film that won the 2002 naacp image award Ali - Noted knocker-outer Ali - Ring rhymer Ali - Mr. baba Ali - Champ who could 'sting like a bee' Ali - "rope-a-dope" boxer Ali - 2001 will smith role Ali - Oscar-nominated role for will smith Ali - Ring master? Ali - Smith/voight film Ali - "thrilla in manila" victor Ali - Foreman ko'er, 1974 Ali - Will smith role Ali - Big name in boxing Ali - Iraq's imam ___ mosque Ali - 'fresh prince of bel air' co-star tatyana ___ Ali - Subject of the biography 'float like a butterfly' Ali - Sports illustrated's sportsman of the century Ali - He worked on canvases Ali - Lord of the ring, once Ali - Thieves foiler Ali - "thrilla in manila" winner Ali - Boxer laila Ali - See 28-across Ali - See 10-across Ali - 'prince ___' ('aladdin' song) Ali - Sports legend from kentucky Ali - Foreman's superior? Ali - Boxing bigwig Ali - Clay, later Ali - Will smith biopic Ali - Noted ex-heavyweight Ali - Former boxing champ Ali - Former heavyweight champ Ali - He knew the ropes Ali - Poetry-spouting pugilist Ali - Three-time heavyweight champ Ali - Fighter from louisville Ali - Tatyana of 'fresh prince of bel air' Ali - He put people on the ropes Ali - Boxing winner in zaire, 1974 Ali - Modern clay Ali - Tomb of ___, in najaf, iraq Ali - Clay transformation? Ali - One-time ring king Ali - Speaker of 43-across Ali - Pugilist laila Ali - Comeback maker of october 1974 Ali - The self-proclaimed "greatest" Ali - He "stung like a bee" Ali - The louisville lip Ali - "float like a butterfly" boxer Ali - "thrilla in manilla" winner Ali - 2001 biographical film Ali - U.n. messenger of peace Ali - A caliph of islam Ali - "the louisville lip" Ali - '___ baba and the 40 thieves' Ali - Clay, after 1964 Ali - Frazier floored him Ali - Clay of the past Ali - "when we were kings" star Ali - Ring legend Ali - Arabic for "the highest" Ali - With 14-across, a famous 'cave man' Ali - Clay no more Ali - "the greatest" via self-proclamation Ali - Three-time frazier foe Ali - Clay today Ali - "when we were kings" profilee Ali - Foreman fighter Ali - The greatest, in the ring Ali - Film actress macgraw Ali - Film in which voight plays cosell Ali - Caliph Ali - Baba, of forty thieves fame Ali - Quarry quasher of 1970 Ali - Macgraw of 'the getaway' Ali - Title role for will smith Ali - Eastern ruler Ali - Foreman adversary Ali - Thrilla in manila winner Ali - Iranian ayatollah sayyed ___ khamenei Ali - Self-proclaimed 'greatest' Ali - Laila's father Ali - Seventh-century arab caliph Ali - Ayatollah ___ khamenei Ali - Heroic figure of the 1996 olympics Ali - "the greatest" in the ring Ali - He could 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' Ali - 2001 sports biopic Ali - Louisville museum subject Ali - Macgraw of "goodbye, columbus" Ali - G on tv Ali - Star in the ring Ali - He ko'd foreman in '74 Ali - Cousin of muhammad Ali - Clay, after converting Ali - __ baba Ali - Noted boxer Ali - "the soul of a butterfly" memoirist Ali - He had 37 kos Ali - Chemical ___ (nickname for a member of saddam's inner circle) Ali - Laila of pugilism Ali - Old ring leader? Ali - Thrilla in manila victor Ali - Joe frazier foe Ali - Boxing legend Ali - Smith biopic Ali - Cosell interviewee Ali - Boxer nicknamed "the greatest" Ali - Three-time frazier opponent Ali - Lord of the rings? Ali - Noted ring master Ali - "rope-a-dope" creator Ali - "arabian nights" name Ali - Foreman superior, once Ali - "the greatest!" Ali - "sting like a bee" boxer Ali - Undefeated boxer, or her father Ali - Thrilla in manila fighter Ali - Clay, after change Ali - Boxing hall of famer Ali - Will smith film role Ali - 2001 will smith biopic Ali - He said 'champions aren't made in gyms' Ali - Kentucky legend Ali - Outwitter of 40 thieves Ali - Oscar-nominated will smith role Ali - Arabian nights name Ali - Perennial cosell interviewee Ali - Boxer known as the "louisville lip" Ali - World champion, once Ali - Steve calls her slim, in the getaway Ali - Iran's ayatollah ___ khamenei Ali - Laila of boxing Ali - Will smith film of 2001 Ali - World heavyweight champion, once Ali - Macgraw of "love story" Ali - "aladdin" protagonist Ali - Outspoken champ Ali - "aladdin" prince Ali - Boxing legend from kentucky Ali - Arabic prename Ali - Joe frazier rival Ali - '60s heavyweight champ Ali - He beat liston Ali - His jaw was broken by a boxing 24-across Ali - Zulfikar ___ bhutto, 1970's pakistani leader Ali - Larter of "heroes" Ali - Talkative fighter Ali - 'the greatest' boxer Ali - "i am the greatest" proclaimer Ali - He dethroned foreman Ali - 'rope-a-dope' boxer Ali - Rumble in the jungle winner Ali - Muhammad ____ Ali - Pugilist-poet Ali - Will smith biopic, 2001 Ali - Ring immortal Ali - Ring master of yore Ali - Cassius, now Ali - 2005 presidential medal of freedom recipient Ali - Legendary pugilist Ali - Thriller in manila Ali - Legendary boxing champ Ali - He's second to jordan in sports illustrated covers Ali - Noted ring leader Ali - He came out of retirement in 1980 Ali - Ring master, once Ali - 'thrilla in manila' champ Ali - Ryan's "love story" costar Ali - Ring great Ali - Kentucky's athlete of the century Ali - Muslim fighter Ali - Cosell assignment Ali - Boxing family name Ali - Olympic flame lighter at atlanta Ali - Rhyming boxer Ali - First shia imam Ali - Old clay Ali - 'boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up' speaker Ali - 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' boxer Ali - He's "the greatest" Ali - Ring master Ali - Baba not au rhum? Ali - Figure in the sunni/shia split Ali - Wepner whipper Ali - Clay until march 6, 1964 Ali - "the greatest" boxer Ali - 'infidel' author ayaan hirsi ___ Ali - Sacha baron cohen persona __ g Ali - 'sting like a bee' athlete Ali - Tatyana of 'the fresh prince of bel-air,' or a later role for the fresh prince himself Ali - Boxer known for rhymes Ali - Larter of 'heroes' Ali - Laila who dances in and out of the ring Ali - "rumble in the jungle" winner Ali - "american gladiators" co-host laila Ali - 1960 gold-winning pugilist Ali - "aladdin" hero Ali - Frazier rival Ali - Baba with magic words Ali - 'fight of the century' loser Ali - Hbo's 'da ___ g show' Ali - Legendary heavyweight boxing champ Ali - "the thousand and one nights" hero Ali - __ center (louisville museum) Ali - The former clay Ali - ____ khan Ali - Rope-a-dope coiner Ali - 2001 smith biopic Ali - Boxer played by will smith Ali - Hogan’s 'american gladiators' co-host Ali - Loser of the "fight of the century" Ali - Michael mann picture Ali - He had a lot of punch Ali - Lord of the ring, formerly Ali - Clay, by another name Ali - ____ baba Ali - He was the first to beat foreman Ali - "rumble in the jungle" name Ali - Hogan's "american gladiators" co-host Ali - "i am the greatest" speaker Ali - Noted boxing shuffle inventor Ali - ____baba Ali - "american gladiators" cohost laila Ali - Foreman opponent Ali - Liston defeater Ali - Popular muslim name Ali - Muhammad or laila Ali - The fight of the century fighter Ali - Boxer played by smith Ali - Athlete named a u.n. messenger of peace Ali - "rope-a-dope" pugilist Ali - Louisville's __ center, cultural attraction Ali - Winner of the thrilla in manila Ali - Certain caliph in islam Ali - Clay, after a while Ali - Title role about a titleholder Ali - Arabic name meaning "exalted" Ali - 'heroes' actress larter Ali - 'rumble in the jungle' champ Ali - ____ baba Ali - Famous boxer Ali - Jenny in "love story" Ali - 37-time "sports illustrated" cover figure Ali - Cassius clay now Ali - Muhammad with gloves Ali - Smith title role Ali - Rumble in the jungle victor Ali - Noted convert to islam in 1964 Ali - Cnn's "your money" host velshi Ali - Boxing great, or her father Ali - Focus of a louisville museum Ali - "love story" first name Ali - Memorable cosell interviewee Ali - Baba of fiction Ali - Boxer laila, or her dad Ali - His crown was stripped in 1967 Ali - Former ringmaster? Ali - Cassius now Ali - Sacha baron cohen character ___ g Ali - Bbc's sports personality of the century Ali - Clay, since 1964 Ali - Muslim caliph Ali - "when we were kings" athlete Ali - 'aladdin' hero Ali - Poet in the ring Ali - Iranian supreme leader ___ khamenei Ali - Clay, after a conversion Ali - 1960 olympics boxing gold medalist Ali - "fight of the century" loser Ali - Common muslim name Ali - Lord of the ring? Ali - World champion of 1964-67, 1974-78 and 1978-79 Ali - Khan or baba Ali - Victor in zaire, 1974 Ali - Cassius clay, now Ali - Foreman beater in '74 Ali - 1996 olympics honoree Ali - Si's athlete of the century Ali - "when we were kings" boxer Ali - Will smith biopic of 2001 Ali - Smokin' joe foe Ali - Boxer muhammad Ali - Rubina ___ of 'slumdog millionaire' Ali - Boxing biopic Ali - Will smith portrayed him Ali - Big name in flooring? Ali - "rumble in the jungle" participant Ali - The prophet muhammed's cousin Ali - Model landry Ali - Subject of the biography 'king of the world' Ali - Tatyana of 'the fresh prince of bel-air' Ali - "heroes" actress larter Ali - Lighter of the olympic flame in atlanta Ali - Bard of boxing Ali - Louisville sports icon Ali - Joe frazier's ring rival Ali - Three-time '60s-'70s heavyweight champ Ali - Pugilist from louisville Ali - Fighter with a shuffle Ali - "american gladiators "cohost Ali - Clay, after remodeling? Ali - Pugilistic poet Ali - Pakistani president asif ___ zardari Ali - Biopic with will smith Ali - 'thrilla in manila' winner Ali - Ring icon Ali - Lindsay lohan's sister Ali - Actress larter of 'heroes' Ali - "arabian nights" figure, ___ baba Ali - Fedotowsky of 'the bachelorette' Ali - Muhammad ___, opponent of 53-down Ali - "i ain't got no quarrel with the viet cong" speaker Ali - "thrilla in manila" boxer Ali - 'thrilla in manila' participant Ali - 2001 film in which ron silver played angelo dundee Ali - Self-proclaimed "greatest" boxer Ali - Foreman's foe in zaire Ali - Baba of folklore Ali - Fassbinder film '___: fear eats the soul' Ali - Baba who stole from thieves Ali - Self-proclaimed "greatest" of boxing Ali - Biopic of 2001 Ali - He fought frazier three times Ali - Macgraw or khan Ali - Muslim convert in 1964 news Ali - Will smith portrayal of 2001 Ali - "open, sesame" speaker Ali - "__ baba bunny": classic bugs cartoon Ali - Rhymer in the ring Ali - __ baba ("arabian nights" hero) Ali - Induction-refusing boxing champ Ali - Mohammed _____ Ali - 2001 michael mann film Ali - Fighter who was a dove Ali - "if you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize" boaster Ali - Noted cosell interviewee Ali - __ baba ("arabian nights" character) Ali - Poetic boxer Ali - '70s boxing champ Ali - Former bachelorette fedotowsky Ali - Boxer with a louisville museum Ali - Caliph called 'the lion of god' Ali - He "floated like a butterfly" Ali - Focus of a louisville cultural center Ali - Fight of the century loser Ali - Well-known jabber? Ali - "the champ" Ali - Rhyming fighter Ali - Baba who tangled with thieves Ali - Frazier's "thrilla in manila" foe Ali - "the greatest" of boxing Ali - He fought foreman Ali - Will smith title role of 2001 Ali - Frazier defeater Ali - Ex-ring king Ali - "arabian nights" figure ___ baba Ali - Yemeni leader ___ abdullah saleh Ali - 2001 film bio Ali - '70s heavyweight champ Ali - Heavyweight champ after liston Ali - With 4-down, 'love story' star Ali - -- baba Ali - Macgraw of movies Ali - Will smith movie Ali - Boxing's 'greatest' Ali - Noted pugilist Ali - With 37-down, thieves' foe Ali - 'rope-a-dope' specialist Ali - With 35-across, thieves' thwarter Ali - Ms. macgraw Ali - 'rumble in the jungle' contender Ali - Sports legend Ali - Foreman rival Ali - Big name in boxing lore Ali - Actress landry Ali - Actress larter Ali - Clay's ring name Ali - Hogan's 'american gladiators' co-host Ali - Clay alias Ali - Liston opponent Ali - With 5-across, 'open sesame' man Ali - Will smith biopic role Ali - With 21-down, 'arabian nights' hero Ali - Foreman competitor Ali - With 7-down, 'open, sesame!' sayer Ali - Onetime ring king Ali - Former frazier foe Ali - Ring king muhammad Ali - Ring legend muhammad Ali - With 6-across, 'open, sesame!' utterer Ali - Foe of frazier Ali - Old ring king Ali - Boxer clay, renamed Ali - Boxing great muhammad Ali - Old ring king muhammad Ali - 'thrilla in manila' fighter Ali - Old foe of frazier Ali - With 1-down, 'open, sesame' utterer Ali - Frazier downer Ali - 'american gladiators' co-host laila Ali - Cnn's 'your money' host velshi Ali - Mohammed . . . (boxer) Ali - Self-proclaimed "greatest" Ali - Mailer's subject in "the fight" Ali - Cassius clay became muhammad ... Ali - His title was stripped in '67 Ali - Baba of "the arabian nights" Ali - Mohammed ... (boxer) Ali - Clay now Ali - Mohammad . . ., . . . hewson Ali - Fourth caliph of sunni islam Ali - Three-time heavyweight boxing champ Ali - With 1-down, discoverer of cave treasure Ali - Noted 1964 convert to islam Ali - Boxer with an allegiance to 16-across Ali - See 109-down Ali - Ko connection maker Ali - His title was stripped in 1967 Ali - He dropped many men Ali - The greatest pugilist, he says Ali - "rumble in the jungle" fighter Ali - Hero in zaire, 1974 Ali - Ex-boxer laila Ali - Noted olympic torch lighter of 1996 Ali - Muhammad __ Ali - Ring king born cassius clay Ali - "___ baba and the forty thieves" Ali - He ko'd many men Ali - Dundee's protege in the ring Ali - Memorable press-conference rhymer Ali - ___ shuffle (boxing move) Ali - 1996 olympic flame lighter Ali - "the greatest" of the ring Ali - Muhammad of the ring Ali - Common arab given name Ali - Baba with an ax Ali - 2001 biopic directed by michael mann Ali - Fourth muslim caliph Ali - He had a "sting like a bee" Ali - "__ baba and the forty thieves" Ali - "1,001 arabian nights" hero Ali - Baba of "arabian nights" Ali - Heavyweight - a pound? Ali - Foreman's one-time superior? Ali - 'the greatest' boxer? Ali - Muhammad or baba? Ali - Muslim name Ali - Sports illustrated named him sportsman of the century in 1999 Ali - He was thrice the boxing champ Ali - Baba the woodcutter Ali - Successor of muhammad, to shiites Ali - Ring leader? Ali - Fighter formerly known as clay Ali - Pugilist muhammad Ali - Loquacious boxing champ Ali - Fourth caliph in sunni islam Ali - Ring great muhammad Ali - Muhammad who refereed the first wrestlemania Ali - Ryan's "love story" co-star Ali - "the mouth that roared" of the ring Ali - Fistic legend Ali - Legendary boxer Ali - Boxer called 'the greatest' Ali - "rumble in the jungle" champ Ali - Storied baba Ali - "the soul of a butterfly" autobiographer Ali - Muhammad ... (former fighter) Ali - Eastern potentate Ali - Winner of "the thrilla in manila" Ali - The greatest is beginning to fall into alignment Ali - Alcindor : abdul-jabbar :: clay : ___ Ali - Woodcutter baba Ali - Boxing legend muhammad Ali - 'lawrence of arabia' role Ali - Model/actress landry Ali - Early follower of muhammad Ali - Rhyming boxing legend Ali - Louisville's muhammad ___ center Ali - Onetime giant in decking Ali - Spinks's opponent in two title fights Ali - Self-proclaimed "greatest" of the ring Ali - 'the soul of a butterfly' autobiographer Ali - Subject of a museum in louisville Ali - Baba who outwitted thieves Ali - A boxing legend Ali - Boxing great muhammad __ Ali - Boxing biopic starring will smith Ali - Clay with a new name Ali - Subject of the 1998 biography 'king of the world' Ali - "chemical" iraqi Ali - 1975 opponent of frazier Ali - Very common muslim name Ali - Muhammad -- Ali - Boxer who floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee Ali - Iran's ___ khamenei Ali - Noted press conference rhymer Ali - 2001 michael mann biopic Ali - Muhammad ..., famous boxer Ali - He used to "sting like a bee" Ali - He floored foreman in zaire Ali - Name among boxing legends Ali - Foreman striker Ali - Who said 'it's not bragging if you can back it up' Ali - 2001 boxing biopic Ali - "greatest" of boxing Ali - Winner of the "thrilla in manila" Ali - "i am the greatest" boxer Ali - Prizefighting legend Ali - He said he was the greatest, and many agree Ali - Poetic fighter Ali - "greatest" of the ring Ali - Sacha baron cohen's "da __ g show" Ali - His name was once cassius x Ali - Cnn correspondent velshi Ali - Cassius lately Ali - Frazier's fight of the century foe Ali - 1974 fassbinder film subtitled 'fear eats the soul' Ali - He beat liston twice Ali - Old frazier foe Ali - "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" guy Ali - His last fight was a loss to trevor berbick Ali - "i am the greatest" claimant Ali - "one thousand and one nights" hero Ali - The people's champion Ali - Spinks foe Ali - Athlete with the autobiography 'the soul of a butterfly' Ali - He proclaimed 'i shook up the world' Ali - "fight of the century" contender Ali - Legendary boxing champion Ali - Khan, for one Ali - Laila of the ring Ali - Olympic torch figure of 1996 Ali - Champ who could "sting like a bee" Ali - Frazier's longtime foe Ali - Boxer in the first-ever pay-per-view match Ali - "sting like a bee" athlete Ali - With 1-across, 'open sesame' speaker Ali - "rumble in the jungle" victor Ali - Surname among boxing legends Ali - Liston's conqueror Ali - Subject of a 2001 movie bio Ali - Boxer known as 'the greatest' Ali - Quipster who "handcuffed lightning" Ali - Boxer played by will smith in a 2001 biopic Ali - Arabic name meaning 'high' Ali - Ex-heavyweight champ Ali - ___ g (sacha baron cohen persona) Ali - Legend of the ring Ali - Boxer who defeated foreman Ali - 'rope-a-dope' practitioner Ali - Rope-a-dope name Ali - Ring king, once Ali - 1970s foe of frazier Ali - Hollywood's macgraw Ali - Iraq's imam ___ air base Ali - Baba, for one Ali - Muhammad ..., boxer Ali - Boxing's muhammad Ali - Bee-butterfly boxer Ali - Liston fighter Ali - Muhammad -, boxer Ali - He brought the atlanta olympics alight Ali - Former test captain bacher Ali - Tatyana - Ali - Kabir, worcestershire paceman Ali - Atlanta torch bearer Ali - Bacher, who was a leading voice for south african cricket Ali - & thirty four down atmoic kitten;s cheery farewell Ali - Boxing biopic that starred will smith Ali - Bacher, springbok administrator Ali - Muhammad's son-in-law Ali - Williams, who the lions found trying Ali - Is she the louisville lipstick? Ali - Dickens novel Ali - The hidden caliph? Ali - Muhammad -, us boxer Ali - Fourth caliph of islam Ali - Son-in-law to muhammad Ali - Muhammad -; - baba Ali - Boxer making comeback in manila Ali - "float like a butterfly" guy Ali - "the greatest" in a ring Ali - He opened the 1996 olympics Ali - 2001 biopic starring will smith Ali - Clay unearthed in halifax Ali - Baba Ali - Opponent of 14-down, in sports Ali - Smith biopic role Ali - Baba or a boxer Ali - 'prince --' ('aladdin' song) Ali - Muhammad follower Ali - 2001 will smith film Ali - Ralph's wife Ali - Foreman battler Ali - Frazier fighter Ali - Former foe of frazier and foreman Ali - Boxer muhammad __ Ali - Prince in 'aladdin' Ali - Laila of 'we need to talk' Ali - Boxing's "greatest" Ali - Legendary fighter Ali - Muhammad - - , boxer Ali - She's a bit of a malingerer Ali - - - baba, poor woodcutter Ali - Boxer - malian no man's seen Ali - - - baba Ali - Muhammad - - , legendary boxer Ali - Some real interest in the girl shortly Ali - Muhammad ��; legendary boxer born cassius clay (3) Ali - Person notable among caliphs Ali - 'ring' specialist engrossed in opera literature Ali - Former boxing champion Ali - Us heavyweight boxer Ali - Boxer, very famous? no way! Ali - Former boxer Ali - -- macgraw, actress who starred in the 1970 film 'love story' Ali - Foreman toppler Ali - Figure in a sunni/shia dispute Ali - Legendary frazier foe Ali - 'there are more pleasant things to do than beat up people' speaker Ali - Noted conscientious objector Ali - Gold medalist of 1960, under a previous name Ali - Three-time frazier fighter Ali - "aladdin" character Ali - "___ baba and the 40 thieves" Ali - Boxing immortal Ali - 'the greatest: my own story' author Ali - Former boxing king Ali - Ringmaster with rhymes Ali - Tatyana of "the fresh prince of bel-air" Ali - Iraq's mosque of ___ (pilgrimage site) Ali - Clay, nowadays Ali - ___ shar ('one thousand and one nights' character) Ali - See 56-across Ali - -- baba, poor woodcutter Ali - "arabian nights" hero Ali - "arabian nights" prename Ali - Fighter from kentucky Ali - Three-time foe for frazier Ali - Foe of frazier and foreman Ali - Big ring name Ali - He's known as "the greatest" Ali - U.s. women's soccer star krieger Ali - Muhammad ..., former boxer Ali - '70s ring king Ali - Participant in madison square garden's 'fight of the century' Ali - March 1971 loser at madison square garden Ali - 'rumble in the jungle' participant Ali - Loser in 1971's 'fight of the century' Ali - Flame lighter at the 1996 olympics Ali - See 15-across Ali - 'everything's curious today' speaker Ali - Clay v. united states was decided in his favor Ali - 'rumble in the jungle' victor Ali - Name in the madison square garden walk of fame Ali - Winner of 56 of his 61 fights Ali - 'rumble in the jungle' winner Ali - He was sports illustrated's sportsman of the century Ali - 'inventor' of the rope-a-dope Ali - Who said 'it's hard to be humble when you're as great as i am' Ali - 'aladdin' character Ali - Subject of the 75-pound book 'goat' Ali - U.s. women's national soccer star krieger Ali - Kentucky boxing legend Ali - Arabian nights prename Ali - Boxer who fought the vietnam war Ali - Boxer said to "sting" Ali - Famous frazier foe Ali - Boxer muhammad or son-in-law of the prophet muhammad Ali - He floated like a butterfly Ali - Ryan's love in 'love story' Ali - Noted american follower of 20-across Ali - Ayaan hirsi ___, author of 'infidel' Ali - Subject of the book 'loser and still champion' Ali - "open sesame" speaker Ali - Formidable foreman foe Ali - Foreman striker? Ali - "prince __": "aladdin" song Ali - So-called 'commander of the faithful' Ali - Subject of a museum in louisville, ky Ali - Cauldron-lighter at the 1996 atlanta olympics Ali - Athlete in recent porsche ads Ali - Legendary cosell interviewee Ali - ___ pasha (many an ottoman statesman) Ali - ___ g (sacha baron cohen character who asked buzz aldrin, 'what do you say to all those conspiracy theorists who come up to you and say, 'does the moon really exist?" Ali - Muhammad the legend Ali - With 1-across, woodcutter who stole from thieves Ali - Dundee trained him Ali - Film that earned will smith and jon voight oscar nominations Ali - Muhammad's successor, to shiites Ali - 2001 biopic nominated for an espy Ali - Prince in disney's 'aladdin' Ali - Muhammad --, former world champion boxer Ali - Athlete who said, 'if you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize' Ali - Dethroner of foreman Ali - Boxing's 'louisville lip' Ali - Athlete whose draft evasion case went to the supreme court Ali - Seventh-century caliph Ali - Rumble in the jungle participant Ali - Who said 'if you even dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologize' Ali - He was 'the greatest' Ali - Late boxing great Ali - Slugger from louisville Ali - Pugilism's "the greatest" Ali - Muhammad --, boxer Ali - Subject of the kids' book "twelve rounds to glory" Ali - Late, great boxer Ali - Boxer who won the thrilla in manila Ali - Three-time ring foe of frazier Ali - Boxer portrayed by will smith Ali - Lighter of the 1996 olympic torch Ali - Late boxing champion Ali - Legendary 32-across Ali - Late boxer Ali - Late, great boxing champ Ali - Larter of tv's "heroes" Ali - Oscar-nominated part for smith Ali - Il a ouvert une caverne Ali - Foreman vanquisher Ali - Late rhyming boxing champ Ali - Thrilla in manila champ Ali - Gendre de mahomet Ali - Epousa la fille du prophète Ali - Legendary muhammad Ali - 'da ___ g show' Ali - Soundtrack for will smith boxing movie Ali - The story so far song about a famous boxer? Ali - The story so far song about the greatest? Ali - South korean singer of "let me say first" Ali - "boy you knock me out" singer tatyana Ali - The story so far song for a boxer? Ali - "when we were kings" hero Ali - With 27-down, foe of the forty thieves Ali - Athlete who said, 'don't count the days. make the days count.' Ali - Mike g. mixtape about the greatest? Ali - "rumble in the jungle" boxer Ali - Louisville slugger Ali - Gendre de mahomet, il fut le quatrième calife Ali - Loser of the drama in bahama Ali - Three-time foe of frazier Ali - Boxing great's name, after 1964 Ali - "aladdin" figure Ali - Champ before and after spinks Ali - With 10-across, "open sesame" sayer Ali - His "slave name" was clay Ali - Actress larter of tv's 'pitch' Ali - Thrilla in manila figure Ali - Lexington legend Ali - Boxing's "louisville lip" Ali - Il s'est souvent battu Ali - Personnage de conte Ali - See 28-down Ali - Name meaning "high" Ali - Last name among boxing legends Ali - "__ baba and the 40 thieves" Ali - He fought a wild animal - that's not on Ali - 'silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer' speaker Ali - Leroy neiman subject Ali - The greatest of boxing Ali - Boxer who nicknamed his opponents Ali - Manila victor of 1975 Ali - 'it's not bragging if you can back it up' speaker Ali - Legend of boxing Ali - '___ baba and the forty thieves' Ali - Foe of spinks Ali - He said 'if you even dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologize' Ali - He called frazier a "gorilla" Ali - Boxeur Ali - Exalted, in islam Ali - Noted ringmaster Ali - 'moonlight' oscar winner mahershala Ali - Louisville slugger? Ali - Noted rope-a-dope boxer Ali - Boxeur américain dont la vie a inspiré un film Ali - One nicknamed "the greatest" Ali - Who said 'i'm so mean i make medicine sick' Ali - Oscar winner mahershala Ali - "when we were kings" subject Ali - Heavyweight legend muhammad Ali - 'moonlight' star mahershala Ali - Late boxing legend Ali - Mahershala of 'moonlight' Ali - Frazier's foe Ali - Fighter of frazier Ali - 1977 warhol subject Ali - Tatyana ___ Ali - International boxing hall of fame inductee Ali - Mahershala ___, best supporting actor for 17-across Ali - Boxer with feats of clay? Ali - Il cognait Ali - Boxing biopic of 2001 Ali - Subject of mailer's "the fight" Ali - Célèbre boxeur Ali - Boxing champ before and after spinks Ali - Boxer with 37 knockouts Ali - 'the greatest' fighter Ali - Atlanta olympics torch lighter Ali - Pugilistic friend of cosell Ali - Fighter eulogized by bill clinton, among others Ali - Monica __, author of brick lane (2003) Ali - He sparred verbally with cosell Ali - Sacha baron cohen's 'da ___ g show' Ali - Memorable fighter Ali - "rumble in the jungle" combatant Ali - Left cuts excellent boxer Ali - Frazier's frequent foe Ali - Boxer’s son ditched by girl? Ali - Three-time 1-across Ali - Torch lighter of 1996 Ali - Quotable boxer Ali - Former ub40 lead singer campbell Ali - Heavyweight great Ali - Lyrical boxer Ali - Boxeur américain Ali - Boxeur célèbre Ali - Mahershala ___, oscar winner for 'moonlight' Ali - His 1975 autobiography was edited by toni morrison Ali - One-time ring master Ali - Norton and foreman fighter Ali - "the rumble in the jungle" victor Ali - Muhammad —, boxer Ali - Muhammad —, boxer Ali - ___ g (baron cohen character) Ali - Louisville legend Ali - Louisville legend Ali - Husband of muhammad’s daughter fatima, later the fourth muslim caliph, assassinated in 661 Ali - Late heavyweight great Ali - Late heavyweight great Ali - Ayaan hirsi ___, somali-born advocate for women's rights and religious freedom Ali - Fabled woodcutter ___ baba Ali - 'arabian nights' hero