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Annex - Appropriate, in a way

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Annex - Take over, in a way Annex - Appropriate, in a way Annex - Architectural afterthought Annex - Take over Annex - Not the main building Annex - Wing Annex - Building addition Annex - New wing Annex - Room for expansion Annex - Addition Annex - Add on Annex - Building extra Annex - Building add-on Annex - Building wing Annex - Appropriate Annex - Wing, perhaps Annex - Incorporate Annex - Wing that won't aid in flying Annex - Tack on Annex - Architectural wing Annex - Auxiliary building Annex - Supplementary structure Annex - Extension on the main building Annex - Subsidiary building Annex - Add-on Annex - Building extension Annex - Edifice extension Annex - Incorporate into a city Annex - Claim, as land Annex - Building adjunct Annex - Attach Annex - Architectural addition Annex - The learning ___ Annex - Side building Annex - Addition to a building Annex - Add, as territory Annex - Colonize, more politely Annex - Wing, maybe Annex - An addition to a main building Annex - Take, as land Annex - Extension to main building Annex - Build a wing Annex - Proposal for business expansion Annex - Kiss a girl before one is attached Annex - Take possession of (territory) Annex - Add by conquest or occupation Annex - Add to one's territory Annex - Attach(ment) Annex - Join - add Annex - Seize girl attached to former partner Annex - Forward individuals shun ban on sex as appropriate Annex - Architect's afterthought Annex - Extension of the main building Annex - Architect's wing Annex - Addition to a school, say Annex - Architectural wing, e.g Annex - Fast-growing school's need, perhaps Annex - Incorporate, as new territory Annex - Grab girl, wanting a kiss Annex - Append final bit of affectionate queen's letter? Annex - Appropriate woman joins times Annex - Addition to a document Annex - Take over, making queen cross Annex - Appropriate sign of affection required by girl Annex - Putting queen on ten is appropriate Annex - Take on new territory Annex - Attach after conquest Annex - Seize and give a kiss to the girl Annex - Append Annex - Add on after conquest Annex - Extension number given to the girl Annex - Add on by conquest Annex - Join a girl and kiss Annex - Lady has fewer than a dozen to take permanent possession of Annex - Attach, invade Annex - Appropriate name in a divorcee Annex - Take possession of girl with kiss Annex - Attach (land) Annex - Building attachment Annex - Add to the end Annex - Take by force Annex - Added wing Annex - Take over, as land Annex - Something added on the end of affectionate princess's letter? Annex - Extension to a main building Annex - Edifice addition Annex - An addition that extends a main building Annex - Add to the end; take possession of Annex - New wing, say Annex - Take by force, as land Annex - Add as an extra part Annex - Incorporate, as the u.s. did texas Annex - Add by appropriating Annex - New wing, e.g Annex - Knights go in swinging axe and conquer Annex - Knights go in swinging axe and conquer Annex - Building's extra