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Ambler - Stroller

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Ambler - Novelist-screenwriter eric Ambler - Stroller Ambler - 'journey into fear' mystery novelist, 1940 Ambler - One who's in no hurry Ambler - Unrushed pedestrian Ambler - “journey into fear” novelist Ambler - 'the mask of dimitrios' writer eric Ambler - English novelist eric Ambler - Stroll taker Ambler - 'journey into fear' mystery novelist Ambler - Easy walker Ambler - Spy novelist eric Ambler - "a coffin for dimitrios" novelist Ambler - "epitaph for a spy" author eric Ambler - "the october man" novelist Ambler - One walking comfortably Ambler - Slow walker Ambler - Vagabond Ambler - Adventure novelist eric Ambler - Spy novel author eric Ambler - One might beat it into the skin Ambler - Eric walker? Ambler - Eric gets doctor in real trouble Ambler - Writer was better beheaded? Ambler - Eric, thriller writer Ambler - "epitaph for a spy" novelist Ambler - Takes a chance losing head in rover Ambler - Sharp sound from wife bitten by circling insect Ambler - Eric -, english author (the mask of dimitrios) Ambler - Franco-russian agreement suggested by louise ramé Ambler - First of mysteries penned by more talented thriller writer Ambler - Novelist, one who won't keep to the point right from the start Ambler - Leisurely walker Ambler - English writer for a toddler? Ambler - Pedestrian author? Ambler - English thriller writer; walker Ambler - Person walking at a leisurely pace Ambler - Eric --, author of spy novels (1909-98) Ambler - Old thriller writer taking stroll by river Ambler - "the mask of dimitrios" novelist eric Ambler - Person strolling Ambler - Better loses his head, so he goes for a walk Ambler - British spy novelist eric Ambler - Pedestrian at leisure Ambler - Pedestrian old thriller writer Ambler - One walker or another wiping brow? Ambler - One strolling Ambler - Leisurely pedestrian's warning about lake Ambler - Leisurely pedestrian Ambler - Writer eric Ambler - One walking, one talking without end