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Jack - It's an honor

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Jack - 'nacho libre' star, 2006 Jack - 'straight from the gut' writer welch Jack - 'you don't know ___' Jack - *a wall Jack - - sprat; - horner Jack - -- frost Jack - -- palance, us actor who played curly washburn in the 1991 film 'city slickers' Jack - 12 Jack - Ac/dc jam orig. called "the clap" (with "the") Jack - Actor bill has rejected scriptwriter's material, companion admitted to al Jack - An unsympathetic type is all right, he tells me Jack - And 12 across, little of this in a corner, notwithstanding Jack - Associated with ferret by louisa m. alcott? Jack - Best actor oscar winner 1997, for 'as good as it gets' Jack - Black or white Jack - Blazer raiser? Jack - Bowls target; small flag Jack - Boy - lifting device Jack - Car lift Jack - Car lifter Jack - Car-lifting tool Jack - Card game, no limit Jack - Card in a royal flush Jack - Card; lifting device Jack - Card; man's name Jack - Charlton major Jack - Cooper's knave starts with row Jack - David, scorer of the first wembley goal Jack - Device for raising car to remove wheel Jack - Device used for raising a flag Jack - Diddly-squat Jack - Dog akin to 9 Jack - Face card Jack - Fast food mascot with a spherical head Jack - First name of 34-across Jack - Flag-raiser Jack - Golden goose finder Jack - He might take 25 to be a fool Jack - He'll give you a lift Jack - He's all right on the green! Jack - Hi - this is a kidnap! tell him you're all right Jack - Hike, with 'up' Jack - Hoist Jack - Hoist flag Jack - Honour weightlifter Jack - Is he nimble and quick on the green? Jack - It beats a 10 Jack - It's an honor Jack - It's on the cards that that might give one a lift Jack - Item in a trunk Jack - It�ll raise flag flown by ship Jack - Jill's companion Jack - Jill's friend Jack - Jill's other half? Jack - Knave Jack - Knave (cards) Jack - Lad on the green? Jack - Lemmon or london Jack - Lifting device Jack - Lifting device - boy's name Jack - Lifting device - flag - boy's name - card - fish Jack - Lowest face card Jack - Magic harp thief Jack - Male donkey Jack - Man in navy bowler rolls it Jack - Man that offers a car lift Jack - Means of raising a flag Jack - Moolah Jack - Mr frost? Jack - Mr. frost Jack - Mustang raiser? Jack - Name for sailor Jack - No head for heights: held by john bird to be an elusive type Jack - Noted hill climber Jack - Nothing, slangily Jack - Phone hook-up Jack - Picture card Jack - Playing card Jack - Playing card; sailor Jack - Playing-card Jack - Poker face? Jack - Popular nursery-rhyme name Jack - Raise a boy Jack - Raise flag Jack - Raise part of a suit Jack - Raise the flag Jack - Raise, with 'up' Jack - Raising device, socket Jack - Rowling receives a first christmas card Jack - Royal flush component Jack - Sailor Jack - Sailor - seen on the bowling green Jack - Scorer of the first wembley goal Jack - Seaman appearing before the queen on deck? Jack - See 3 Jack - See 5 down Jack - Some wealth Jack - Something for raising flag on board for sailor Jack - Something of a lad on the green? Jack - Sort of boot, hammer, pot or tar Jack - Steal, slangily Jack - Stranded motorist's aid Jack - Target ball in bowls Jack - Telephone device Jack - Ten topper Jack - Ten beater Jack - Ten topper Jack - The lad on the green? Jack - Tire-changing aid Jack - Tire-changing device Jack - Tire-changing need Jack - Too --- for zero (elton john album) Jack - Trunk item Jack - Tunic for a soldier or sailor Jack - Weightlifter found on bowling-green Jack - Weightlifter is a card Jack - What do you call a chap under a car? it's only a wind up! Jack - What you don't know? Jack - White bowls target Jack - White who was the vocalist and guitarist on the 2003 hit 'seven nation army'* Jack - With 2-down, "rio lobo" actor Jack - With 41-across, co-creator of captain america and the hulk Jack - With 65-across, second in a series of five tv personalities (1957-62) Jack - Word that can define 17- and 59-across and 11-, 28- and 29-down Jack - _____ pine (nwt's tree)