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Encode - Make secret

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  • Encode - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word C
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word D
  • 6 - st. word E

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Encode - Make secret Encode - Make hard to read Encode - Construct cryptograms Encode - Write, as a secret message Encode - Make cryptic Encode - Hide, in a way Encode - Secure, as information Encode - Cipher Encode - Make unreadable, for security Encode - Make hard to figure out Encode - Do some espionage work Encode - Create, as a cryptogram Encode - Write, as cryptograms Encode - Convert a message Encode - Put into cipher Encode - What cryptographers do Encode - Secure, in a way Encode - Turn 'this' into '_ .... .. ...,' e.g Encode - Camouflage a message Encode - Protect, in a way Encode - Try to make undecipherable Encode - Make harder to read Encode - Make unreadable Encode - Make cryptograms Encode - Convert to dots and dashes Encode - Write in playfair, e.g Encode - Write cryptograms Encode - Need to be about to make the top of 24 down hard to understand Encode - Encrypt Encode - Turn message into secret symbols Encode - Need it to be about the company to make it so hard to read? Encode - Obfuscate, in a way Encode - Do a cryptographer's job Encode - Convert into a cipher Encode - Put (message) into ciphers Encode - Put in a secret language Encode - Make unreadable to the enemy Encode - Create a cryptogram Encode - Send a secret message to writer embracing fighting man with oriental Encode - Protect from a cyberattack, say Encode - Write, as computer programs Encode - Symbolize, maybe Encode - Create a secret passage Encode - Render unreadable, in a way Encode - Disguise one,s writing in enclosed poem Encode - Make cryptic request in theatre wanting one character replaced by daughter Encode - Cypher a direction without dictionary Encode - In conclusion, company needs english cipher Encode - Points about business deals initially put in cipher Encode - Put into secret symbols Encode - Put into secret writing Encode - Maybe turn to morse and co to crack edwardian detective's cases Encode - Put into a cipher Encode - Make cryptic in french - napoleonic, perhaps Encode - Make it hard to read the enclosed poem Encode - Encipher Encode - Scramble, as a secret message Encode - Make secret garden, almost penetrated by officer Encode - Almost finished penning military leader's cipher Encode - Create cryptograms Encode - Camouflage, as a message Encode - Make hard to read, in a way Encode - Scramble data for company in dire need Encode - Don't make a message plain Encode - Require decryption to read Encode - Officer in the first place briefly to turn to morse? Encode - Create a cipher Encode - Make tough to make out Encode - Cipher, as a secret message Encode - Protect from hackers, hopefully Encode - Put in cipher Encode - Make it necessary to decrypt