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Dime - Bygone phone call cost

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Dime - Stopping point? Dime - ___-a-minute (call rate) Dime - Bygone phone call cost Dime - Cost of a minute call, maybe Dime - Onetime phone call cost Dime - Five's partner Dime - F.d.r. locale Dime - See 42-across Dime - Old-time novel type Dime - Impromptu flat screwdriver Dime - Bit of change Dime - Half of it is a nickel Dime - Element of change Dime - Slot insert Dime - 'thin' coin Dime - Symbol of thinness Dime - Cost of a call, once Dime - Kind of store, once Dime - Word with store or novel Dime - 10-year sentence, in slang Dime - Five partner Dime - Price of a dozen? Dime - Cost for a dozen, in a phrase Dime - Torch bearer? Dime - Stopping place? Dime - It was redesigned in 1945 Dime - A tip, once Dime - Roosevelt money Dime - Mint product Dime - Cost of a phone call, in bogart films Dime - Where to see fdr Dime - Thinnest u.s. coin Dime - Ten-cent piece Dime - Fdr portrait site Dime - Thin coin Dime - Site for franklin roosevelt Dime - More than a quarter of a quarter Dime - __ novel Dime - Makeshift screwdriver Dime - Nickel partner Dime - 10-year prison sentence, in gang slang Dime - Cost of an old phone call Dime - Slot insert, sometimes Dime - Small change Dime - "thin" coin Dime - 'it's your ___' Dime - Fdr's place Dime - A __ a dozen Dime - Word with "store" or "novel" Dime - Cost for a dozen, sometimes Dime - It has 118 ridges Dime - Turning point? Dime - Coin Dime - Torch site Dime - Tenth of a dollar Dime - ___ bag Dime - It features f.d.r.'s profile Dime - Fdr's coin Dime - Cost of a dozen? Dime - Phone call cost, in bogart films Dime - Novel type Dime - "i'm rich! no, just kidding. it's only a ___." Dime - Coin smaller than a penny Dime - Two-fifths of one quarter Dime - It's smaller than a penny Dime - Roosevelt has been its head since 1946 Dime - Cost of a phone call, once Dime - Former pay-phone cost Dime - Two-fifths of one quarter? Dime - "... spare a ___?" Dime - Five-and-___ Dime - Coin with f.d.r.'s profile Dime - Impromptu screwdriver Dime - Bit of pocket change Dime - Smoker's quantity Dime - Small coin Dime - Smallest u.s. coin Dime - Torch bearer Dime - Thinnest coin Dime - Coin with a torch on the back Dime - Olive branch site Dime - Fdr portrait setting Dime - Exemplar of thinness Dime - Thinness comparison Dime - It ain't worth a nickel Dime - Fdr is on it Dime - One thin -- Dime - Fdr is pictured on it Dime - Miserly tip Dime - 10-cent coin Dime - 'i'm rich! no, just kidding. it's only a ___.' Dime - Word found beneath an oak branch Dime - Ten cents Dime - I would get back to myself in america, for what it's worth Dime - I would come back myself Dime - One tenth of a dollar Dime - Us ten-cent coin Dime - Ten cents in usa Dime - Ten us cents Dime - Ten-cent coin in america Dime - Emergency screwdriver Dime - Comic book buyer of old? Dime - Ten-year prison sentence, in slang Dime - Element of change? Dime - Ten-cent coin in the us Dime - Coin with a schooner Dime - Part of pound - i mean part of dollar Dime - I'm at the centre of modern coin Dime - A little money for backward english? Dime - Turn down european, for change, in us Dime - One tenth of a us dollar Dime - See 1 Dime - Olive branch setting Dime - Phone call cost, in old films Dime - 10-year prison sentence, in slang Dime - Fdr's on it Dime - A little change Dime - Ersatz screwdriver Dime - Us coin Dime - Thinnest us coin Dime - Little torch bearer Dime - Bluenose coin Dime - Place to see fdr Dime - Coin with f.d.r.'s image Dime - Small change overseas discovered in third dimension Dime - It was redesigned in 1946 Dime - Thinness symbol Dime - Us 10 cent coin Dime - Ten-cent coin Dime - Canadian coin Dime - 10 cents Dime - Cease holding marks and other foreign coin Dime - Foreign coin i had returned to me Dime - Small american coin Dime - Us ten cent piece Dime - Us ten cent coin Dime - Obscure english coin Dime - American coin Dime - Ten cents piece Dime - Coin depicting an olive branch Dime - Small change overseas at the heart of third dimension Dime - One of a fiver's fifty Dime - Obscure english coin found in the us Dime - Small amount of u.s. currency i'd brought back with me Dime - Something round and silvery showing up in semi-darkness Dime - Thin piece of change Dime - Return of bette midler netting very little money Dime - Light coin Dime - By law, it's 1.35 mm thick Dime - Fraction of a loonie Dime - Old phone booth user's need Dime - Subway fare in 1950 Dime - Coin flipped in the four longest across answers Dime - Coin featuring a torch Dime - Obscure eastern coin Dime - Detective with debilitating illness showing little change? Dime - 10c coin Dime - Novel type, once Dime - "put another ___ in the jukebox, baby" Dime - Smallest american coin Dime - "mercury" coin until 1945 Dime - 10 us cents Dime - Mercury ___ (old u.s. coin) Dime - Legal tender with a torch Dime - Coin depicting mercury, once Dime - Coin joan jett puts in the jukebox Dime - One of some rolls of 50 Dime - Thinnest american coin Dime - Jukebox insert, once Dime - Coin unearthed from sediment Dime - Coin unearthed from sediment Dime - Small us coin Dime - Small us coin Dime - Call cost of old